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FIFA 22 introduces new animation that captures the players’ eyes, both when attacking and defending. Position players get enhanced “fake to real” reactions, with new animations that look and feel more natural, but also emit the sounds of real players. A completely new “in-motion” animation system captures all those moments you see in reality when a player makes a difference. FIFA 22 uses new lighting system and animations that more realistically depict players standing and running, wearing or not wearing the ball or running with the ball. Players bend their knees more naturally and naturally crouch at different angles, as the ball hits the ground. Players also react realistically to movement direction and the desired area of the field is more easily visible and realistic. Player movement is enriched with new tackles. Players run and jump more naturally, and more tackle animations are added depending on the situation, player speed and the tackle point. New animation states have been added for more realistic challenges such as free kicks and corner kicks. FIFA 22 introduces „ball physics”, which allows the ball to change shape more naturally, also making it easier to strike the ball with more realistic movements and body actions. This new feature has resulted in substantial changes in the way the ball moves in the air: The ball feels heavier, the trajectory of the ball is more realistic, and the ball has a stronger backspin. The ball impacts on the player’s body more realistically. Player positioning has been improved. When a player moves forward, the player’s movement is more realistic, and also when a player moves backwards, the player’s movement is more realistic. Reaching a new high-speed position, such as taking a dive towards the ground, has more specific and realistic animations. Situations and combat have also been improved, with more contact, post-contact and tackle animations. If a player picks up the ball while being tackled, a realistic animation will play when he kicks it. Teamplay is improved, with more and more tactical options available. Tactical gameplay is deeper: Teammates are now more creative about attacking and defending. The captain has more control over his team and the created team plays and behaves more like a real team. A whole range of tactical options has been added, including freedom in the first line to distribute the ball: A free kick in the defensive midfield is possible as well as a wide pass into the wide area or a quick pass to the striker.Q


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • DEMOS – Score in a new variety of demos, including regular, goal-focused, and teamwork-focused. Debut features a full-length Football Manager realism mode based on real-life gameplay.
  • Gamertags – Play as a like name, and create a unique Gamertag for your FUT mode profile
  • NEW Kit Creator – give your players a style makeover by using the kit creator to make a number of kits for your FUT players
  • Customisation – introduce a fabric fabricator to the FUT experience, as players can craft their own shirts
  • OVER 250 New Transfers – discover more than 250 players, with more than 150 authentic players on the pitch.
  • Bigger Players – all players will increase in size to create more atmosphere, whether youre a smaller or larger player.
  • Extensive Post-Match Activities: Live the moment after each match with off-ball extras, goal celebrations, and eventualities such as squandered penalties and penalty kicks.
  • GUIDE YOUR GAMBLING – Having fun is risky business. Take advantage of the back-end system and put your transfer market expertise to the test. When you manage your big investments wisely youll take home the most money.


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FIFA is the world’s #1 gaming football brand and the most authentic football experience ever. Fans of the beautiful game – be it for the pitch, the street, or the national team – can play with EA Sports FIFA in the most immersive, emotional and realistic way possible. Features: • Official Team and Player Attributes and Traits • Realistic Ball Physics and Control • Master a variety of game modes including official-licensed competitions such as the FIFA World Cup™ and UEFA Champions League™ and popular grassroots competitions around the world. • Experience the most immersive and realistic soccer gameplay available. • Authentic Play-by-Play and Commentary • A complete and comprehensive suite of social features. • New features and improvements for online multiplayer, including the option to play ranked games. • Control the dynamic and changing world of soccer in the 22nd year of the franchise. • Improved user interface, including improved matchday control, depth, and customization. The Hardest & Most Comprehensive Footbal Experience • Play the Beautiful Game: Challenge yourself or your friends as you pick a national team, play with friends, or build your own squad. • Play With Authenticity: The next generation of FIFA includes the most authentic physics and ball control to date. • Play With Realistic Feel: Experience the most realistic play-by-play with authentic commentary by the world’s leading commentators. • Play Through the Development of Soccer: Play in a time of evolution as the game reflects the dynamic and changing world of soccer. • Customize Every Area of Play: Customise your players, create and edit your own team name and kits, and deepen your experience on and off the pitch. • Use the Game Mechanics to Your Advantage: Set up and create your own chances, and outwit your rivals with a multitude of new and improved ball control, shooting, and control-based mechanics. • Create the Ultimate Team: Customise players, manage your roster and squad, create your own stadiums, and make deep tactical changes to dominate opponents on and off the pitch. Competitive Play • Compete in a variety of officially-licensed tournaments. • Play with one of the best user interfaces ever created for an online sports game. • Customize your matchday experience with a new and improved in-game matchday interface. • bc9d6d6daa


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Unlock your favorite footballers, clubs, and teams from around the world to assemble the ultimate team of players that look, feel, and play like you do. From the biggest names in European soccer to the most underrated players in CONCACAF, Ultimate Team gives you the chance to load up your squad with the very best that the world of football has to offer. Ultimate Team gives you an edge, and the chance to complete your collection by dropping in from Play-anywhere contests, with the chance to win incredible rewards, such as Player and Team of the Year packs, all-time legends, and legendary football cards. Spectate LIVE – Spectate LIVE gives fans the chance to experience the game in an entirely new way by watching matches live or on demand, in addition to the on-screen commentary. Spectate LIVE takes you closer to the action, with even more interactive and immersive game features including Dribbling, Shooting, and Defence. Track the ball, shoot, and tackle opponents in various ways and locations. The spectator experience is in a league of its own. Tactical Training & Supercoach Mode – As the All-Star captain of your favorite team, earn trophies, play soccer, and take part in the ultimate fan experience by creating, customizing, and sharing your very own customized tactics on the pitch. Supercoach Mode on FIFA gives fans a chance to be a manager by creating your own lineups and formations, selecting play styles, and completing training sessions. FIFA Ultimate Team MULTI-LEAGUE – Previously available on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, in FIFA 22 MULTI-LEAGUE is one of the biggest and most balanced offerings in the franchise – you can now play FUT MULTI-LEAGUE in FIFA 22 on Xbox One and Windows 10. FIFA 22 MULTI-LEAGUE puts you at the center of not just your club, but the global stage, letting you play and compete in the most popular leagues around the world including England, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, France, and Mexico. MULTI-LEAGUE offers plenty of additional benefits including the new Scoreleader leaderboard, daily action and the ability to earn achievements. My FIFA – Get all the customizable features of Ultimate Team, but as you build your own squad, you can also customize your goalkeeper, defenders, and specialists to gain a competitive edge in the game. Create your dream team in


What’s new:

  • 2K PRESENTS Daily Goals – see goals and match-winning moments every day via in-game alerts and related content.
  • Champions League Enhanced Be part of the intense passion of Europe’s premier club competition. Control an authentic squad and fight to stay in the top three. Match day features, driven by real-life statistics and odds, enhance the Championship-style challenge in all Official Licensed Competitions.
  • Social Club Workout – Play and train with friend offline or online via the Social Club.
  • Throw more coins than ever before to unlock 19,000 new FIFA Ultimate Team cards on Xbox One.


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FIFA stands for “Fédération Internationale de Football Association.” It’s the world’s largest soccer organization and it’s responsible for the organization of the World Cup, international competition between countries and the World Player of the Year award. EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team is the ultimate way to collect and manage the cards and players of your favorite soccer stars in the ultimate squad-building game. Now, you can enjoy the feeling of a real-world soccer club on your PC as you build your dream team with cards and players from some of the greatest players in the world including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, Thierry Henry, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and many more. EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Genre-specific Features Soccer gamers on PC will be able to experience a new way to play. Get behind the defense and experience authentic shooting mechanics. Get in the habit of positioning yourself to attempt different shot angles and predict where the ball will be kicked. Earn XP and level up your FIFA skills while advancing your career in the transfer market. Collect rewards and create custom player faces that express what you are feeling during the game. Retro Skin Featuring authentic player models and gameplay, the Retro Edition of FIFA 22 brings a new level of immersion to your FIFA play. With over 2,000 different kits including jerseys, shorts, socks and cleats, and a retro look throughout the stadiums, this is the FIFA 22 experience that will make you feel right at home. High Dynamic Range Lighting FIFA 22 brings you the next generation of realism, bringing our game closer than ever to life. High dynamic range lighting captures every bit of sunlight and highlights, and provides players with a new degree of illumination with realistic reflections. FIFA World Class Player AI Over 200 high-end players have been carefully recreated and put through the paces, allowing them to learn and react like human players. This will bring your team to the next level in its every-day and in-game challenges. REAL WORLD STADIUMS Match with Friends and Enjoy Viewers in over 25 iconic stadiums across the world. LEVEL UPGRADES Face any challenge and upgrade your clubs to even more powerful teams and super players. BRAND NEW MODE Play in brand new game modes that you have never experienced before! What’s New


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