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Photoshop CS5 is the current version and is available in both DVD and downloadable (this book’s publisher produces it). Photoshop CS5 Extended, which is the latest version, includes more features. Unless you’re a student who wants to use the most current features, you can ignore those „Extended” features because they’re not necessary for the process of taking high-quality images. Of course, the Photoshop CS5 Extended features are invaluable, if you want to create complex computer-generated images. You also find them valuable if you’re a professional who really needs to have the power of those features. In the following sections, I explain how you take an image and add to it in Photoshop. I cover the basic steps and go in to detail with my best explanations. Some of the actions in Photoshop can be overwhelming at first, but I show you where to find the controls and what they do, so that you can easily apply all the steps to your pictures. Photoshop for the iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets During my hands-on experience with the new iPad, Adobe Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Mobile, both free, were added to the iPad’s photo features. You also have Photoshop CS5. Photoshop fixes common problems such as color, contrast, and sharpness with simple touch. You can enhance your photo in your photo library or on the go on an iPad, iPhone, or Android tablet. Adobe Photoshop Fix is aimed at those who want to make something out of their blurry, bad-quality images. If you’ve created bad-quality images using the default settings on your camera, that’s when you want this app! Photoshop Mobile allows you to view and adjust images on your tablet, including cameras such as the iPhone and iPhone 4, plus cell phones with cameras. You can easily upload new images from your photo albums or take them from your camera. The image quality is high, and even with a cell phone camera, you get good results. Learn more about Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Mobile at * You can download and install this app for free at * You can download and install this app for free at * You can download and install this app for free at *

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Photoshop tutorial Photo editing in Photoshop is all about using an array of tools and actions. Photo editing is an exercise in trial and error. There are over 200 actions available and they can be extremely useful when editing photos in Photoshop. The following is a simple Photoshop tutorial you can follow to learn how to achieve simple effects: Getting started Download Photoshop or go to the Adobe website. Open Photoshop. Creating a new document Go to File. New. Save the photo in a new document. Adjusting the document size Select the image in the image editor. Click on the Document Size. A small window opens up. Adjust the height and width of the document by dragging the border of the window around the document. Adjusting the image Click on the image in the image editor. Click on the Adjustment. A small window opens up. Adjust the image by moving the sliders. Adding a text layer Click on the Rectangle tool. Select the text layer. Draw a rectangle around the letters of the text. Draw a line under the text layer. Click on the text layer. Select Don’t Move and Don’t Scale and click OK. Moving and rotating the text layer Click on the text layer. Click on Selection. Press and hold Shift. Move the text layer using the mouse. Move the text layer up and down using the mouse wheel. Click on the text layer again. Click on the Transform. Move and rotate the text layer. Setting the text layer’s position and rotation Click on the text layer. Select Translate and Rotate. Set the angle and translation. Aligning the text layer Click on the layer with text. Click on the Align. You will see a window pop up. Move the text layer using the sliders. Go to More Options and hide the box next to Align To. Go to the bottom of the menu and select Object to Path. Draw a line below the text layer. Go to Edit. Delete. Adjusting the text layer’s background Click on the text layer. Select Gradient. a681f4349e

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#Brushes [Back to top] ##Strokes Pens are one of the most common tools for creating design effects in Photoshop. Paints have a number of pre-defined brushes, and each brush has a number of tooltips and options to customize its appearance. By default, Photoshop has only a few brushes, but you can find a ton of more brushes in the free **Digital Brushes** collection from Adobe. Here are some of the more popular brushes. ![](/assets/digital-brushes.jpg) ##Raster Brushes A **raster brush** is a tool with a fixed shape and size, a **fill color** and a **stroke color**. As the name suggests, the fill color will be applied to the underlying layer(s) once you start painting with the raster brush. The stroke color will apply to the pixels in the brush’s area. #Pens ##Eraser The **Eraser** tool in Photoshop is used to remove pixels. A low-resolution preview is shown in front of the main image, to remind you which pixels you’re about to remove. ##Magic Wand The **Magic Wand** is used to select multiple objects in a photo. It can select most kinds of objects including text, shapes, lines and other graphics. After you select multiple objects, you can apply some options to further select the objects. ##Pen Tool The **Pen Tool** is used to draw on your photo. The brush can be controlled by using one of the following tooltips: **Paths** : This option allows you to paint along a path (a closed loop) or draw a series of points (an open curve). This is useful for illustrating the path to a property or for creating the map of a layout. **Smart Guides** : These are an interface added to the Pen Tool in Photoshop CS6, CS5 and earlier releases. You can drag the tool into your canvas to set a new starting point for the selected path or loop. In addition, clicking in the canvas paints along the path. **None** : This behavior returns the Pen Tool to its default setting of erasing pixels. You can use it to select a portion of a photo and delete a section. **Fill** : This option lets you paint with a fill color that will be applied to all pixels in the current path. **Stroke** : This behavior starts the stroke with a

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To play, you will need a HD or Full 1080p monitor (1920 x 1080 resolution at 75 Hz or higher). There are also many non-1080p monitors that can work, but if you aren’t using the full resolution they may look „blocky”. You will also need at least a 1GHz computer running Windows 7 or later and a DirectX-compliant GPU (a video card with at least 1GB of VRAM). You may have different requirements if you’re using SLI or CrossFire. SCREEN RESOLUTION AND RENDER QU