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LunaticTrader is an easy-to-use solution for risk-adjusted trading in the financial markets. It not only helps you predict stock trends and strengthen the weak ones but also educates you about the daily relationships between the moon and the stock markets.

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LunaticTrader is the most complete software tool that lets you analyze the lunar cycles and the planetary extremes in order to predict an upcoming crash panic. It has a range of customizable features that make it one of the most convenient methods of analysis available in the market.
LunaticTrader allows you to create your own customized chart with different cycles and a monthly or daily time frame. Not only this, but you can even set up a rough calendar based on the current date, which will help you predict a crash panic in that period.
LunaticTrader’s interface is user-friendly, but enough power is at its disposal to process data from various timezones, and you can set it up to send alerts via SMS, email or other methods.
There are seven different types of charts that can be generated from within the application, each of them calculated with a different type of calculations:
Lunar Cycle
Latitude Cycle
Longitude Cycle
With the help of LunaticTrader, users can set up a custom chart with any of the different types of charts, or create an ad-hoc calendar with the latest daily cycle.
The customizable chart is the basis for all the predictions, but the application will look at the news that may have occured in the last three days to establish the prevailing trends. Users can use a filter for specific dates and timeframes to drill down to more in-depth data.
To help you make the most out of LunaticTrader, a range of tutorials and educational videos are offered along with this software. With all the features offered, you will no doubt be able to make use of this power tool to predict the evolution of stock markets.
Key features:
Synchronized color-coded chart with lunar phases and planetary extremes
Calculate the lunar phases
Investigation of stock markets
Prediction of crashes panics
Simple and intuitive interface
Customizable chart
Customizable calendar
LunaticTrader – 37.74MB

This program is an application that takes stock market data from various sources and predicts future trends based on Moon cycles.

It is an application that helps you set the odds of a future prediction, based on a Moon cycle. All charts are updated at the end of each month, and the calendar allows you to set a condition or an appointment at a specific day. With the help of the Moon cycle

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It is a perfect application to grasp how the trade deadline date has an influence on the stock market, and the reverse. It is also a very good way to predict the liquidity of stock markets at the beginning or at the end of the month. For traders interested in following the stock market on a daily basis, it helps them know which should be the best times to buy and sell.
Why is this a great tool for predicting stock prices?
As we mentioned before, the chart of the Lunar Empirical Bible can reveal information about which days are better to trade and when to avoid trading altogether. Since traders buy and sell based on the market trends and predictions, knowing which month should be safest or the worst month can be very useful. Also, days in which the price of stocks is more prone to wild swings are also identified in the application.
With the help of LunaticTrader, one can predict whether the stock market should go up or down, and for what period of time.
The application includes a simple wizard that will explain in detail how it all works. Don’t be scared and try to predict where the stock market should go after checking these tabs.

LunaticTrader is an application that makes use of the Solstice concepts to explain what has been historically happening with the earth, the sun and the moon phases. The app gathers data on the moon and the sun, with the objective of showing what has been the best time to start and complete a trade.
In the beginning, we will check the first Solstice, that is, the Winter Solstice. This will provide a snapshot of what happened when the North Pole stopped pointing in a southward direction at the beginning of December 2016. That meant that the Northern Hemisphere was, for a couple of days at least, warmer than the Southern Hemisphere.
The app will also explain how and why this happened. Next, we will analyze the previous Solstice, the Summer Solstice, and the Lunar Cycle: the concept behind this is that we can look for connections between the Earth and the Moon, and how their phases and movements affect the financial markets. By studying this, we can easily discover which were the best periods to invest, sell and buy at different times during the year.
Why is it so useful to predict the stock market?
It is not the first time that the idea behind using Solstice is applied to the financial market, but it is one of the oldest and most widespread ways to predict stock markets. It is a way to

What’s New In?

With LunaticTrader, you can analyze stock prices by month, and the best calendar for trading.

LunaticTrader is an application that brings together astrology and trend predictions under the same roof. It is based on the following concepts:

stock market analyst predictions from LunaticTrader are based on monthly forecasts for the stock market from the company and, as a bonus, one can also download the Excel files they contain (requires Excel 2007 or later version)

instead of one article that simply contains the predictions for a set of months, LunaticTrader provides a complete set of reports that are updated at the end of every month with the predictions for the next thirty days.

Instead of providing a simple prediction of future stock market trends, LunaticTrader provides a new forecast for the next thirty days (plus the period of the lunar cycle) with a study of the market situation in two different ways.

On one hand, the user can select the period of time they are interested in and get a report showing a graph of the stock market evolution, which in turn is interrelated with the lunar cycles. The user will be able to identify the best periods of the month to invest in their market niche.

On the other hand, the user will be able to download the tables that contain the raw data used by the company to make their forecast and apply the same formulas to the information they have been able to import.

This version is suitable for users who do not want to learn astrology. It provides a basic set of information that allows you to analyze stock markets by month and find the best one for your investing strategy.

LunaticTrader is a trade application used by stock traders and investors to help them forecast stock prices, volatility and their evolution.

The application has been developed to show different predictions for the stock market, depending on the lunar cycle (moon phase), to help investors make trading decisions.

With LunaticTrader, you can analyze stock prices by month and the best calendar for trading.

LunaticTrader provides a complete set of reports that are updated at the end of every month with the predictions for the next thirty days.

Instead of one article that simply contains the predictions for a set of months, LunaticTrader provides a complete set of reports that are updated at the end of every month with the predictions for the next thirty days.

Instead of providing a simple prediction of future stock market

System Requirements:

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT 512 MB DirectX 10
Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7 (64-bit)
DirectX 9.0c
Logitech Dual Action Gamepad, USB 2.0
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