DbCOPY Crack Serial Key PC/Windows [2022]

With dbCOPY application you have an efficient software with a graphical desktop, which will facilitate your daily work with databases.
Data migrations and DBA copy tasks don’t have to be complex and error-prone. dbCOPY Data Conversion & Copy Suite’s user-friendly, step-by-step wizard, advanced features and integrated viewer transforms routine and one-time data migration jobs into effortless, automated tasks and questionable copies into reliable and verifiable target data.
In a few steps you may copy or update your data as well as complete table structures between different databases.
Also viewing and editing values, tables and fields is fast and easily possible with dbCOPY.
Supported databases MySQL from version 3.2x
PostgreSQL 8.0
MS SQL Server from version 7.0
Access from version 97
Visual FoxPro from version 7
Excel from version 95
dBase/FoxPro III,IV,V
Paradox 5.x
SQLite from version 3.0
Text-databases (CSV)







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Stores and loads data from and to database
Regenerates, synchronizes and loads target table with source table
Using auto generated source structure it is possible to import table fields without writing whole columns
Supports CSV tables, Access tables, DBF and Paradox tables
Makes copying a very easy task
Makes redundant copies or updates and deletes obsolete or invalid information
Makes copies or updates of corrupted records
Multiple tables from one file for backup and synchronization
Cloned databases run automatically
Very simple tool to manipulate your target tables
Table structure can be copied, edited and deleted
Works as native application for target table
You can import/export to standard database formats (SQL and CSV)
Same tool for Windows and Linux
No registration required
Free trial is included

Hello dear,
dbCOPY Cracked 2022 Latest Version Data Conversion & Copy Suite is a free software for conversion and migration of data in database tables. The software is designed to transfer and copy database data from one database to another.
The dbCOPY Product Key Copy Wizard with one-step wizard assistant guides you through the conversion and migration of data in database tables. If you have or make application to keep your database on disk, the software will not delete your existing data. The software is designed to create a copy or migrate your data from source to target database. Copy data and table structure from different databases to another database. You can choose your own destination database or specify your own target database connection.
What does the software include?
The following features are included in dbCOPY Crack:
• Copy wizard with one-step wizard assistant
• Transfer different types of data (Data, Text, Tables, Tables of Databases)
• Target databases of your choice, can be specified during the copy
• New columns can be added to destination table
• Add columns to destination table with different characteristics
• The data can be copied into the destination table, or paste from one table to another
• Views with different structures can be copied as well as view data
• The copy can be completed with embedded routines for many formats
• Supports linked tables, for example, Excel, Access and Paradox
• Advanced settings (Copy timing and Copy options)
• Only the changes are copied
• Compare all fields to see changed data
• Import all records of a specific field
• Export all records of a specific field
• The software allows you to check the results
• The database can be checked for problems, and the data analyzed
• New

DbCOPY [Updated] 2022

High quality and professional for migration and copying large amounts of data.
The program generates all the structures for you and works great on both medium and large size databases.
Your database is migrated as a whole and after data copies, no errors will occur anymore.
The program works with all types of SQL and ODBC – connections as well as with the new ODBC driver for MS SQL Server.
The program supports database structures created by other programs like FoxPro.
Quickly copy and update large amounts of data and databases.
Fast and professional data migration.
Copies without database fragmentation and creates database structures.
Movements and deletions of data are validated.
Fast and professional user interface for navigation, viewing and copying.
Advanced user interface for editing data.
Advanced buttons for connecting with Microsoft SQL Server databases.
Thick client interface for easy navigation.
Data structures are validated.
Complete support for SQL including multi-table updates and inserts.
Live database validation.
Detailed program window for connection, SQL-statements, control, warnings and errors.
Regular and automatic backup of the database.
Detailed overview of all database structures.
View and edit values, table and field structure.
Insertion, edit and deletion of tables and fields.
Backup of tables and fields.
Support for different Unicode encodings.
Viewing and editing of unicode strings.
Support for Unicode characters, symbols and multiple languages.
Support for all text and binary-formatted data.
Print function for printing values and tables.
Separators and brackets and for numbering and adding.
Extensive compatibility list of known databases and programs.
New for dbCOPY v3.2:
Collapse and expand all tables and fields.
Bulk updates of tables and fields.
Filter multiple tables and fields for a single click.
Filter multiple tables and fields for a single click.
Multiple databases support.
Multiple connection support.
Multiple engines and formats.
Advanced connection support.
Database repair.
User defined as well as automatic synchronization.
Validation of exported and imported data.
Column validation for checks.
XML export for the data and the table.
XML import for the data and the table.
File selection and automatic validation of files.
Split and merge functions.
Other improvements and changes.

The Master / Backup program is a feature-rich and user-friendly application for managing and recovering database backups

DbCOPY Download

dbCOPY Data Conversion & Copy Suite provides all the tools you need to move data easily between databases.
Key features:
* Numerous data conversions between different database types
* Easy migration from a source to a target database using different data types
* Advanced database copying with automated queries, SQL scripts, CSV files and Excel files
* Verification of data integrity with all data types
* View and edit data types and tables with all features
* Integration with the Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Paradox databases
You may select the target database with all database options from a dropdown list. Once the user chooses the target database, it is possible to select the database type. For example: MySQL or Oracle.
After selecting the database type, there are options for copying data from source to target:
* Direct copy: Data is copied to a target database file in the target folder
* No direct copy: The data is copied to an Excel or CSV file for further processing with MS Excel, MS Access or any other programs.
If you select the Copy option, the wizard will help you with the selection of the table structure, the data type and the column type.
If you select the CSV file option, the wizard will create a CSV file with a list of values for a column.
* Either: Direct and no direct data copy
* Select column: You can select a single column
* Insert column: You can select the column and insert it in the table
* Copy from column: You can select a single value from a column
* Insert column: You can select a column, insert it into the table and specify the column name as a prefix
* Copy from column: You can select a column, copy one value from that column and paste it to the target column
* Insert column: You can select a column, insert it into the table and specify a prefix for the column name
* Select from table: You can select a single row from the table
* Insert column: You can select a column, insert it into the table and specify a prefix for the column name
* Copy from table: You can select a row and copy it to the target table
* Select from table: You can select a single row from the table
* Delete: You can select a row and delete it
* Insert: You can select a row and insert it into a table
* Copy from table: You can select a row and copy it to the target table
After the wizard has completed,

What’s New In DbCOPY?


dbCOPY Data Conversion & Copy Suite is a solution for copying, migrating or updating data from one MySQL or PostgreSQL database to another one. The conversion of tables, sequences, fields, rows, and records can be done either as SQL scripts or as a copy/paste operation.
The package includes a useful GUI that allows a user to select database tables, fields, and rows. In addition, the application supports multiple databases in a single copy/copy operation and automatically merges and reorders databases.
A database viewer/editor (dbCOPY Viewer) is included in the package.
dbCOPY Data Conversion & Copy Suite is an extremely easy-to-use and powerful solution for data migration and conversion. No complex technical knowledge is required to use the tool.



Copy data to or from one or more MySQL or PostgreSQL databases.

Supports multiple databases in a single copy/copy operation.

Supports text-databases (CSV).

Supports multiple layouts of the user interface and the customization of the user interface.

Supports copying to or from Excel.

Supports inserting or updating records.

Supports importing data.

Supports exporting data.

Supports exporting database.

Supports editing database records.

Supports viewing records.

Supports drag-and-drop data from/to lists.

Supports automatic redirection of data.

Supports incremental copy/copy operation.

Supports output/output options.

Supports SQL script generation.

Supports copy/copy operation between single databases.

Supports copy/copy operation between multiple databases.

Supports importing from single databases or tables.

Supports exporting to single databases or tables.

Supports table creation.

Supports renaming tables.

Supports copying to other databases.

Supports import/export of non-text database.

Supports copying data of text-databases.

Supports copying of tables.

Supports copying of records.

Supports copying of fields.

Supports converting and/or automatically editing database records.


System Requirements:

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core i3-3225
Processor: Intel Core i5-4690
OS: Ubuntu 16.