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What is Photoshop?

Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and marketed by Adobe Systems. Because of this, it was initially viewed as a bitmapped image editor (also known as a raster editor), enabling the user to create images with high-quality pixel-based graphics.

As Photoshop has become the de facto raster graphics editor, the functionality of Photoshop has extended to include the ability to edit vector-based graphics as well.

The modern version of Photoshop (prior to CS6) uses a layered based editing system, allowing a user to easily manipulate and manipulate images. Adobe maintains that most users can get by using Photoshop „day to day” without having any prior knowledge of their way around Photoshop.

The most common use of Photoshop is to manipulate and create raster-based images. Although Photoshop is capable of editing text, it is more typical to do this with the use of third-party programs such as Adobe Illustrator.

On the whole, Photoshop has become a de facto standard for editing raster and vector-based images. However, it is the most expensive option for those less experienced with editing images, and not everybody needs the high end functionality of the most powerful Photoshop products.

A range of Photoshop add-ons can be purchased, like Photoshop Extended that includes tools for animation and video editing.

A number of Photoshop tutorials can be found online, and the Creative Cloud provides access to a range of other tutorials, training and support.

Importing and Exporting

Photoshop offers the ability to export images to a variety of formats, including JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, etc.

Imported images can be presented in Photoshop’s native pixel-based display system, the layers panel, or they can be converted to the equivalent of vector-based images.

Photoshop can also save these images in a variety of vector-based formats. These include EPS, SVG, PDF, Illustrator and Freehand MX, among others.

The programs available to export images can differ. For example, JPEG is the most common format for web uploads and for most Internet browsers. However, the Internet browsers may convert the image to a lossy format that can cause the image quality to degrade in further use.

Image Recognition

Photoshop is also capable of using the different in-built features of the product to recognize images. These include:

Automatic Cropping: Crops an

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(source: Adobes)

The interface for Photoshop Elements is highly simplified. It has fewer features and works in a very different way to that of the more advanced Photoshop. However, that does not mean that Photoshop Elements is a bad program – it is actually a great and popular program with many followers.

The following are the most popular Photoshop Elements features. If you’re interested in finding out more about Photoshop Elements, you might want to check out our sister site

The Most Popular Photoshop Elements Features

Gain Expert Photoshop Elements Training!

Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements with this concise online tutorial!

Select the thumbnail image of the cat that you’d like to edit. You can make adjustments to the digital inlays at this time. Click on the arrow at the top to return to your previous menus. In the Tools palette, select Brush. Use the Brush tool to adjust your cat’s eyes, nose, whiskers, and markings. Click on the Category button at the bottom right to return to the options. Select the Kitten (layers) category. Click on the icon to the right of Invert Selection. Invert your changes to the cat’s eyes, nose, whiskers, and markings.

Select the thumbnail image of the new laptop that you’d like to create. Adjust the levels on the image, add a layer of color, add text, and select features using any of the Photoshop Elements tools. Click on the arrow at the top to return to your previous menus. In the Tools palette, select the Brush tool. Click on the Brush tool at the bottom left of the palette and select a new foreground color for your image. Choose a new brush for the background color in the same palette, adjusting the settings as you like. Click on the square in the middle of the palette to select the size of the brush. Use the Feather setting to make the brush “feather.” [Images shown at the top of this page are examples of Photoshop Elements Brushes.] Select the Type tool. Type the words “low-light camera” in the text box at the bottom of the palette. Move the text off-center if you like. Select the pencil tool and pick a darker color to make the text stand out more. Make the text bigger. Select the Flatten Layers icon (at the top of the palette) to group the layers for

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Apple prefers JavaScript

Apple has increased the amount of attention they are paying to the performance of JavaScript and other languages on the web.
In late 2012 Apple CEO, Tim Cook stated in an interview with Forbes,
„JavaScript is an extraordinarily successful language, but it’s also a toy language. I think on the web, there are a lot of interesting languages, including Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, and so forth, and the languages that ship with Apple devices today – Cocoa, Objective-C – are not ones that we know will be successful on the Internet. There’s a certain amount of innovation in the languages on the web, and this is a risk. So we want to work with them to minimize this risk.”
Are there any other examples of Apple passing on interesting language to a web platform?


In February 2006, Apple announced they had sold their own JavaScript engine, „Apple Squirrel” to Google.


Apple also supports AppleScript and Applescript.


Apple introduced the following Javascript in Mac OSX Lion.


In the past, some companies have deliberately prevented users from editing HTML source code or from inserting client-side code by tightly controlling the appearance of the page.
For example, if a web site displays information from a database, and if that information includes footnotes or other clarification, the user might want to show them on the same page. It is possible to do this using standard HTML tags, but HTML is a declarative language, not an imperative language.
HTML was not designed to do this. Instead, programmers can use a scripting language such as JavaScript, which is designed to give direct control over the user’s machine.
Today, HTML is typically used to write the content of web pages, but it has no special provisions for declarative information. Therefore, if you want to do things like create popup windows, add a login form, add a footer, or make a link to another page, you have to rely on a declarative language such as JavaScript.

From here.

Javascript in Safari

jScript is a very simple script language that runs in your browser in response to various events such as mouse clicks and scrolling.

Here’s a blog post from Apple about the motivations behind this.

Some interesting things in the project (at least to me) are:


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Show HN: Emoji Clock – EtienneJohnred

I came to the HN community because I’m always looking for feedback to help me
improve my web development skills. I want to create sites that stand out and
help people „get it”. This is just a simple clock, but I wanted to be able to
share what I do to help other developers do the same.

Really like this, especially the gradient style behind the time is really


Different between setText(object) and setText()

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