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The benefits of ProRes RAW regarding importing, editing, and grading video with RAW data directly from the camera sensor make it a popular choice as a video editing format. Of course, the intended scope and use make the format well-adjusted to Apple’s proprietary OS, but it can also be used on Windows machines, thanks to several codecs that migrate its functionality.
One of the main advantages of the ProRes RAW format pertains to the available control in post-processing, when compared to proprietary, camera RAW formats. This yields enhanced demosaicing, linear-to-log conversions, as well as custom LUTs.
For those who seek to playback ProRes RAW and ProRes RAW HQ video files in their Widows machines, ProRes RAW for Windows will allow them a dedicated codec solution.
Aside from enabling video playback in the said formats, the codec also extends compatibility with adjacent applications from the Adobe family, such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Premiere Rush.
Last but not least, users must be aware that the codec will only work on 64-bit versions of Windows and that there are only five languages supported, namely English, Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, and German.


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Adobe ProRes RAW is an intermediate codec that takes advantage of its own algorithm on what it calls “real time” encoding, enabling direct capture from the camera sensor. This is then stored in the specific ProRes RAW format. There are eight different presets available to adjust the recording quality, but the quality is predefined, so there’s no room for tweaking the encoding.
For recording purposes, the codec is compatible with certain cameras, including the Alexa, Blackmagic Design, Sony F3, Red digital cinema camera, Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ1, and Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ10 models, among others. However, it can also be used for external recording, when the camera’s camera serial number is known.
There are 18 different camera models that support ProRes RAW, including some of the most recent products in the market, such as the Panasonic LUMIX FZ2500, FZ18, FZ28, FZ150, FZ1000, FZ1000 HS, the RED Helium and Scarlet, the RED DRAGON FL, as well as the RED EPIC DRAGON.
As for the frame rate, the codec supports a maximum of 60p at 640×480 and 720p at 12 Mbps. In addition, there’s a slow-motion setting available at 240p at 12 Mbps, which has a frame rate of 624 frames per second.
Codec Data Packet:
Video: H.264 AVC, Part 10 (HEVC Main Profile, Level A) – HEVC (H.265)
Audio: Linear PCM (mono) – 2-channel LPCM
Audio: Linear PCM (stereo) – 2-channel LPCM
Audio: Linear PCM (7.1/7.1.1/7.1.2) – 2-channel LPCM
Audio: Linear PCM (Stereo Mixdown) – 2-channel LPCM
Audio: Linear PCM (HVXC) – 2-channel LPCM
Audio: Linear PCM (Wideband) – 2-channel LPCM
Audio: Linear PCM (Dual Sideband) – 2-channel LPCM
Audio: Linear PCM (X-Wideband) – 2-channel LPCM

Audio: Linear PCM (Wideband) – 2-channel LPCM

Audio: Linear PCM (Dual

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ProRes RAW for Windows is a proprietary video format created by Apple Inc. ProRes RAW files are both supported by Apple’s proprietary editors and Apple Motion, a non-linear video-editing software by Apple Inc. The ProRes RAW format is based on the ProRes RAW file type, introduced in 2010 as a way to edit digital films and video clips on the Mac OS X operating system.
ProRes RAW for Windows supports an extensive spectrum of video formats, that allows for a smooth continuity of work between apps that use the ProRes RAW file type. The codec can work with media files created in the following modes: HDV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO HD, DV, DV HQ, DV25, DVCPRO HD 25, DV25, DVCPRO HD 25, DVCPRO HD 50, DVCPRO HD 50p, DVCPRO HD 75, DVCPRO HD 75p, DVCPRO P2, Cineon, V2 ProRes, QuickTime VR, and Ogg. In addition, it supports the editing of 4K, HD, and 1080p video files in ProRes RAW format on Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. The codec can also handle ProRes RAW HQ videos created in IPTC, HDV, XDCAM, DVCPRO, DV, and DVCPRO HD formats.
Apart from the aforementioned video formats, the codec supports the viewing and extraction of multiple video files with the QuickTime VR format.
As a result of proprietary support, ProRes RAW for Windows is one of the most popular formats for Apple users. It is also widely compatible with other video editing programs, thanks to its wide spectrum of file types. On the other hand, the codec has been certified as a standard codec on Windows, which means that it is also compatible with video editing tools from other software manufacturers.
In particular, ProRes RAW for Windows enables the import, export, and direct use of video files in the following modes and codecs: Apple ProRes, Apple ProRes 422, Apple ProRes 422, Apple ProRes 422, Apple ProRes 422 @ 1080p, Apple ProRes 422 @ 2160p, Apple ProRes 422 @ 30p, Apple ProRes 422, Apple ProRes 422 @ 4K, Apple ProRes 422 @ 4K, Apple ProRes 422 @ 2160p, Apple ProRes 422 @ 60p, Apple ProRes 422, Apple ProRes 422 HQ, Apple ProRes 422 LT,

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The ProRes RAW format is a unified container format for video and audio material. It delivers the benefits of ProRes 4444 (422.4/8-bit) and ProRes 4410 (420.4/8-bit), and introduces additional features to meet the demands of today’s high-definition film and television productions.
The benefits of ProRes RAW include:
– Improved image quality and dynamic range
– Additional flexibility in management of the different files associated with the container
– Additional functionality and support for viewing and editing from other applications
– An efficient, single-file format with the speed of 4K
– A configurable linear profile for Hollywood content, with clean, high performance, and compatibility with other tools in the industry
– A proprietary decoding algorithm that is part of the ProRes codec in ProRes 4444 and 4410, but is separate from the coder in other applications.
– Two frame rates, 23.98 fps and 24.00 fps, for Avid and Final Cut Pro compatibility
PROFile is a new PC-friendly 4K codec based on the ProRes RAW format. PROFile has several advantages over ProRes 4444 and ProRes 4410, including:
– The new ProRes RAW frame rate flexibility, 23.98 fps for Avid and 24.00 fps for Final Cut Pro
– A configurable linear profile and support for linear editing and automation
– A strong performance level for creative editing and content management
– Full support for compression and bitrate management for the past, present, and future, including the RED Rocket and future RED formats
– Protected content creation, workflow, and asset management
– More than 100 languages

Support for the ProRes RAW 4444 and ProRes RAW 4410 formats from Apple has always been a concern, and this is the first time we are aware of support for the ProRes RAW format specifically for Windows.

Sony does not update their RAW codec for their converters for at least 5 years, and have never updated the Windows software for their RAW codec.

The Adobe GPU-driven codec is also the Apple’s GPU encoder, therefore Apple only „imports” the encoder and not the actual RAW format.

The only way to work with ProRes RAW on Windows is with the newer versions of Sony Vegas (2012+), Adobe Premiere Pro (2012+), and Adobe Creative Cloud (2011+).

Sony, Apple, and Adobe have never, and Apple still

What’s New in the ProRes RAW For Windows?

First of all, ProRes RAW is a widely used file format for videographers and video editors worldwide. The aim of this tool is to convert your ProRes video into a.raw format, which is compatible with Windows. Thanks to this, you can then load it into your Adobe Premiere software and perform post-processing tasks on it.
More specifically, it can be used to demosaic, LUT transform, and resize a video. It can also perform linear to log conversion with a custom LUT.
After importing your ProRes RAW video into this program, you can also convert it into another video format, such as ProRes MOV for Windows. All in all, it can be used to perform a lot of different actions on your ProRes RAW video.

In this specific software, you can also use presets to convert your file quickly. Moreover, there are also multi-frame conversion presets available, so you can also convert many frames at the same time.
With ProRes RAW for Windows, you can also take advantage of the supported codecs, which are known by the developer as Link Adaptive VBR 1.4 and VBR 1.3. These will allow you to export your file in two different formats, such as.mdp, and.xap.

Lastly, a ProRes RAW tool is also available, which is its companion. The aim of this program is to help you to edit your files quickly, and it enables you to resize, crop, change color profile, and level your video. It also supports codec presets, so you can convert your video files with similar formats to your ProRes RAW format for Windows.
The developers have also added presets to change the aspect ratio of your videos.

Since this software is compatible with the same codecs as ProRes RAW format for Windows, it can also be used to convert your files from your camera, to camera. It also can be used to edit your videos.

Why do I need to edit my videos to ProRes RAW?

When it comes to creating movie files for video editing, the order is usually one of the most crucial parts of the software, where the clip is divided into frames or the clip is stretched to match the format of the video editing software.
The first step is to make sure that your camera is working in ProRes RAW (the only RAW format that is compatible with Apple’s equipment).
The next important part of your workflow is to edit the video in

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