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TwoToneDetect works best in a low traffic, NON-mobile environment. TwoToneDetect monitors a two tone mobile phone channel in order to detect multiple destinations/phone numbers. Any combination of two tone pages that have one incoming and one outgoing phone number can be detected.
TwoToneDetect can record up to 4 pages at a time and save them to a file. Up to 1000 two tone pages can be saved each hour, and any saved page can be emailed in batch when the program is launched.

One common use of TwoToneDetect is as an anti-crime application. This is accomplished by sending all pages detected by TwoToneDetect to the users mobile phone.

TwoToneDetect has an installer, and a program for the PC.
TwoToneDetect can be downloaded free of charge from the developer’s web site.

The PC version of TwoToneDetect is a.EXE file that can be run in any Windows operating system. The installer for the PC version of TwoToneDetect is a.EXE file that can be run in any Windows operating system.

In Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP, TwoToneDetect uses the standard Windows Registry to detect the call channel or number of the two tone page.

A version of TwoToneDetect for the Palm smartphone is also available from the developer’s website.

A Short Guide to TwoToneDetect (How to set up the program in Windows):


Where is the TwoToneDetect folder?
TwoToneDetect has an installer that will install to a folder called “TwoToneDetect”.

Run TwoToneDetect Setup.exe

Start the application.
The TwoToneDetect Setup.exe will start up and present a window asking you to set up the application.
Enter the two tone channel.

Where is the TwoToneDetect folder?
TwoToneDetect has an installer that will install to a folder called “TwoToneDetect”.

Run TwoToneDetect Setup.exe

Start the application.

Three screens will be presented.

Enter the two tone channel.

Enter the name for the

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TwoToneDetect Crack Mac is a very simple, easy to use radio scanner that will record pages as they come in and email the two tone pages to you automatically.
The ability to read and record all of your police scanners’ frequencies has never been easier.
TwoToneDetect Crack contains a Python application that allows you to interface with your scanner and is operated in an easy to use GUI format.
This program allows you to select the scanner type you are using. For example, a handheld scanner or an autonomous wireless scanner.
For each scanner type, there are two modes that can be used. The first one will only record pages containing tonal information and the second one will record pages containing both tonal and numeric information.
If you want to record both tonal and numeric pages, it is necessary to use an external plug-in filter/processor. This will be discussed later on in the documentation.
Once you choose the scanner type to use, you must simply choose your two tone email address and hit the „Detect” button. This will start the program recording pages as they are received on the scanner.
TwoToneDetect Cracked Accounts will email you a copy of all pages that contain tonal information (Pages that contain two tones) with the tone of the first tone (of the two). This way, you will always have a copy of all pages, including pages that contain only a numeric page.
Several options are available, like the ability to start the recording at the beginning of the first page, wait for at least a whole minute for the scanner to stop, etc.
TwoToneDetect Download With Full Crack also contains the option to turn off a scanner that you are using. If you have a radio scanner that you use all the time, this is great, because it will save you a lot of trouble: you will never miss a page!
Example of one of the two-tone pages recorded by TwoToneDetect
Additional Information on how to install:
This application can be installed on both Windows and MAC systems. All you need is Python and a reasonably new radio scanner or a police scanner.

Mac OS:

Radio Scanners:

Radio Scanners (compatible with TwoToneDetect)

TwoToneDetect With Full Keygen [Mac/Win]

TwoToneDetect is a program built using Python and/or PyTTS that interfaces with a radio receiver or scanner. It is used to detect and record traffic incidents, especially road rage incidents in a police scanner.
This program is a complete GUI program with a wide variety of options. Many users find that this is a good application to automate recording multiple drive bys (DUBs) for a police scanner. Users can choose to record one or many DUBs, and can choose between a single channel or multiple channels.
You can also choose to check with the police dispatcher for information, and if a police dispatch is active the DUBs are captured in real time (where available) and these events are sent to a user specified email address and/or broadcast to the assigned police scanner channel.
Why use TwoToneDetect over a smartphone or a program like Prowl or ProwlLive? Let’s take a look at a few of the limitations of using an app like Prowl or ProwlLive

You must be constantly connected to the internet
Most smartphones have no possibility of installing more than one application (app)
You must be constantly looking at the screen
A smartphone is not a police scanner
A smartphone is not a Police scanner (See the advantages of TwoToneDetect)

TwoToneDetect allows you to record and email DUBs without constantly looking at the phone screen.
TwoToneDetect DUBs
TwoToneDetect can record many different DUBs based on the setting within TwoToneDetect. These types of DUBs are called „Problems”. These include the following;

Drive-bys (DUB)
Intersection Collisions
Parallel Parking
Spanner Fines
Unsafe lane changes
Unsafe lane movements (speed changes)

“These are just a few that we have listed in our training documents.”
You can find documents with custom sounds for each type of problem. Click on the link below to see these training documents that include custom sounds for each type of problem.
Custom problems training documents.

How to install TwoToneDetect
Download and uncompress the two (2) TwoToneDetect files, and Copy these (2) files to the path where your two (2) applications are located: Windows Users,

What’s New in the?

TwoToneDetect is a software tool for detecting, recording, and emailing any two-tone page that you receive. It will listen to radio stations, web streams, TV shows, and more, automatically finding and recording all the two-tone phone numbers (“9507”) spoken by the storyteller.

The current version is in beta and is being used in the LAPD to see if it is able to reduce the numbers of 911 calls they receive. At this time, it does not use police scanners or scanners in the general public.


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