My heart was pierced by a syringe full of heroin – Oakley Quotes ↗️

My heart was pierced by a syringe full of heroin – Oakley Quotes ↗️

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• New Express Lane railcars come to Seattle-Tacoma for the first time in 10 years.

• New 5,000-volt, Cat-4 cable lines connected to the system.

• Driverless vehicles sent around the city for the first time.

• More buses, better connections, and quicker service.

• 2,000 new shelter beds for the homeless.

Norman Copley: 205-721-8383 or

Basic Authentication in.Net MVC using WCF and Windows Authentication

I’m trying to get basic authentication working for a WCF service hosted by IIS 6 using Windows Authentication. If it’s possible to disable windows authentication and use basic authentication I would prefer this, but I can’t seem to find anything that does this. It appears to be something that is only possible with IIS 7+ and the use of BasicHttpBinding.
Things I have tried
Web.config – Removing all bindings and using BasicHttpBinding
This is my configuration at the moment

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Is there a German name for „age-old”?

Is there a German name for the metaphorical expression „age-old”? (It means the same as the English phrase „aged and wise” and has a very similar meaning.)
I’m familiar with at least two common German words for 'old’: alt und klug, but both are usually used in contexts where the speaker is talking about someone specifically, e.g.:

Die 60-Jährige ist alt, aber sie klug.

and similarly,

Menschen älter als 80 Jahre bieten alles an, was Sie beim