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However, just because you can shoot images, edit them, and save them, it doesn’t mean you should open your camera and start editing right away. You need to learn how to shoot in order to know how to use Photoshop effectively. And you need to learn how to edit in Photoshop to make full use of it.

You can also buy a book like this one to give you the basic information about the subject and then use the book’s appendixes to learn the more advanced parts of Photoshop.

Don’t limit yourself to Photoshop. You can get good results with any of the „black and white” software programs on the market. The benefits of using a digital camera, as opposed to a film camera, include the digital camera’s ability to instantly save and print images — but when you print the images, you have to print to a physical piece of paper, so you can’t show your images to others just yet.

In this book, I focus on the use of Photoshop but also suggest many alternatives for other image manipulation options. I sometimes mention other programs and hardware you can use along with your computer. In some cases, a program is good for one purpose but not for another, so I note that. However, I don’t promote specific programs as the be-all, end-all of image editing, just as I don’t encourage you to use Photoshop as your only image manipulation tool. I give you more examples than just Photoshop in this book, because I want to help you become an even more effective image manipulator.

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Faster performance

High-quality images

More editable controls

Support for newer computer hardware

More built-in filters

Key features:

More built-in filters More editable controls Faster performance High-quality images Editable grids for advanced users Support for newer computer hardware Support for external hard drives

Elements 15 Pro Functions

Basic editing: More editing: Edit image resolution using a grid

Edit image resolution using a grid Zooming in/out

Adjust brightness/contrast

Adjust brightness/contrast Image optimization: JPEG optimization

Adjust sharpness

Adjust sharpness Colors: Reduce the contrast

Adjust the colors of your images

Adjust the colors of your images Adjust colors while preserving details

Auto Levels Adjust: Invert black and white

Invert black and white Adjust sharpness

Adjust sharpness Adjust details

Adjust details Adjust highlights

Adjust shadows

Adjust highlights

Adjust midtones

Adjust midtones Black & White control: Select black and white

Select black and white Color correction: Protect whites

Protect whites Adjust skin tones

Adjust skin tones Enhance colors

Enhance colors Create a black & white image

Create a black & white image Adjust whites: Protect blacks

Protect blacks Reduce noise

Reduce noise Reduce shadows

Reduce shadows Reduce highlights

Reduce highlights Reduce details

Reduce details Reduce color noise

Create a black & white image

Select Black & White

Protect whites

Protect Blacks

Adjust whites

Adjust Blacks

Adjust whites

Adjust Blacks

Adjust highlights

Adjust shadows

Adjust midtones

Adjust midtones

Adjust details

Create a Black and White image

Reduce Noise

Reduce Shadows

Reduce Highlights

Create a Black and White Image

Adjust colors

Create a Black and White Image

Protect Whites

Create a Black and White Image

Create a Black and White Image

Create a Black and White Image

Create a Black and White Image

Fix Lens Flare

Fix Lens Flare Masking: Add a mask to the layer

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What’s New in the?


The Adjustment Panel, discussed on The Adjustment Layer, can be hidden from view. To access it again, choose View→Show Adjustment Panel.

# Using Adjustment Layers

Adjustment layers are useful in a variety of ways. They let you make changes to a photo. Some of the more useful features include correcting problems that occur when converting an image file between formats, reworking the color balance, cloning, combining, touching up, correcting objects, creating shiny backgrounds, adjusting perspective, and retouching.

You can create an adjustment layer by going to the Layers panel and clicking on Layer→New Adjustment Layer… or by choosing Layer→New Adjustment Layer from the layers panel. When you create an adjustment layer, the layer automatically converts to Soft Light.

You can apply adjustments to any area of your image by going to the Adjustments panel and double-clicking the Adjustments Controls button (or by pressing F). You can then go to any of the four tabs: Hue and Saturation, Brightness and Contrast, Desaturate, and Curves. If you’re in a hurry, you can use an Adjustment Brush to customize a single area of your image. From the brushes panel, click on the Adjustment Brush button and use it to paint over an area.

To see the adjustment layers, go to the Adjustments panel (it appears only when there’s an active layer in your image). In the panel, you’ll see buttons labeled All Layers

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