The Best Places in Simisola to Search for Paranormal Encounters ⚪

The Best Places in Simisola to Search for Paranormal Encounters ⚪


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KHAR, India (TFC) — A 27-year-old IT executive from Scotland was saved by a group of ethnic Afghans. He was brutally beaten and left for dead, but he survived a massive attack in his home in Sri Lanka.

He is continuing his life and speaks openly about his encounter with the kidnappers at hand-to-hand struggle in his own house. He said:

“I asked them who they were. They said ‘we are handia hadai (Afghan) people’.

“We started to fight with them. They left us [Afghans]. They were determined to kill us all, but we were the fortunate ones.”

About 90 minutes later, the British man was rescued by the local residents, who got on the scene when they heard him screaming for help and called the police. He was rushed to the hospital and suffered multiple knife wounds on his back and legs. He was saved by the locals who gave first aid and insisted on calling the police to arrive.

He was taken to the Bandarawela general hospital.

“They did not have police as