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All stolen material are strictly prohibited to be used in it’s original form. It is understood that if any material is written by us and can be copied, it is not a property of the publisher.Do you ever worry that, despite your best efforts, your kid will grow up to be a raging, narcissistic, criminal? Wouldn’t that be terrible? Also you?

In her new book The Education of a Teenage Communist: Raising Our Children in the Age of Wild Capitalism, which I’ve been toiling over on and off for three years now, Noam Chomsky suggests that fretting about this sort of thing is pointless. „It’s too late to determine the outcome of the battle between the warring classes,” he writes. „There will be a winner, and a loser. Which will it be? The future is in the balance, and we may well lose.”

For the past couple of decades, the left has been fretting about another sort of issue: „raising kids to be good,” or, as Chomsky puts it, „raising people to be good.” Critics have assailed the „miseducation of the American people” on everything from health to history, but never any time have they been criticized for „raising kids to not be good.” This oversight is Chomskian. He says:


What’s the purpose of education? According to the constitution, it’s to know how to govern. And if you can’t govern, then somebody else will do it for you. The purpose of education is to train you to be a part of the system. And that’s done in various ways, through indoctrination. You’re not supposed to be inquisitive, or critical, or independent. That’s what we’ve been doing for a century or more. It’s counterrevolutionary. And if you get down to the basic issues, it’s a pretty unpleasant picture.

And yet.

Raising kids to be good is, like, sort of a thing. People are worried about it. I, for instance, am worried about it. I’m also worried about our kids’ future. And I’m

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I suppose it’s comforting to all the dim-witted right-wingers to find that their „God’s gift to women” booze-bong is no more than a pile of junk. I won’t be crushed by this news, however.

I am pleased to report that it’s from NPR, which is basically a more relaxed and less hard-assed version of PBS.

Among the trees:

Based on the experiences of Kenneth W. Samuels, Ph.D., a plant scientist at Oregon State University, workers on the ground are much more careful about making sure that they avoid damaging populations of these beautiful plant species