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# Editing with layers

One of Photoshop’s great features is that it lets you create one kind of effect on the image and then create a new layer and add a different effect on that layer.

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In the following article, we’ll cover a range of topics in Photoshop Elements, including the basic tools, operations, and workflows for photographers and image editors.

Learning Photoshop Elements

Presets, Camera, Organizer

First of all, Photoshop Elements comes with an Organizer, which is a photo gallery that can hold a wide variety of image types and sizes. You can store pictures as albums, collections, events, e-mails and many other things.

Organizer with albums

The Organizer is also a strong, flexible help tool, that offers you a set of options when you select a certain file. This is similar to Photoshop’s Preferences where you get to select a certain setting.

You can open the Organizer at any time as well by hitting the button on the top right.

Top right Organizer button

The Organizer includes the following workflows and options:

Camera: The built-in camera of the Organizer can take pictures, and transfer pictures from various different devices. It also supports RAW file formats.

Open at Playback: This option allows you to automatically open a selected picture at the Playback mode.

Additional Tools: Basic tools such as Colour Sampler, Automatic Adjustment, and Auto Red Eye Removal Tools, are included.

Organizer menu


Photoshop Elements organizes your pictures into one or more folders. You can store a selection of pictures in one folder, and create additional folders to organize your pictures.

The built-in camera is used to take or import pictures and videos. You can also transfer photos from your phone, PC, tablet or other devices directly to the Organizer.




You can access the large selection of tools and functions, which include:

Adjustments. This includes the basic tools such as Colour Sampler and Image Adjustments.

Cropping. You can crop images so as to create the most striking portrait. You can also tweak the picture size and resample according to your needs.

Modify. This includes basic functions like brightness, contrast, and shadows/highlights.

Organize. This includes the options to create a new picture from another picture, where you can also rename pictures.

Color. It includes basic functions like Levels and Curves.

Image adjustment

If you are an active photographer, the Organizer can help you to

Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4.3) Free

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