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* _How to Use Photoshop Elements_, by Charles Boettiger (Smart Business Series, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.): This is a must-have for all those who are planning to use Photoshop as a standalone product. * _Learn to Use Adobe Photoshop CS4_ by David Braun (O’Reilly Media, Inc.): This is an in-depth guide to using the many powerful editing tools in Photoshop CS4. * _PhotoShop SuperTips_ by Brenda Davis (Chapman & Hall, Inc.): Photographers of all skill levels need to know how to edit and improve photographs. This book has tips to help you with that. * _The Adobe Photoshop Book_ by Susan Haskins (Allworth Press): This book provides tips for advanced users as well as providing the basics for those who are totally new to the editing process. * _Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Advanced Photographers_ by Bob McCabe and Hugh MacLeod (Allworth Press): This is the pro version of the book on the topic you just purchased. McCabe and MacLeod cover every aspect of working with the software and is full of tips and tricks for advanced users. For digital photography, try the following: * _Mastering Digital Photography_, by David Burnett (iBooks): This is a good all-around resource that covers everything from the role of the camera in photography, to getting a good background in photography, to understanding the basics of digital and film photography. The cover images are gorgeous, so this is a book that should be on your bookshelf if you’re a serious photographer. * _Basic Color for Digital Photographers_, by N. Helen Godfrey (Createspace Independent Publishers Group), _Mastering Exposure and Color_, by N. Helen Godfrey (Createspace Independent Publishers Group), _Mastering Exposure and Color II_, by N. Helen Godfrey (Createspace Independent Publishers Group): These are all great beginner books that will enable you to begin using your digital camera as a professional. * _Digital Photography Tips_, by Charles Boettiger (Smart Business Series, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.): Charles Boettiger (a well-known photographer/professor of photography at University of Arizona) has written this book for anyone who wants to know more about digital photography, especially the technical aspects of it. This is an excellent resource. If you’re already in the darkroom, you should

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The best and most frequently used graphic editing tools – Photoshop CS6, 2019 Photoshop CS6 brings a great amount of advanced tools and functionalities which may turn out a bit confusing for those who are a beginner in graphics editing. Below is a list of the tools which are the most commonly used editing tools in today’s graphic design industry. General design tools Brush tools – one of the most important tools in Photoshop are brush tools. Some of the brushes that come with Photoshop are of great help in drawing sharp and clean lines, while other brushes assist in more sophisticated effects like creating paint strokes or smudging. Brush tools usually don’t work like the ordinary graphic drawing tools. Instead, they make lines, paints, and other visual effects. Selection tools – Selection tools are some of the most basic tools that you can use in Photoshop. They work like marking objects or regions to be edited. This includes tracing objects, selecting a specific object, selecting objects, etc. Selecting objects in Photoshop is normally done by using the Lasso tool. Photoshop’s Lasso tool allows you to mark an area and with a few continuous clicks, the tool will draw a line around the selected area. The tool also has a few preset brush settings for further support. Layer – It is the most important tool that comes with Photoshop. Every PSD file, be it a graphics file or a document, is made of layers. Layers define different items that are held inside the PSD file. One of the biggest benefits of using layers is that you can edit and organize photos or other graphics, based on their layers. Drawing tools Pencil – Drawing tools are very important, especially if you need to create crisp designs or logos. Some of the most powerful drawing tools are those that come with Photoshop, such as the Pencil tool. The Pencil tool is like a mini-brush tool. Pencil tools normally come with their own presets so that you can edit objects instantly. They can edit objects or shapes, create lines, smudge, etc. Eraser – The Eraser is one of the most powerful tools that come with Photoshop. It is a tool that works just like the Pencil tool. The difference is that it lacks presets. As a standalone tool, the Eraser is designed to erase objects or regions that are needed to be edited. Workflow toolbars Activating Photoshop’s workflow toolbars will instantly make your work easier 05a79cecff

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Applied Infosys Solution Architects Thursday, 27 September 2016 Generation of shareable / sharable content is a critical part of the digital transformation journey for an enterprise. As part of the digital transformation journey, companies need to rethink their content strategy, develop content architectures and architectures for content reuse. By doing so, organizations will enable their workforce to become more adaptive and agile, produce better and relevant business outcomes and develop superior long term digital business strategies. The performance of an organization is dependent on the quality of its content. While quality content is critical for a digital enterprise, the ability to generate and deliver this content is another challenge multiplied by the various clients they may face. This is where Architectures for Content Reuse (ACR) tools such as artifactory come into play. Artifactory, the artefact repository, is a market leading commercial repository solution for Java applications. Artifactory is open source and offers many powerful features such as auto-deployment, self-service, tooling, build management, integration with other software, security, etc. A typical content management platform such as artifactory acts as a content repository (or contents repository) and could also act as the event broker for content-related artifacts. It can be used as a central store for artifacts such as configuration files, logs, and even artifacts generated by CI/CD for software deliveries. Any client application can publish, query and even consume content on the architecture it is built on. The journey to digital transformation By implementing a tool which aggregates all of your content and allows for reuse and better governance, companies can develop a content management platform which is scalable, flexible and secure. The platform itself is not the way to achieve this, it is the use of the platform that you have to think about. This is the point of architectures for content reuse. DevOps is an important part of a digital transformation journey. Development teams are using CI/CD tools to generate and deliver their software. In addition, the nature of development itself has evolved, with organizations moving from traditional monolithic software to microservices. To support microservices, DevOps needs an agile content architecture. Artefact repository also helps in the deployment of applications. It can also be used to manage

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An appraisal tool for general practices supporting evidence-based care: a pilot study. To examine the applicability of a set of criteria set up for the provision of care based on best-practice care models and to estimate the burden that this would place on general practitioners’ in terms of time and resources. A pilot study was conducted, assessing general practitioners’ performance of 14 criteria. The criteria were derived from best-practice models and were grouped according to common activities that may occur during the consultation. Criteria were measured using a modified version of the Picker Patient Experience Questionnaire. Open questions were used to ask general practitioners for their views on the impact of requiring care to be based on the highest level of quality evidence, and why their practice should be rated using these criteria. A purposive sample of 30 GPs across both urban and rural areas of Australia completed the study. The majority of GPs (96%) rated most aspects of their practice well, indicating that their practice is based on evidenced-based care models and meeting best-practice standards. Most GPs (84%) understood how to use the criteria to assess their practice, and the majority of GPs (84%) said they would spend additional time assessing aspects of care. The criteria used by GPs are user-friendly, providing a way for GPs to know what they should be aiming for, and it provides a framework for supporting GPs’ practice of evidence-based medicine in their consultations.Q: File size for jQuery appended content How do I change the file size for jQuery generated files appended into the html? function fileUpload() { var $form = $(’#upload’); $form.attr(’enctype’,’multipart/form-data’); $form.attr(’enctype’,’multipart/form-data’); var onChange = function(event) { event.preventDefault(); $form.attr(’action’, '//’); $form.attr(’action’, '//’); $form.attr(’enctype’,’multipart/form-data’); $form.submit(); };

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Memory: 2GB RAM Graphics: 128MB RAM Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible with.mp3 format Processor: 2GHz P4 Hard Disk: 60MB DirectX: 9.0 Other: Additional Notes: A set of 6 different objects are included in this package User Instructions: 1. Launch the installer.