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“At the heart of all our gameplay innovations at EA SPORTS FIFA, we strive to deliver the perfect skill moves or moments that push the limits of what is humanly possible,” said Aaron McHardy, Creative Director on FIFA 22. “HyperMotion Technology is the first of our innovations to really put you inside a football match, as the next generation of football simulation takes you closer to the real feeling of being inside a game.”

Starting with the individual simulation, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 delivers new controls and gameplay systems that are more responsive and organic than ever before in the franchise. In addition, new dribbling and new shot creation tools make it easy to become an elite player.

In the new-look shot creator, players can dictate the power of their shots, and perform an array of dribbling techniques to find open space and unleash bombs from every angle. New contextual options like Speed and Blast make it easier for players to access more power shots, whilst an “Unbounce” function allows them to create shots that would normally take a goalkeeper out of their box. Players can also manipulate the flight of their shots to better their aerial game.

The “Tackle Mash” system is a new way of using the ball carrier, defender and attacker that is reminiscent of EA SPORTS FIFA 17 and has been designed to deliver more high-skill plays. This includes automatically delivering the tackle to the attacker that has been beaten by the opponent’s run.

When playing offline, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 unlocks the “Just Ball” feature, which reduces the frequency of unrealistic ball tricks.

Finally, “HyperBall” technology mimics the bouncing movements of the ball, with ball physics based on in-game intelligence. This assists in preventing the ball from ballooning over the opposition’s penalty box or becoming glued to a wall.

All these features will be available in both FIFA Ultimate Team and Career modes.


FIFA 22 delivers the most substantial collection of new and expanded content than any previous FIFA title. This includes a revamp of the Ultimate Team mode, with the ability to transfer players directly between teams in the same mode. Furthermore, UCL and UEL teams and events have been expanded, including adding UCL and UEL top leagues and Cups.

The mode now offers new ways to play the game, including the ability


Features Key:

  • Innovative gameplay with FIFA’s largest-ever Pro, Player and Ultimate Team modes
  • New PES-style Career Mode, plus a more immersive, intuitive approach to player development
  • New small-sided games for training and realistic in-game tactics
  • Play as a superstar in fast-paced online competitions and other international tournaments such as the Gold Cup
  • Enhanced online connectivity with improved online stability and an all-new connection kit for faster online play
  • Expanded commentary with more descriptive football-speak, more backstage interviews, and more licence content than ever before
  • Reworked Player MyCAREER – Take charge of your player’s career, create your athlete, and evolve your teams with improved Coach and GM roles
  • The most accurate, complete and realistic player movement ever
  • Ranked Matches – Quick and stable online gameplay
  • New FIFA Ultimate Team cards and mode
  • Expanded and enhanced Ultimate Team Legend Cards
  • PES 3-Style New Goalkeeper Free Kicks
  • Brand-new Referee System


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FIFA is the award-winning football game franchise that has sold over 100 million copies worldwide. Fans of the series can enjoy FIFA on their PC and Xbox One consoles.

New Player Experience

With new innovations under the hood, the player experience is now even more immersive and authentic.

AI – Players Make Decisions

The new AI players use a comprehensive playbook of tactics, formations, and movements, and can read the game and make decisions for themselves.

Real World Settings

This year we’ve brought the game to more locations and used more cameras to make the experience feel more like being there. The new location-driven gameplay lets you experience the game from the view of referees, players, and fans in stadiums and on pitch environments that were never before possible.

Tactics Engine – Optimized for PC

The FIFA team has made a complete refresh of the FIFA tactics engine to improve efficiency on PC.

All-New Game Day Engine

Developed from the ground up, the all-new game day engine captures all the excitement of real-world football in a new way.

Superstar System – The Best, the Brash, and the Bold

You can now use your superstars’ unique abilities to score, support your team, and defend your goal.

New Career Management

The Career Management system has been completely redesigned to make it even more of a player’s personal pipeline, developing and refining players through this new career model.

New Career Movements

The Career Movement system allows you to play and develop your superstars in different ways.

Domestic Cups

Domestic Cups offer you the chance to win the league, cup, and European cups throughout the entire season.

Brand-New Challenge Series

Brand-New FIFA Leagues

Branded editions of Leagues provide a fresh new experience for you to compete in big-name competitions.

Enhanced Online Experience

Connect to your friends and find new opponents to play against online.

New Control Scheme

We’ve made significant improvements to the controls, and have reduced number of buttons to enhance your gameplay.

Brand-New Physics Engine

The physics engine has been revamped to make the game feel more responsive and add to your immersion.

Variable Weather and Orientation

From high altitude to coastal environments


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FIFA Ultimate Team is back and better than ever, giving you the chance to build and manage the ultimate team of players, complete with over 3,000 players and more than 800 teams and kits to create. You’ll also be able to compete online in the new online season mode.


Create, customize and control any team from the world’s greatest footballing nations

Build the ultimate football squad, with complete squad management and tactics

Choose from over 3,000 players and over 800 teams and kits

Compete online in the new online season mode

Matchday – Career Mode – Take on the managers of 50 clubs in a series of cup matches across Europe. The standout feature of Matchday is that you get to manage your club and play them in your favourite Cup competitions.

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What’s new:

  • An all-new and improved FIFA ‘Life’ system brings an authentic, more personal experience to Ultimate Team gameplay.
  • Revamped customisation flows allow you to update to the latest kits and Ultimate Team items as they’re released, giving you that competitive edge.
  • Build your Ultimate Team and deploy your best squad with a whole new set of tactics and formations.
  • Get more from your favourite teams and players by playing Online Leagues, with new reward systems, stats and leaderboards to follow.
  • Reaction Shots add a new dimension to goal celebrations, letting you launch your trademark celebrations or just score your first goal, with custom animations that fit your style.
  • Improve your Ultimate Team style with over 70 new micro-transactions including brand new players such as Paul Pogba or Wayne Rooney, or refreshed kits in the authentic kit category.
  • See what’s new in the Community Hub, get to know the latest guidelines and grow your Ultimate Team with the In-Game Newsfeed.
  • Unlock the Authentic Player Packs, putting you on the front line with the latest head-to-head gameplay.


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FIFA is the biggest football game in the world, with a massive and passionate fan-base, from young to old. FIFA reinvents the game each year, with new features, systems, teams and modes to make it even deeper and more exciting than ever before. Now, for the first time in a long time, EA SPORTS™ FIFA gives you more control of your players than ever before, as well as giving you new freedom to play the way you want to play.
FIFA is the biggest football game in the world, with a massive and passionate fan-base, from young to old. FIFA reinvents the game each year, with new features, systems, teams and modes to make it even deeper and more exciting than ever before. Now, for the first time in a long time, EA SPORTS™ FIFA gives you more control of your players than ever before, as well as giving you new freedom to play the way you want to play.

What’s new in FIFA 22?

PLAY THE WAY YOU WANT TO PLAY FIFA’s new, flexible shooting controls allow you to customise your style of play. Before you touch the ball, pick your shot type and delivery method – faster volley? Slower drive? The ball will bend as it bounces to keep your control over your shot accuracy. All to make FIFA as flexible, adaptable and intuitive as you are. Your play style will influence the amount of control you have over every shot, leaving you more opportunities to score.

Tackle the Playmaker FIFA’s new Interception Mode removes the element of predictability from the opposition. As soon as the ball leaves your player’s feet, use your new Cat-Eye Tackle to intercept and slow down the ball. Whether you’re attacking or defending, as the ball moves away from your player and towards the Interception Zone, use it to stop the opposition in their tracks. Power Overhead Shots add some new variety to Goalkeeper tactics. Before taking a shot, you can choose to Shoot or Run. Before you take the shot, you can choose to Shoot with Head or Feet. Run into a ball that’s headed towards Goal and use Feet to stop the ball and shoot it through the Interception Zone.

DEMAND IT FIFA’s new player control features give you complete control over the movements of every player in your squad. As your stars become more dominant on the pitch, their defensive skill will allow you to leave the best defenders behind. Switch off their defensive positioning or remove them from


How To Install and Crack Fifa 22:

  • Download setup.exe
  • Extract the archive file and run the setup.exe
  • It will extract the files to the directory and will run the setup. Some have 3-5 steps installation process.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: Graphics card and Microsoft Silverlight
DirectX: Version 9
Network: High speed internet connection
Hard Drive: 5 GB of available space
Processor: 2.3 GHz or higher
Memory: 4 GB
Network: High


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