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Get rid of your problems with Exiland Backup Professional & get new features from it. This is the best backup tool, with a lot of cool options, to protect your valuable data. It backs up everything on your computer in the same way that you store files and folders on other drives. You can also store your backups on a network with the FTP server. Exiland Backup Professional Features: [Main] – [Main] [1] – [Backup type] – This option allows you to specify if you want to backup your data manually, using an automatic scheduler, or simply when the PC is turned off. [2] – [Backup location] – Here you can specify what folder you want to save your backups. If you have multiple hard drives, you can choose the drive on which to save them. [3] – [Backup frequency] – Here you can specify the periodicity at which you want to run the backups: daily, weekly, weekly, monthly, etc. If you want to have automatic backups, you need to select „Automatic run”. [4] – [Backup failover server] – This option allows you to specify the failover server you would like to use if your primary backup server fails. It allows you to create failover backup servers for important servers or websites. [5] – [Backup size] – This is the largest size you are able to set the backup to. For example, to backup only big files, you can set a backup size to anything between 50 MB and 1 GB. [6] – [Backup properties] – Here you can specify which folders to backup, how many backups to be made, which version of the backup to be saved and where to store the log. [6] – [Backup log] – This option allows you to export the log into an ASCII file. [7] – [Backup logs] – Here you can change the format of the log export. [8] – [Options] – Here you can customize the backup commands; for example, you can specify the backup password, delete backups older than X days, etc. [9] – [Help] – Here you can access the Exiland Backup Professional manual or FAQ. [10] – [Change log] – If you encounter any errors, you can have them logged by clicking on this button.

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Backup your data on a removable drive and recover lost or corrupted files in case something goes wrong. Use it to back up a hard drive, a partition, a single file, a folder, pictures, music, or videos. Exiland Backup Professional provides: * Complete and flexible backup options. * Automatic backups: with a single click, you can back up all your files and folders without a single error. * One-click incremental backups: perform a full backup when needed and use it to recover just the difference in case something goes wrong with the previous backup. * Fast, reliable backups. * Remote backups: simply create an additional account on an FTP server and take advantage of Exiland Backup Professional’s sophisticated FTP plug-in. * Backup from Internet explorer. * Manage backup storage: using Exiland Backup Professional’s robust storage scheduler, you can automatically back up data to your removable drives. * Preview and compare backups. * Exiland Backup Professional online help document and software FAQs. * Exiland Backup Professional offers: * Flexible backup options: five different types of automatic backups, full and incremental backups, snapshots,. * Flexible recovery options: Exiland Backup Professional gives you the possibility to recover from different sources of lost data: files, folders, files and folders, programs, printers, installed programs and power-on logs. * Customizable recovery report. * Scheduler for automatic backups to removable drives. * Backup-to-Cloud option. * Backup from Internet explorer. Saturday, August 3, 2011 XnLite 4.0 Download PC software 2011 is a free download and a useful utility that helps you identify and free up storage space from your computer. Have you seen the fact that in most cases the same programs and programs you delete are actually the files used by the operating system to perform software or hardware updates? The process of updating itself requires the free up of more space, so it’s pretty obvious that you need a tool such as XnLite download. What it does is delete the useless files and programs from your hard drive. A free and useful application Before downloading this program you should have a full understanding of what is going to be implemented on your computer, you should have your computer updated, programs updated and any additional details you may need to know before downloading the free space cleaning application XnLite 4.0. After installing the program, go to your � 7ef3115324

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Exiland Backup Professional is an essential utility designed to help you safeguard important files, folders or the whole hard disk. User-friendly and innovative interface Unlike its competitors, Exiland Backup Professional lets you avoid the need for using complicated wizards and advanced interfaces. Easily handle all backup tasks Exiland Backup Professional works in an integrated mode that lets you cover your files from the local drives, network servers, external media, CD/DVDs, flash drives, or removable drives via a single interface. Furthermore, this utility has advanced options to regulate backup schedules, produce system log documents, protect your data from deletion and quickly recover data, if the need ever arises. When it comes to efficiently protect your files, it is important to backup data at least once every working day. This is the safest way to preserve files in case your computer breaks down, gets infected or doesn’t respond to your commands. Once a backup task is completed a log is generated which can be exported as a text document and sent via e-mail as an attachment. If these report documents take up a lot of space, you are provided with the ability to compress them as ZIPs. Nowadays, a lot of people are unconfident in the security of their files and there’s a good reason for that as many popular and well-known software utilities are prone to issues that can be easily fixed by making backups. But in most cases, errors are associated with the file system. It is possible to protect these files in three different ways. The first way is utilizing the backup utility. SCO Backup Wizard SCO Backup Wizard 4.0.0 SCO Backup Wizard is a professional application designed to ensure your data is safely backed up and then archived. User-friendly interface If you are a novice user or have never tried any backup utility, you don’t need to worry because with the guidance of the built-in wizard and help document you can easily find your way around the program. Diversified, flexible backup tasks The wizard will help you create an automatic backup schedule, archive your files into one or more archive units, backup any amount of data to any number of media, retain any change made on the computer system with the option to do a complete restore, back up removable USB drives, and even create a list of all the archive units and media. In conclusion, SCO Backup Wizard is a reliable and handy software solution that offers you a straightforward approach to backup and restore data.


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