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Share Manager is a straight forward application that can display and create shares and mapped network drives. It gives you basic information about each entry and allows you to open or delete existing shares and maps or create new ones







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The application consists of a set of 8 buttons, each with a descriptive name. There is a 'Selected Shares’ button that allows you to navigate to and select different shares, and a 'New Share’ button that allows you to create a new share.
It is possible to select multiple shares using the '+’ sign on the 'Selected Shares’ button.
You can use the 'Settings’ button to navigate to and view information about the applications settings. Settings can include:

The minimum share permission required for an application to be able to access the directory.
The share permission required for a’server’ user to be able to access a shared drive.
The share name specified by the application (excluding the server share name)
The mapping driver to use for network shares.
The prompt for the application when an item is selected in the folder list.

How to obtain and install

Download and install the Share Manager component from the Kebab Share Manager Download Site

The download contains the following components:

A.NET application (a.EXE file) that is installed locally on the client PC. The application needs to be installed onto at least 2.0 of the client PCs.
A solution containing both the VBA code and the Share Manager component.
An add-in or module available from the Kebab Share Manager download site.

The solution needs to be installed to a suitable location on the client PC. The easiest way to install the solution is by running the installation wizard from the Kebab Share Manager download site.

Step 1

Open the solution folder that has been downloaded to the client PC.

Step 2

Click Start and then select Run… from the Start menu.

Step 3

Type the following address into the Open dialog and then click OK:

%ProgramFiles%\KebabShare Manager\bin\Kms.EXE

Step 4

The Kebab Share Manager installation wizard will now be displayed. If required, choose Customize… and enter the path for the application, for example:

C:\Program Files\Kebab Share Manager\bin\Kms.exe

In the Properties window for this component, enter any information required for the application to function properly, for example, the name of the local user account to be used by the application and any application names.

Step 5

Click Next to continue with the installation

Share Manager [Updated] 2022


Powerful! Thanks for the quick response!
I found the same thing in my old registry, in the same place (Bugcheck)

Bugcheck 0x80080002 occurred

A ptree_new was found that caused a crash.

In the I stikstord.sys file you can see the following:

Stack trace:
Framework Version: v1.0.0.0
Description: The procedure entry point for LdrpFreeEntryBindInfoForLdr was
not found in the dynamic link library NTDLL.dll

Framework Version: v1.0.0.0
Description: The procedure entry point for x!LdrpInitializeEntryBindInfo for
address 0x40000001 was not found in the dynamic link library Ldr.dll

Framework Version: v1.0.0.0
Description: The procedure entry point for x!CsrpProbeProtocolDriver was not
found in the dynamic link library Ldr.dll

So, do you think this could be the issue?
Any ideas?


In registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management) the following value was set to limit the available memory.
FragmentationThreshold2 = 0x80

This is the fix for the issue.


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Share Manager Crack + Free

** Share manager will let the user view all the shares on a machine. This includes shares created by default as well as shares created by the user or applications.
** The user can view, map, create, modify, or delete shares.
** All information available is by Windows Share Manager.
** After the share is created, a notification icon is added to the desktop.

Searches conducted on the Internet reveal many products that claim to do this, but in fact do not. Share Manager is the first share management tool that actually can do this. Other share management tools merely claim to let you do this, but to actually do this, you first need to buy the share management tool. Share Manager does not charge for this capability.

When you open Share Manager, it is divided into four parts. The first part of the program opens up the Windows Share Manager. The Share Wizard sits at the bottom center of the Share Manager window and if selected will open the GUI window and prompt you to map the drive you wish to have available to the network.

There is a search field and drop down list above the Share Wizard window. This search field allows you to search for an existing share on the machine you are looking to map or create a new share. If this share already exists, it will appear in the list. If a share does not exist, you will be prompted to create a new share. Once you have selected a share to map, you are given the option of using either drive letter or UNC name.

You are also given the option to create a password or not. Share Manager does not automatically create passwords. It does not work on a password protected share; however, you can create a share with a password if you desire.

The second part of the Share Manager can be used to view all shares on the machine. You can use the filter bar to select whether you want to see the different types of shares, such as:

** Network Drives/Shared Folders/Hard Drives/Log Drives.**

** File shares.**

You can also use the box at the top that contains the list of shares to sort this list into any of the categories you select.

The third part of the Share Manager provides information about each share you see in the main window. The image below shows the information in the information pane. Note that the size of the information pane is adjustable by clicking and dragging the header bar (the area where the

What’s New in the?

– Supports shares mapped to network drives
– Displays available shares and mapped network drives in the system
– Allows you to add, remove or change data, properties or permissions to a share
Share Manager include:
– Easy to use interface
– Intuitive window
– Supports all common Windows shares.
Share Manager include:
– Option to manage existing shares (add, remove or change data, properties or permissions)
– Get property information about any kind of network path with just a few clicks
– Export share list to text file or send it by email
– Mail Share list to SharePoint, full control over SharePoint lists
– Support for more than 1000 URLs.
Download link:
Bugs Fixed
– problem with showing Mapped Drive link, after opening share, it disappears
– First time you open Share Manager, it asks for permission to change your system
– the problems with adding of mapped network drive
How to use ShareManager
1. Install ShareManager
2. Open ShareManager.
3. Start Manage and close program.
4. Open Add or Delete Mapped Drive or Make a Mapped Drive…
5. Enter the following :
URL: //*
View: Full

ShareFix is an advanced system utility that scans and fixes all annoying share related errors. Common Share problems can now be fixed with just a few clicks. ShareFix can repair and recover all existing share objects from various files: read-only, write-only, etc.
ShareFix Description:
– Supports all common Windows shares
– Shows availability of mapped network drives
– Allows you to add or remove data to or from shares
– Allows you to export share list to text file or send it by email
– Mail Share list to SharePoint
– Work in hard drive space smaller than 100GB
– Uses only 1-10% of computer resources
– Updated files will be inserted at the end
– Uses only 5% of memory
– Uses only 1GB of hard drive space
– Uses only 1 CPU core
– Updated files are not overwritten
– Last version:
Beta Version
Version 1.0.6
Download link:
Bug Fixed:
– Unable to import large number of Shares in ShareFix 1.0.

System Requirements:

If you are seeing this text, you are having a problem running this game on your computer, or you have found a bug. Before submitting a bug report, please make sure you have tried the latest version of the game, and that you have read the help documentation by pressing F1 at the game startup.
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