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JPEG files can be corrupted. Image-editing programs such as Photoshop can’t repair the problem, so be sure to save your image as a **TIFF** ( **T** ime **I F** ield **F** ormat) file if you wish to print the file. If you accidentally save an image in a non-TIFF format, be sure to export the file as a TIFF file before opening it in Photoshop. ## About the Author **Diane de Gaay Fortman** has been a professional photographer for over 25 years and is the author of _The Photographer’s Guide to Adobe Photoshop CS3_, which she co-authored with her colleague and friend Michael Freeman. She is also the author of _Photoshop Layers: A Professional Photo Workflow_ (, _The Quick, Easy and Free Guide to Photoshop CS6_ and _The Quick, Easy and Free Guide to Photoshop Elements 9_ ( Her photography work has been featured in many print and online publications and on the Discovery Channel. Her books have earned her the prestigious Creativity award from the American Advertising Federation. ## Introduction Photoshop is a large, complex piece of software. Because of its complexity, it is difficult for a beginner to use without expert instruction. If you are new to using a computer in general, or have never used image editing software, I highly recommend that you consult the following sections before you begin using Photoshop.

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Users can access Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Camera Raw and other tools in a single interface. Adobe Photoshop Elements is available as a stand-alone application or as an integrated module of Photoshop. Additionally, Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 comes with optional subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud. What is new in Photoshop Elements 2018 The latest version, Photoshop Elements 2018, is built on an updated version of Adobe’s Photoshop Smart Objects technology, which allows users to create intelligent elements that can be manipulated and automatically update themselves when they are edited. The Photoshop Elements 2018 application makes it easier for beginners to make professional-looking photos by offering a wide range of editing tools. It can edit individual photos and collections of images. Other improvements include the ability to manage images more quickly, copy and paste images from one editor to another, and split one document into multiple files. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 Here are the best features of the new Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018: Go beyond traditional filters Filter your photos in two new ways to create new looks. Color Pixel Pass is a self-learning filter which allows you to use a live preview of your photo to add a rainbow of color to an image. It learns from your photos and updates itself. You can use Color Pixel Pass to add tons of different color to a photo. Color Pixel Pass functions as a collection of basic Pixel Blur filters and adds new effects like a rainbow of colors. You can change how Color Pixel Pass works depending on the type of photo you’re editing. You can also use Color Pixel Pass to turn single or multiple images into mosaics. For example, you can use Color Pixel Pass to give a photo an all-over rainbow effect, or you can turn a photo into a mosaic to make it look like you’re looking through a microscope. Make edges sharper Pixel Edges adds a blur effect to a photo’s edges, making them look lighter, crisper and more defined. Pixel Edges makes the edges of a photo more defined. Pixel Edges makes highlights and shadows blur or freeze, and offers three levels of softening on the edges of your photo to create blur, crisper, or sharper images. You can also use Pixel Edges to make black or white edges in photos more defined. Edit layers Save in 16 new file types 05a79cecff

How Can I Download Photoshop Elements For Free

The Curves panel helps you to make changes to the brightness and contrast of your images. The History Panel helps you undo layers and other actions. The Paths tool can help you design intricate shapes. The Pen tool lets you draw precise lines, shapes, and curves. The Type tool can be used to edit the appearance of text on your images. The User Interface Once you’ve enabled Photoshop and loaded an image, you’ll see the familiar Photoshop interface. You can use the tools at the top of your screen to work with the image, and the tools at the bottom to work with other images, documents, and Photoshop’s various functions and features. Figure 5.1. The default Photoshop interface features, including some of Photoshop’s most common tools and features. The top portion of the screen shows the Image window. You use the Image window to view the image you loaded when you opened Photoshop. The window contains information about your image, including the type of information and the file format. The Tools window shows the tools you currently have open, as well as several Photoshop dialogs you have opened. The tools are split into three categories: painting and drawing tools, view tools, and print tools. To edit your image, click either the Paint Bucket or the Eraser tool in the Tools window. The area in front of the Brush you clicked becomes your new brush. You can change settings for each brush in the Brush Presets panel. To use the Paint Bucket or Eraser to copy pixels, hover over them and drag. The pixels are copied to your clipboard. You can then paste them as needed in other areas on your image. To manipulate and blend two images on your image, click the Blend Navigation icon. You can then select the layer on which to work, or you can select all layers in the image. A thumbnail appears that helps you navigate your image. The dialog boxes in the Tools window can be closed or hidden, or you can work in them directly. You can also click the New Tool button to create a new tool, which usually starts in the Paint Bucket tool’s category. Photoshop includes several dialog boxes that provide you with more functionality. Photoshop automatically hides dialog boxes when you navigate to an area where the dialog box is not necessary. Figure 5.2. The dialog boxes in Photoshop can be hidden. You can hide or show each dialog box by clicking the icon with three lines at the top of the box. The History panel holds the

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