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The best tool for early training is Photoshop Elements, which is great for those looking to learn how to work with images. Photoshop Elements 6.0 added an overlay system so that you can create complex, creative overlays with a minimum of fuss. Photoshop CS5 Adobe Photoshop CS5 was announced at the beginning of 2009 and is available to purchase for just under $700, depending on which edition you choose. CS5 introduced several major updates and enhancements. The most important feature is support for layers, which enables you to create complicated compositions, some of which can be fine-tuned to the tiniest detail. The features of CS5 are quite numerous and include facial recognition, a new simplified Fireworks-like user interface, robust panoramas, support for 24-bit color, new expressions, a liquify tool to distort and even liquefy your image, the ability to convert color spaces, and more. The program also supports most popular Photoshop filters, including: • Blur — This is a popular tool for adjusting the sharpness, or lack thereof, of an image. You can blur the background behind an image and blur your subject. • Convolution — This tool enables you to blur areas of an image by adding a blurred mask to that area of an image. • Gradient Map — This filter shows up the transitions from one color to another in the image. • Levels — This feature adjusts the brightness and contrast of an image, automatically or by hand. This filter is great when you have dark or light areas in your images. • Smart Pick — This feature enables you to choose an area of the image and make it the active selection. You can do this while doing other things in Photoshop, such as adding an image mask or moving an image. • Eraser — You can erase any part of an image by clicking on it and then erasing. • Inner Shadow — This tool enables you to blur the edges of an image by simulating an inner glow from a light source. • Lens Correction — This feature corrects minor optical problems with lenses. • Texture — This tool allows you to add textures to your images. • Warping — This tool warps an image and fixes the problem areas. You can fix subject distortions and camera shots, which are great for repairing photos and other images. • Auto-Tone — This tool is similar to

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This guide will explain the most common features and tricks you will use to increase productivity and output quality when working with Photoshop Elements. Before we can start editing images, we need a working knowledge of the Photoshop Elements interface. 1. Basic Editing tools There are four basic editing tools in Photoshop Elements, which you will use most often. The tools are the Pen Tool, the Brush Tool, the Selection Tool and the Type Tool. The Pen Tool You can use the Pen Tool as a drawing tool. The cursor will be a straight line and you can easily create circles, lines, rectangles and arrows. The line thickness can be set in Photoshop Elements and you can also align your line to any axis by clicking the Line Options button at the top of the Pen Tool options. The Brush Tool The Brush Tool is used to paint and draw on a page. You can make selections out of your image by using it and the Brush Tool. When you paint on a layer, you can use different effects on the brush. The Brush Tool has six main options: Effect is a line drawing effect. is a line drawing effect. Opacity is the transparency of the brush. is the transparency of the brush. Size is the size of the brush tip. is the size of the brush tip. Flow is the speed at which the paint flows from the edge of the brush to the center of the brush tip. is the speed at which the paint flows from the edge of the brush to the center of the brush tip. Opacity Color is used to paint using a preset color. is used to paint using a preset color. Shape is a round brush that makes a circle, square, triangle, or free-hand. Pen Tool and Brush Tool also have an Infinite Options button on the left. The Selection Tool The Selection Tool is used to select an object and make it into a selection. The arrow points to the point you click on the image and you can see how the pixels around that point turn a selection color. The Type Tool The Type Tool is used to create custom text. You can change the font, size and weight. You can also change the font color, create text effects and add effects like shadows and blends. When you click on a text tool, you can also press the F1 key and see a list of shortcuts. Now that a681f4349e

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Remove Brush Properties Removing brush properties can be time consuming. If you’re new to Photoshop, you may be tempted to delete all the brush options you don’t like. But bear with me; here’s a handy trick. To remove brush properties, open up the Brush panel (Windows: click on the Brush tool; OS X: go to the Brush menu). Click on the dropdown arrow next to the Brush tool, then click on „item properties”. You can now access the items shown in the drop down menu to get rid of the brush settings you don’t want. In my experience, most people don’t want to change their brush settings after they’re familiar with them. Photoshop allows you to name your brushes to help keep track of them. To add a brush to your computer, first close any brushes you have open, then drag the new brush into Photoshop from the menu bar. Once inside Photoshop, click on the dropdown arrow and choose „Item.” If you have an Adobe Fireworks brush preset, drag it into Photoshop so you can use it in Fireworks. 3. Create an Instant Black-and-White Photo Black and white is probably the most used and versatile color mode in Photoshop, so here are a few quick tips on how to make black and white photos: — Click on Image > Adjust > Black and White — Click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen and choose Levels — Click on the arrow in the center of the window and select Black and White — Increase the white point slider and decrease the black point slider until the photo looks good — Click OK 4. Adjust the Color of an Image If you’re new to Photoshop, here are some tips on how to make photos look better: — Click on Image > Adjust > Exposure — Click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen and select Levels — Drag the top slider down a bit to brighten the photo — Drag the bottom slider up a bit to darken the photo — Close the dialog box 5. Apply a „screen” Gradient Adding a „screen” gradient to an image is fun, as well as useful. Screen gradients are great for adding a nice gradient background to your photographs. First, create a new layer above your image. Then, click on the

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RAM: 1 GB Disc space: 100 MB NVIDIA: Not required Processor: 3 GHz OS: Windows 7/8/10/Vista 32/64 How to Install 1. Download and extract the files 2. Run the game and enjoy Note: If you want to play this mod in stealth mode, you can use GoG or Install Instructions: 1. Extract the