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1. **1 In photoshop’s main workspace, open the image you want to manipulate and select File** > **Open**. Use the right-click menu to select Open from the menu, or just press the CTRL+O (Windows) or CMD+O (Mac OS) keys on your keyboard.

Alternatively, you can use the Open dialog box by pressing CTRL+O (Windows) or CMD+O (Mac OS).

The Open dialog box opens (see Figure 9-21). Select the jpg file that you want to edit. If you get a small dialog box at the bottom of the Open dialog box asking you to choose a file size, deselect the option Use the Previous Size button and just select the file size you want to use.

Your new image opens in the preview panel in the center of the workspace.

**Figure 9-21** The Open dialog box.

2. **2 Press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard while you select one of the layers in your image and click it in the Layers panel.**

Photoshop adds a Smart Brush icon in the bottom left corner of the preview panel to highlight the layer you have selected (see Figure 9-22, image on the right).

**Figure 9-22** After selecting a layer, you can see the Smart Brush icon in the bottom left corner of the image in the preview panel.

The layer is highlighted in your image, allowing you to see its contents.

3. **3 To deselect the layer, you must use the tools shown in the menus or use the keyboard.**

The Easy way to deselect the layer is to select the layer with the cursor. (To select the layer, see the preceding section.) When the layer is deselected, press the Delete key.

When the layer is selected, press CTRL+D (Windows) or CMD+D (Mac OS) to deselect it.

The keyboard shortcuts shown in the preceding list are the defaults in Photoshop. You can access other, often-used shortcuts by checking the shortcut options in the menu bar. Here’s a hint: If you see a check box next to a shortcut, like Ctrl+U (Windows) or Command+U (Mac OS), and the shortcut opens a dialog box for you to enter a value, check it to make the shortcut work.

If you find a shortcut you’d like to use,

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.5) Free [Updated-2022]

Like traditional Photoshop, the features in Elements are broken into the different tools and palettes. Unlike Photoshop, the programs are presented as collections of frames that you can open and close at will, and most tools work directly on individual frames.

In this article we will cover the most commonly used tools that are available in Photoshop Elements 2018.

It is important to note that not all tools in Photoshop Elements 2018 are available for all editions of the software.

Photoshop Elements 2018 – The Tools

1. Quick selection tools

The Quick Selection Tool is a pen tool that you use to quickly select any part of a photo. You can use it to select a specific area of a photo by clicking and dragging on the photo. The tool is also used to select images in the Elements Photo Album view.

To use this tool, select it from the tool bar by pressing Shift + T on the keyboard. You will see a blue boundary around the selected area.

2. Lasso Selection tool

The Lasso Selection tool is a simplified version of the Magic Wand tool. Both tools are used to quickly select parts of a photo or any of the frames in the Elements Photo Album View.

To use the Lasso Selection tool select it from the tool bar by pressing Shift + L on the keyboard. You will see a blue boundary around the selected area.

3. Magnetic Lasso Selection tool

The Magnetic Lasso Selection tool is used to select a specific area of a photo and is activated by clicking and dragging on a photo. It works just like the Lasso Selection tool with the addition of a magnetic guidance line, and you can also select frames in the Elements Photo Album View.

You can toggle the Magnetic Lasso Selection tool on and off from the tool bar by clicking the star icon.

4. Quick Mask tool

The Quick Mask tool is used to quickly mask unwanted parts of a photo. You can use it to easily select a specific area of a photo by clicking and dragging on a photo.

To use this tool select it from the tool bar by pressing Shift + M on the keyboard. You will see a blue boundary around the selected area. You can change the opacity and the blend mode of the selection by clicking the eye icon.

5. Refine Edge tool

The Refine Edge tool is used to smooth the outer edges of a selection. You can select an image in the Elements Photo Album View using the Refine

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.5) Crack


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Faqir Abu Shneik, 49, made the explosive claim in an interview with the Associated Press, saying that IS supporters who shared the photo on Twitter and other social media channels would have understood that they were „loyal to Daesh.”

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#ISIS supporters posted the photos of this m2k16 toddler. To show support for #Daesh #Aleppo — Faqir Abu Shneik (@falsheikh) October 23, 2016

In August, Syrian civil defence volunteers found a mass grave which they believe contained the bodies of nearly 4,000 people who had died during bombardments carried out by Russian forces since they joined the country’s fight against IS in September 2015.

On Monday, the United Nations called for an investigation into the deaths, which caused an outpouring of anger among Syrian rescue workers and human rights activists.

READ MORE: Aleppo – Syrians defy terrorists and make 'last stand’

The UN passed a resolution calling for an investigation into the incidents in Syria. This will be the fifth report to examine crimes carried out by the government, the Syrian opposition, and the Islamic State, Reuters reported.

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Friday will mark three years since Russia started its air campaign in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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