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GiMeSpace QuickMenu [Win/Mac] 2022

Bring your free time back without leaving your favorite browser. GiMeSpace QuickMenu Cracked Version from Club CINEMA comes with more than 100 free icons and quick toolbars for your desktop.
Enjoy it on all platforms – Windows, MacOS and Linux. GiMeSpace also includes a powerful control panel for configuring the default settings of GiMeSpace QuickMenu, allowing you to add/remove your custom quick icons and assign keyboard shortcuts for launching them.
GiMeSpace QuickMenu allows you to:
– Add quick icons to your desktop
– Hotkeys that help you to select any of your desktop icons.
– Hotkeys that help you to launch any of your desktop icons.
– User defined quick icons.
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1) Create a list of frequently opened programs and apps.
2) Hotkey Access to the list.
3) Copy windows and move them around.
4) Background icon
5) Quick Menu options
6) Keep menu up when clicking
7) Manages multiple opened windows
8) Click to move to a program and click to activate.
9) No mouse over needed
10) Automatically close windows when activated.
Key Features:
Lists opened windows, including minimized windows (Click to open).
Can be used as a launcher.
The hotkey can be set.
You can choose the trigger, either hotkey or mouse action.
You can set a single click to get to an app you want or can set multiple clicks to get to an app.
Window manager and quick launcher can manage multiple windows and can switch between window easily.
Key Requirements:
Windows 7 or newer.
Tested and Works on: Windows 8/8.1/10/Vista/XP
Pricing: Free (30 Day Trial) / $29.95 [Limited Time Offer]
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SGW Fast Window Tracker lets you keep track of your open windows. It allows you to minimize, reopen, move and close windows or to take other actions on the windows that are currently open. On Windows 7 or higher it even allows you to use the windows taskbar menu to get quick access to your open windows.
SGW Fast Window Tracker provides a useful extra that can be toggled off or on by using the Hotkey system.
SGW Fast Window Tracker provides the following functions:
1. Show all open windows.
2. Minimize all open windows.
3. Close all open windows.
4. Move and re-size all open windows.
5. Switch between open windows by using a number of hotkeys.
6. Reopen closed windows or places them in the last open window order.
7. Take a screenshot of the currently open windows.
8. Copy opened windows from one place to another.
9. Switch to one of the opened windows (Windows 8, 8.1).
10. Get quick access to a list of frequently used windows.
11. Shift windows between open windows.
12. Automatically save open windows.
13. Dock all open windows to the taskbar.
14. Show the last closed window when a new window is

GiMeSpace QuickMenu

GiMeSpace QuickMenu is a simple way to quickly switch between your opened apps. Instead of wasting time typing the app names, just hover the mouse over the GiMeSpace QuickMenu icon and press a hotkey to see a small table. Choose which one you want to switch to, and quickly right click on it to run the app. Another feature of GiMeSpace QuickMenu is the built in hotkey that allows you to show and hide the GiMeSpace QuickMenu. GiMeSpace QuickMenu comes with many features such as one window and multiple windows, split window, full screen, tray icon, background, and more. You can also customize the GiMeSpace QuickMenu with your own beautiful icon theme. GiMeSpace QuickMenu supports Windows 8/7/XP, and it’s Free to download and easy to install.
Enhance your working environment
GiMeSpace QuickMenu isn’t just a launcher for accessing your opened windows in your productive work. It’s also a powerful tool for managing and managing your windows, giving you even more ways to customize and configure the most important aspects of your Windows system. The GiMeSpace QuickMenu is able to switch between applications, and you can view all your opened windows and a list of your favorite programs, all in a small and customizable menu in the systray. The GiMeSpace QuickMenu is not just a simple application, but a tool for managing and managing your operating system, letting you work in the best environment possible. The program also has many features such as one window, multiple windows, split window, full screen, tray icon, background, and more.
GiMeSpace QuickMenu was reviewed by Maelo, last updated on February 15th, 2013Q:

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What’s New in the?

Control Panel (Free): A control panel application to manage icons that are present in the system tray.
Quick Menu (Free): A quick menu application that helps you find quickly open programs and websites. It has a list of open windows and a small search window.
Taskbar Switcher (Free): A taskbar switcher application that allows to have multiple taskbars on the screen. The application’s main window is shown on the right side of the screen.

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System Requirements:

Windows® 7/Vista®
Intel® Core™ i5-2400 or equivalent
20 GB available space for installation
DVD-ROM drive
DVD-R/RW drive
USB 2.0
PCI Express 2.0 graphics card
A Sound Blaster™ Live! Card with 128 MB of onboard RAM
Note: When using a USB sound card, no other video card may be installed, and no onboard video is supported.
Mac® OS X 10.6 or higher