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* ** **Layer groups****. * ** **Layers**. Photoshop’s most helpful feature allows you to add multiple layers and merge them together to create new layers. The layer system makes it possible to merge, manipulate, copy, and paste layers or shapes and even create completely new layers with some of the tools.

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This tutorial covers the features of Photoshop Elements 2020, and how to make new professional-quality art. How to use Photoshop elements? Open a.JPG or.PNG file in Photoshop Elements Add a new fill or adjustment layer Fill the canvas in a new background or pattern, or change the blending mode to Linear Dodge Duplicate the layer Add an image, text, vector element, pattern or logo Position the layer Use the crop tool or paint tool Merge layers Combine the canvas into a new image, one or more layers or group Save the image as a.JPEG,.PDF or.EPS file How to use Photoshop elements filters? Open an image in Photoshop elements Apply or remove Photoshop elements filters to the canvas Resize the canvas Save the image as.JPG,.PNG,.PDF,.EPS or.TIFF file Open Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 Open a new file in Photoshop Elements: – Save in the.JPG or.PNG format – Open as a new document – Save as a.JPG or.PNG Drag and drop an image into the.PNG or.JPG frame Click „File”, „Open” or „Get from Web” and select an image from your hard drive Select the desired file size and number of colors: – For a.PNG file – 32-bit color, 8-bit palette, quality 100% or higher – For a.JPG file – 8-bit color, 8-bit palette, quality 90% or higher The file can be saved with a different size, dimensions, and color depth Duplicate the image Activate the duplicate layer Move and resize the duplicated image: – Click „Move” or „Move and rotate”, select the layers – Click „Arrange” and select the duplicate layer – Drag the duplicate layer to a new position and/or size – Click „Snap to grid” if necessary – Grab the layer – Double-click the image thumbnail to set the size and position Apply a filter to the layers: – Click „Filters” from the left menu and select from the drop-down menu 388ed7b0c7

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