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Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20

6 Best Photoshop Tutorials for Absolute Beginners

We have compiled a selection of the best Photoshop tutorials for absolute beginners. Each tutorial features a simple explanation of the steps in the process, clear diagrams and screenshots as well as thorough explanations of what was achieved at each step.

Check out our favorite Photoshop tutorials and learn how to recreate your favorite images or create something totally new.

1. Create a Photo Collage

Learn how to create a collage in Photoshop by learning how to layer and blend images in Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial shows how to recreate a photo collage with a set of pictures and a handwritten note to combine them to create a unique work of art.

2. Create the Perfect Car

Learn how to create a realistic car in Photoshop with a total of nine different steps. It shows how to edit and color the car, the car’s wheels, steering, headlights, etc. The car tutorial is one of the best Photoshop car creation tutorials online that includes many different steps.

3. Create a Drawing Portfolio

Learn to combine photographs with your art to create a portfolio by designing a handwritten photomontage in Photoshop. Learn how to perform basic layers, blend and types of photos, draw the photo with a pen and brush, add a background and exit.

4. Clean a Photo

Learn how to clean a photo in Photoshop with 11 steps and then change the image’s lighting and appearance. In this tutorial, learn how to use Photoshop to clean up a photo and remove dust, scratches, and other unwanted objects from a photo.

5. Create a Rustic Wedding

Learn how to create a rustic wedding in Photoshop, starting by drawing the different areas that will form the rustic wedding decorations. The tutorial includes how to add decorative elements, place different objects, and lay down a pattern.

6. Create Photo Manipulation – Animated Looping

Learn how to animate a photo in Photoshop with this tutorial. It shows the steps that must be taken to complete the animation, which are:

Create a photo that can be looped using the Paths tool. Select the areas to be animated, import the photo in Photoshop as a layer, add the animation. Add the background color and frame the photo. Start the loop, move the path, add a background, add objects and text.

All the steps are explained in the tutorial, but here are a few screenshots to show you what it looks like in

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You have limited editing tools, such as:

You can adjust the RGB colour of every pixel on an image.

You can change the brightness, darkness, and contrast of an image.

You can create new layers or merge layers.

You can copy and paste images, objects, and patterns.

You can make circles, shapes, and rectangles.

You can draw boxes with guides, lasso, and eraser tools.

You can add and edit text, shapes, and lines.

You can apply and align a filter to any element on a page.


You can easily rearrange, resize, and move objects in an image.

You can rotate, flip, distort, and transform images.

You can apply filters to images.

You can share and download your images or export them as graphics, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, GIF, PNG, etc.

You can save images at 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, and 256-bit.

If you want to edit your own images or graphics, Photoshop is the best tool for you to use. But if you use Photoshop to edit the pictures of someone else, it can be expensive. If you use Photoshop Elements for your photos, it is much cheaper than Photoshop.

The main features of the two products are listed as follows:

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop

Brightness and contrast

Image adjustment


Colour correction

Editing tools

Paint brush tools

Raster effects

Pen tools

Viewing tools

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 contains these features. These features include:


Adjusting the brightness, contrast, and brightness are part of color adjustment.

Image effects

Image effects can make your pictures more interesting.

Basic tools

Basic editing tools can easily create layers or remove unwanted layers.


The transform feature can easily change the shape of objects on the image.


Filter can add or remove effects to your images.

Layers and adjustment layers

The layers and adjustment layers can easily merge all changes to an image in a single photo.



Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20 (Latest)

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What’s New In Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20?


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Shortest-Path problem in JS with callback

Hello guys,
I have problem with my Shortest-Path solution using Dijkstra’s Algorithm in JS. This part of code is really interesting.
I try to make shortest path from coordinate (32.994471, -105.263361) to another coordinate (32.994731, -105.264000) without using any MVC framework.

Thank you for you attention and time.
My solution and result:
var {

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