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FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.

The feature was initially developed by German sports technology company EA Sports and tested with a group of real-world players. It uses the same technology that was introduced in Madden NFL 19, which included pro football athletes from the NFL and college football programs.

Read on for details on how the technology works, and a demonstration of the simulated movements.

How the technology works

Player movements in-game are made possible because the technology automates the tracking of multiple players at multiple times during a typical match, and allows players to perform in-game actions across numerous playing surfaces.

By tracking the movements of real-world players, the new technology is able to capture the quality and intensity of in-game movements, including positional changes and tackling.

It analyzes movements of players in real-time as the game is being played – even when they’re not on-screen – and then translates their in-game movements into actual actions in a way that matches what the player would do in real life.

The technology can collect information from players during a live-match, and can be used to track their behaviors in and out of the ball.

Each player has a virtual “factory” of real-world movements built up to more than 100 frames and other data, including where they ran, on-ball movements, off-ball movements, possession of the ball, goalkeeper moves, shots, passes, tackles, interceptions and much more. In addition, the capture system can store this data for use in later versions of FIFA.

The simulation works by analysing a full range of movements and actions of players to gather in-game information, which is automatically transferred to a player’s player model, tracked and updated in real-time as players move and play.

This tracking process takes place from the second the game starts to any given point, and across the board, including on field, off field and in the penalty area.

A position on the field can be monitored from start to end of the game.

Position changes between real


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Fifa Ultimate Team – Trust no one, even your rival managers. Challenge the world’s biggest stars and use the new MyClub mode to build your dream team from over 350 players using a massively expanded library of players, stars, kits, skills and more. Not only will you now be able to use the same tactics as them, or give your players the exact training regiment they deserve, but you can even go one step further and create your own tactics.
  • All-New Player Psynthics
  • Introducing Player Creation Tools – Create a Captain using the most detailed team-builder ever, or mix and match all the elements to get the perfect player, and play the game how YOU want!
  • New matchday atmosphere
  • Take command on the new Tactical Evolving Fields, which host match-defining moments like Barca vs Valverde’s red & white wall, or Rosario & Real Madrid’s later-than-normal final.
  • Design your own stadium
  • Choose from the most comprehensive range of team kits for all 32 teams


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A football game that has been played for more than 70 years, FIFA brings the intensity, emotion and pure fun of the world’s favourite sport to the living room.

How does FIFA work?

Football fans can now share, enjoy and compare the most passionate sport in the world in real-time with friends on the new Console, PC and mobile versions.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

FUT allows users to create dream teams from the world’s top players. Choose your favourite formation, customise players’ appearances using millions of player hairstyles and take part in live tournaments and exciting challenges that unlock new player variations.

How does FIFA Ultimate Team work?

FUT introduces a new path to create and customise players: you now get instant access to the new and exclusive FUT Draft mode, where every pick gives you the chance to add a dynamic new element to your squad. Take part in daily challenges where you’ll be rewarded with coins to collect and spend in the ultimate game of FUT Champions.

What is FIFA Mobile?

FIFA Mobile is a full game within the FIFA franchise, built specifically for the mobile experience and including all modes and features of FIFA.

How does FIFA Mobile work?

Create your own team of dream footballers, play in one of the biggest licensed leagues in the world, and complete challenges and tasks that will make you your own manager.

What is FIFA Mobile Champions?

Now you can be your own club, from the smallest of cup teams to the biggest of national sides. FIFA Mobile Champions is completely free to play, and with a special FUT Champions pack in FIFA Mobile, you can get access to all the great new FUT items.

How does FIFA Mobile Champions work?

FIFA Mobile Champions is a completely free-to-play game, allowing you to create and manage your own team of footballers – right from the beginning.

What features can I unlock in FIFA Mobile Champions?

FIFA Mobile Champions contains a range of features and we have a list of things you can unlock with your game time.

How do I play FIFA Mobile Champions?

With your club and players chosen, you’ll spend the game working your way to the top, playing against your friends and becoming the best manager in the world.

How do I get to the main menu?

To enter the main menu,


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Collect and develop a team of the world’s greatest footballers, from Pele to Ronaldo to decide the ultimate Champions League squad. Create a team from the world’s best players, taking your favorite XI’s from all five FIFA clubs. Or choose your dream team by either going head-to-head with friends on the online Community Manager, or forge your own path to glory in career mode. Play with real-world teams to compete in live games, or dream up your favorite real-life matches by playing in highly realistic recreations.

All-New Friendlies & Online Seasons –
Play a wide variety of inter-club friendlies with other clubs in the all-new FIFA™ World Club Series. Experience a totally unique new way to play the game by competing in seasons, where every week you have the chance to face your opponent in a high-pressure, knockout game. Make history and win your league by scoring the most goals in one week. Prepare yourself by playing any club over 50 times throughout the new season, and celebrate by earning more FIFA points and playing better players. Add to your team, shop, and improve your playing experience with new animations, kits, and player appearances from over 100 leagues and countries. Or unite your current squad with your friends and play online with up to 32 players from any FIFA club.

All-New Goalkeeper Controls –
See the ball come to you with precise in-game saves and reactions. Control the goalie like never before with Goalkeepers on the Ball and Ultimate Team Tactics, while also witnessing your keeper react to your players’ moves on the pitch. Play smarter with tactical adjustments in the new free Kicking Analysis feature, as well as the ability to instruct players to change formation on the fly. Implement your tactics like never before by customizing your goalkeeper strategy.

BRAZIL 2107 –
Experience the all-new Football Life Mode as you play your role within the context of a real Brazilian club, making the transition from the lower divisions to the coveted glory of the Brazilian Série A. Compete for your club’s first ever league title and answer the call of the mystical Cascavel Football Rumors. Full gameplay features include full player trading, formation play, aerial duels, the beautiful new third-person view, goal-line technology, new contract and skill systems, and interactive crowd demonstrations.

Make the right decisions on


What’s new:

  • Getting closer to the beautiful game with several new kits available for FIFA 23!
  • Refine your player and set them on their way to the heights of Team of the Year. With two new player types, Brand New Moments and Show Stoppers, join us for the biggest player’s launch yet.
  • Refine your gameplay in-match across numerous new depth settings, with improved AI and AI scouting, and make more tactical decisions to go from success to glory.
  • Permanent FIFA Squad Improvements to your gameplay, including a new Formation Control Guide, Formation Analyzer and dynamic tooltips.
  • Improvements to Artificial Intelligence across Speed, Strength, Intelligence and Agility, which let you influence your ability to create a successful match.
  • New Game Day experience to help you set up and ready for the challenges ahead, as well as brand-new entertaining. goal celebrations to match the much-improved low-key animations and sound effects.
  • Introduce live ‘Connected Careers’ and new challenges that will leave your word-bad with pride. We’ll also be introducing a brand new ‘Challenge of the Week’ in FIFA Ultimate Team to serve as a weekly motivator, guiding you and your Pro to your next great moment.
  • Better FIFA servers and anti-cheat systems for a smoother and more reliable gameplay experience.
  • The opportunity to stay connected with the international soccer world with live streaming the Fifa World Cup and the introduction of World Cup Moments.


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As football simulators go, FIFA has been around for years. It’s a big part of the EA Sports franchise. But while it’s great to be able to play real matches and be part of a football community, it’s not the best football sim out there.

First, you don’t actually play against real footballers. You play against random opponents wearing generic soccer uniforms and keeping your artificial physics settings set to „High.” Players have also historically been slow, and with a focus on keeping players in the box rather than attacking with the ball, speed isn’t great either.

But the magic of FIFA lies in its football engine, EA’s Football Motion System, which simulates every aspect of the game and tries to give it as close to the real deal as possible.

On the pitch, FIFA’s most notable innovation is its ability to maintain possession of the ball as it rolls around the court. If you’re controlling the ball and lose it, the system will make sure that the ball keeps turning and never goes to waste. Players also won’t go down if they’re hit, because their bodies will move in real time. This gives the game a more realistic feel.

Another common technique in FIFA is ghosting, where players don’t ever really leave the field, but rather, they just hover at the edge of the space on the field. It’s rare that a game will actually leave your players outside the field’s boundaries, especially if you’re playing online. If you do, you’ll get a warning message.

But the genius of FIFA’s unique system is its ability to sense if a player is about to overlap the opponent and create an overlap passing opportunity. If a defender is closing in on a player who just won a free kick, that player will run past the defender and receive a pass. This allows defenders to „cheat” into space, but the artificial intelligence works remarkably well.

The player must actually control a pass, however. No one can receive a pass unless they have the ball and are actually touching it. This means that you won’t be able to use a player’s pace to create a passing lane, or a player’s dribbling ability to lead a defender into space. Only their ability to receive a ball in a specific spot will work.

FIFA allows for a variety of different players, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. This variety is one of the best things about the game. You can play with a goalkeeper that has amazing


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