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——————————————- Hash Monster Crack Mac allows you to quickly generate hashes using up to 4096 different hashing algorithms (incl. SHA1, MD5, SHA256, and others) as well as various block sizes (1-8). The algorithm type (1-5) can be set using: menu bar | Algorithm | Algorithm type You can also configure your hash length by pressing either menu bar | Edit | Edit hash settings | Length or by clicking on + before a hash (this will add the length of a zero byte to the length of the hash). To compare different hashes, simply load them up in the lists on the left and click „Compare”. To manually encode or decode a file, click on the Encode or Decode button in the right top corner. To generate a hash value for a file of your choosing, simply load up the file and click the button „Hashes” on the left. Hash Monster is the easy way to compare and/or encode and decode a text file in different ways. ======================================================================== The data file that Hash Monster was created for is found on To download the file, simply download the zip file, extract it to your desktop, and then double click the file that now sits on your desktop. After you double click the file, it should open to automatically start the hashing process. You should now see the window appear as below: All you have to do now is feed in the text you wish to encode and you will see the finished product appear at the bottom of the window (which is in hex form). If you wish to decode this text, simply open it up in the same window, click on „Decode” and then press the button where it says „Decode a list of known hashes”. The window should look like below (again in hex form): When you are ready to generate the next hash, simply click the button „Hashes”, enter the text into the box and press the button with the „+” sign on it. You will then see this window pop up: Enter in your desired hash length and click OK to start the hash process. To get you started, the hashes that are displayed here are the hashes of all of the files in the update file I used for Hash Monster. Of course, you can continue the hashing process and come back to these hashes later. By clicking on the [Generate next

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What do you do if you want to encrypt your whole drive and you don’t have the software or expertise to do it yourself? Well, instead of trying to figure out what kind of software you need to do it and then trying to figure out how to encrypt your drive, you could just use Hash Monster. Using this tool, you can encrypt your whole drive without needing any other software. As long as you have a computer that’s able to run Java, you’re able to use this tool. What makes Hash Monster different from other tools? Hash Monster was created to be a simple, accessible and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface for generating and comparing hashes. In case you might be looking for a tool that is a bit more „advanced” and difficult to use, we think you should take a look at PasswordChanger. This tool also helps you to protect your most valuable asset when you protect your passwords with the feature called „Password Recommendation”. If you’re looking for something very simple and easy-to-use, you should take a look at the tool „Password Generator for Java”. It’s great! Hash Monster features: Quickly generate hashes with a few mouse clicks. Easy to use interface, only mouse to select various features. Build, compare, encrypt or re-encode input text (file or string). Compare multiple hashes to find duplicates and matches. Use a custom text encoding that uses a text character set of your choosing. Use a custom text decoding that uses a text character set of your choosing. Support the Base64 standard (RFC 4648). Support for custom character sets. Support for text encryption and de-encryption. Use our custom encryption class (based on the BCrypt hashing algorithm) for encrypted files. Use our custom encryption class (based on the aes-256-cbc hashing algorithm) for encrypted data strings. Support for multiple character encodings in a single file. Support for multiple language encodings in a single file. Match multiple hashes against a text string. Delete a file after performing a hash comparison. Filter files by encoding method and character set. Generate hashes quickly. Protect your passwords. Compose an email message by re-encoding a text string. Support for Unicode character sets (UTF 7ef3115324

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This application gives the user the ability to generate his/her own hash in order to validate the given hash or to discover a known hash’s encoding and decoding. The application can also be used to compare two hashes and discover the similarity percentage. The results can be used to compare hashes visually and quickly, without any external software. Additional features The purpose of Hash Monster is to use the server’s power to generate hashes as fast as possible. Once you’ve put in the hash, the computer will generate a hash for you in a matter of seconds. There is no limit for the number of hashes you can generate, however there are some parameters that can affect how fast your hash is generated. – Try to put less characters in each hash. – Try to have only letters in the text. – Try to avoid such characters as characters that you don’t expect in a hash. For example '0′ or '1′, '~’, '#’,… – Try to remove some special characters that don’t help you generate a unique hash – Try to do different things in each hash such as encrypt, encode, decode, convert to base64, convert to hexadecimal, replace some letters or characters, or anything else you can come up with How To Use Simply put your text and select a hash. I recommend putting the text without any special characters. Some hashes aren’t suitable to use because they require specific characters. For example, hashes using '=’ need to have at least 2 equals signs because this character means something else. You can however put = signs in your hashes manually. If the hash you selected uses special characters you have to enter them manually. For example, if your text contains a line break that is like this: #…..# #….# #…..# #……# #….# …## …# …# …# Then the hash that you will generate will be like this $VQN28Z3JVZY3JEKYBYKW3TVK34KJZYW34J5W31ZKYW3TVK34KJ3E1JW3YJ3EYW3TVK34KJ3E1JW3BYKW3TVK34KJ3E1JW3TVK34K The hash that you get from the application will also appear like that. You can also edit the selected hash by adding, removing

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Hash Monster is a Graphical User Interface for generating and comparing hashes. With the help of this free tool you can generate hashes of different algorithms for data of different sizes. In addition you can easily compare hashes of different algorithms and data sizes. If you are interested in a certain hash, you can simply click the hash to view the corresponding hash field. You can also save the hashes as text files or share them through different methods. Hash Monster Licence: Hash Monster is free software, distributed under GNU GPL version 2 or 3. This means that you can use it as long as you comply with the conditions in this license. Hash Monster is available on multiple platforms: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android. Hash Monster Key Features: If you are interested in using Hash Monster, a list with all key features of Hash Monster can be found at the bottom of the screen. (Note that this is just a short list of the most popular features. Check out the technical documentation for a complete list!) Hash Monster is a simple but powerful tool that is easy to use. – Generate hashes of different data sizes and algorithms. – Compare hashes of different algorithms and data sizes. – Generate and compare hashes for multiple files or folders. – Save hashes as text files or share them through different methods. – View hashes as HTML-page. – View hashes as text file. – Encoding and decoding various data types in a text with the help of the built-in language translators. – Encoding and decoding multiple data types in a text with the help of the built-in language translators. – Decoding of in the past hashes. – Decoding of hashes with the help of the built-in language translators. – Hash Monster is simple but powerful. – Loads many different hash algorithms automatically. – Loads different file formats (zip, txt, rar) automatically. – Supports multiple platforms: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android. – Supports multiple hash algorithms: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, SHA-512/224/256, RIPEMD160/128. – Supports multiple hashing configurations: Constant-time, Amortized, Worst-case, Simple. – Supports multiple language translations. – Check out the documentation for a list of the built-in languages. – Check out


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・Install on Windows 7 32bit or Windows 8 64bit ・Install on Windows 7 64bit or Windows 8 64bit ・Install on Windows 10 32bit or Windows 10 64bit ・Install on Mac OSX 10.12 or newer ・Install on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or newer ・Install on Linux Debian 8.0 or newer ・Install on Linux Alpine 2.4.x or newer ・Install on Linux Alpine 3.5.x or newer ・Install on Linux Alpine 3.8.x or