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* **Drawing and Painting:** This section helps you create, edit, and enhance digital drawings and paintings.
* **Video and Digital Composites:** The Video and Digital Composites section helps you create or composite images, frames, and video. You can use video to create slideshows or add effects to photos.
* **Retouching:** This section covers the many helpful tools for retouching pictures, from removing blemishes to adjusting the overall tone.
* **Photo Restoration and Enhancement:** This section helps you retouch faded or damaged photos.
* **Sketching:** This section gives you various tools for creating elegant watercolor-like sketches. You can also use the settings to create a variety of styles, including chevrons, arrows, and serifs.
* **Working with Type:** This section covers all of the tools for creating and editing type. You can create text, edit type, and merge two types, all within Photoshop.

## Adding Text

Text is another essential tool for this program, and it comes in two flavors: plain and editable.

A _plain_ text object consists of any text content, no matter the type of font, size, weight, or color. You can create and manipulate this type of object with the Pen tool and the Charcoal feature.

An _editable_ text object, on the other hand, is a stand-alone object, independent of the image, that enables you to control text characteristics such as size, style, typeface, placement, and alignment (see Figure 2-18). You can’t move a text object, but you can apply effects to it, such as a drop shadow, inner glow, or stroke.

FIGURE 2-18: This text object is ready to be manipulated.

Because you can’t move an edited text object, selecting it and clicking a new spot on the canvas is your best option for placing it elsewhere. This works, but the text doesn’t always change where you click when you switch from the Move tool to a selection tool — nor do all selection tools work as expected. Figure 2-19 displays a selection tool that didn’t change the text’s position, but Figure 2-20 does.

FIGURE 2-19: Selecting the text object isn’t enough to move it.

FIGURE 2-20: Moving a text object via a selection tool is easier

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The features of Elements are:

Slideshow creation

Normal editing and cropping

Adjusting the image hue, saturation and contrast

Creating a black-and-white image

Crop/Scale (“Resize”), rotations, and mirroring

Color inversion

Painting using the brush

Blur and sharpen

Merging pictures

Coloring and masking

Recolor an image

Flood fill and adjustments

Blur effects (Gaussian Blur)

Free transform and transform tool

Rotate an image

Crop (crop) and rotate the image

Cut (“Cut out”) and paste images

Adding text

Adjusting color

Quick mask mode

Mirroring and flipping

Adding an object layer (blend mode)

Stripping out objects from pictures (“Hole punching”)

Vignette effect

Design picture frames

Text background

Effects like cut-out or gradient etc

Editable backgrounds

Paint effects

Darkroom effects

Color correction

Text effects

Focal point tool

3D Camera

Insert text, shapes, vectors, and graphic.

Equipment rental

Workflow optimisation

Backup tools

Merging and splitting

Creating collages

Burning and archiving (lossless)

Change the look of an image

Effects like filtering, special effects, special effects

Raster image editing and effects

Designed for advanced photographers

Can be used by beginners, but it is easier to use advanced functions with certain examples as guides.

There is no visible preview of the image before editing or cropping, and no way to undo your edits if you make an error.

In addition, the features are strictly separated into layers, and although the main elements of an image are in different layers, it may be difficult to find out where an individual element will go in the final product.

And since the image canvas is tiny, sometimes adjusting an element will move it to a different position. This can be worked around by using the Move tool to drag the element back to its original position, but it is time-consuming and awkward.

There are also problems with accidentally cutting an element off the canvas. For example, if you

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Android App : Cannot generate a signed APK for some devices

I am learning android development. I have a problem with this app.I want to upload app to google play store and i have error

e_Other Error: There is a problem with the apk you uploaded. No signature was found for : com.example.feba.myapplication. I used the latest SDK tools and the latest version of Android Studio. I do not know what can be the problem.


you should definitely try the following :

delete the app from the phone and then delete the app folder and then re-install it
delete the app project and then re-install the app project. you need to delete the app project
zip and unzip the app to a different location
change the target sdk to at least API-23
check that your api-level is high enough ( if it is not, change it accordingly, as its highly discouraged to use API-23)

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How to sum values of a dictionary in Django

I have the following
class Invoice(models.Model):
customer = models.ForeignKey(Customer, on_delete=models.CASCADE)
bank_details = models.TextField()
amount = models.FloatField()
#code to implement invoice summary

class UserInvoice(models.Model):
invoice = models.ForeignKey(Invoice, related_name=”user_invoice_related”)
user = models.ForeignKey(User, related_name=”user_invoice_related”)
points_total = models.FloatField()

def __str__(self):
return f'{self.user}/{self.invoice}’

What I want is to show the total amount per customer. When a customer make a payment a new line is added to the invoice dictionary and an amount is deducted from the invoice. But, i’m stuck while trying to work out how to check if the invoice has already been paid and if so, which customer?


Use below filter
{% for user_invoice in user_invoice_related %}
{% if user_invoice.invoice_paid %}
{% else %}
{{user_invoice.amount – user_invoice.amount}}
{% endif %}


You can use a custom manager to accomplish this:
class CustomerInvoiceManager(models.Manager):
def get_total_invoice(self):
total_invoice = 0.0
for invoice in self.all():
if invoice.payment_status == 'paid’:
total_invoice += invoice.amount
return total_invoice


System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit or 32-bit)
Steam account
3GB of available space
VAC permission
AMD Ryzen CPU with at least eight cores.
Intel i5/i7 CPU with at least six cores.
Intel Core i3 CPU with at least four cores.
Intel Core i5/i7 CPU with at least six cores.
AMD Phenom II