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When a lot of things are happening on your desktop at the same time, it can be difficult to concentrate on a certain part of the screen.
Screenfocus is a straightforward and lightweight utility that can help you out in this scenario, as it enables you to dim an area of the desktop around a user-defined selection box. It is easy to install, but it features some important design flaws.
No-nonsense application that can be set up in seconds
The initial configuration process is remarkably simple, as you only need to follow a few basic steps in order to install and launch the program. It is minimized to the system tray automatically, and its main function can be triggered with a customizable hotkey.
Screenfocus is not likely to get in your way when performing other tasks, as the application runs silently in the background when you have no need to dim the desktop.
Would benefit from a few improvements
Once the program has been launched, you can bring up the highlighting frame with the aid of a simple keyboard shortcut (CTRL+ALT+F is the default combination, but it can be customized). The selection box is displayed in the top-left corner of the screen, and you can move and resize it freely.
Sadly, if a certain application is selected when enabling the highlighter, you will not be able to move it outside of this window. Also, the last position of the frame is not saved when shutting down the utility.
Most importantly, however, it becomes impossible to access any content both within and outside the highlighted area. If you wish to, for instance, read an article and need to scroll down, this is a major inconvenience.
Nifty software utility that needs some more work
To sum up, Screenfocus is a straightforward tool that enables you to dim a certain area of the screen in order to highlight something in particular. It does its job well enough, but it does not allow you to access your desktop when active, and it could use a couple of other small improvements.


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Other Hints and Troubleshooting

Screenfocus Activation Code Instructions:

Screenfocus Cracked Accounts, the „Catch-dimming of the desktop for a second.” and „Screenfocus Crack is a nifty screen-dimming utility that enables you to dim an area of the screen in order to highlight something in particular. It has a well-designed interface that should be fairly intuitive for most users.”

Figure: How to Set up Screenfocus

1. Start Screenfocus

Press win+d, which will bring up the taskbar and the Windows shortcut to the Screenfocus utility. The Screenfocus icon appears in the bottom left corner.

2. Click the Screenfocus icon

Start Screenfocus by clicking the icon.

3. Move the cursor

With Screenfocus open, move the cursor to the top left corner of the screen. A rectangular frame will appear, with a green border.

4. Drag the frame down or left

Move the cursor slowly with the mouse button.

5. Use the Win+W key combination

Press the Win key on your keyboard, then immediately press W.

6. The Screenfocus frame appears again

The border of the frame in the top left corner of your screen is displayed in green. The frame outlines the selected area on your desktop.

7. With the cursor inside the frame

Press ctrl+alt+F.

8. To reduce the size of the window to minimum

Press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard.

While holding the Ctrl key, press the alt key.

9. Press the left mouse button

Move the mouse slightly left.

10. With the selected area still visible

Hold the Ctrl key and press alt.

11. Drag the mouse to resize the frame

Move the mouse to the left and right until the selected area is no longer visible.

12. Use the up and down mouse buttons

Press the up mouse button and move the cursor up.

13. With the selected area still visible

Screenfocus Download

ScreenFocus is a handy and straightforward tool that enables you to highlight an area on your screen. The program appears as a small, unobtrusive program icon in the system tray, and you can use it to dim a particular area of the desktop. After you have the program running, you can simply right-click the space that you want to highlight in order to use it, and you can then adjust the foreground and background colors.

With the open source software available, this utility is free to download and use. It has a simple, intuitive interface and is not likely to get in your way, regardless of what you are doing on your desktop.

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The program relies on the GNOME-Calendar-Tools package, which is installed as standard.

You can use the program to create personal schedules that you can distribute to other users, such as yourself. You can also use the scheduling feature to organise events, such as:

Running through all the available tasks
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Although the program can be run in GUI and command line, it should be mentioned that the support for scripting is limited.

Ways to get & use this resource

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Screenfocus [Latest]

It can be a challenge to be able to access your desktop when actively working on it. A simple, yet handy utility can help out in this scenario, as it lets you highlight a certain area of your screen and dim it to a certain degree.

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What’s New in the?

Screenfocus is a small, handy utility that enables you to selectively dim an area of the screen around a user-defined selection box. No-nonsense software, it is straightforward to set up and use once you have got the hang of it.

Screenfocus Screenshot:

Download Screenfocus

Post Steps:

1. Download Screenfocus from the link mentioned below
2. Once the file is downloaded, run the setup.exe file to begin installation
3. A screen prompting you to choose a key will appear, simply click NEXT on that prompt
4. Accept the EULA by clicking on NEXT
5. The installation process will begin
6. Once installation is done, the setup screen will appear
7. Click on Finish

Screenfocus is a simple utility, that manages the style of your desktop, making it possible for you to highlight some of your windows as they appear. Easy to run and to configure, this program has a simple interface which makes it very easy to be operated.

The screen focusing software Screenfocus increases the visibility and clarity of the screen, allowing you to easily focus on what you need to, at any time you need to.

Windows users will be able to adjust the settings in order to change the color of the screenfocusing, adjust the speed of the change, and the size of the box that is to be dimmed. Free support is available on the Screenfocus website, to help users during the software’s installation.

The program can be easily installed, and it works well right from the start. Screenfocus features an easy to use interface which quickly enables users to customize the color, speed, and size of the focusing effect. Once set up, the program works automatically, and it simply takes a couple of seconds before the program is ready.

Free support is available by visiting the support website, to offer users with help and advice on software installation and usage.

In the areas that are dimmed, certain application windows will be shown, and the ability to work with them is a breeze thanks to the program. Users can work around any application that is currently being shown, while the dimming is applied, and they are able to access each area of the desktop that is still visible.

Screenfocus can be easily installed and used, and the interface is easy to use and learn. The usefulness of the program is unmatched by any other software, as it offers users a quick and easy way to effectively

System Requirements:

Supported OS:
10.4 – 10.9
Minimum RAM: 512MB
Minimum GPU: Nvidia GTX950, GTX1060, GTX1080, GTX1080 Ti, GTX1070
Minimum Processor: Intel i5, i7, i3, i9
Minimum FPS: 30
Minimum Resolution: 1080p, 2160p
Minimum Storage: 5GB available space
Minimum Texture Quality: medium
Video Drivers: latest
Recommended Size: 2GB (the larger you go, the more VRAM you can