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The Digit Span Tester software was created in order to perform automated digit span tests in order to evaluate on working memory function, especially in cognitive / neuro research. The program’s goal is to reduce practice effects and eliminate the need to use clinical assessments. Although it may have clinical uses, the application is not meant for that.







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This software is designed for the assessment of working memory by means of digit span. It has two modes, both implemented on the fly. The first one provides: The history mode (that can be called without arguments) that enables one to see the results of the last three digit spans. The second one (that can be called with an argument) performs a series of digit spans (optionally from an autodefining number, a file, the network, etc) and provides a detailed analysis of these performances. The analyses can be summarized in the following tables: memory totals [number of items correctly recalled in the whole test] time totals [time to correctly recall the items] total recall [number of items correctly recalled in a fixed number of spans] mean span mean recall mean time percentage of span repetitions standard error of the mean number of spans that did not match the theoretical distribution (second mode) number of spans that did not match the empirical distribution (second mode) Tests are called from the menu option „Run” from the menu „Analysis”. The present version of the software can be downloaded from the MIT website. See also Working memory Cognitive function References Category:Psychological testing Category:Cognitive testingQ: How do I make a div stick to the side of an image in html / css Hi I’m new to html/css and I’m trying to create a simple web page, but I’m having some difficulty with styling div’s. I can’t seem to get the div to stick to the side of the picture at all. I’m trying to have the divs side-by-side and the picture to fill the page. and the css for the body .container { width: 50%; margin:0 auto; } A: You need to use relative positioning. See the example below: Untitled

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Tests scores and provides graphs for the following: from up to down digit spans errors recall The digit span are divided into two fields and the program can automatically tell them apart for you. When the recall button is pressed, it will show the pattern in a new window and you can have a look at this too. Before running the tests, you will need to configure the software settings. The settings are stored under the File->Settings menu. You are able to change the language, the font, the font size, the line length and the background colour. The values will be saved when you save the settings. The test settings can be displayed separately for each digit span (up to down) and for both fields. To start the test, click on the Digit Span Test Tab. The first six tests are used to prove the workability of the program. If the user clicks on the field to be tested (by left or right clicking) the program will show the first 5 or 6 digits, depending on the settings (see above). At the bottom of the window the results will appear and will show the mistakes if there are any. If the user doesn’t want to perform the test, he can simply click on the Exit button. In general, the first test (sample) will be a maximum of 5 seconds long (setting can be configured) and the test will continue automatically after a break. Users can use any text / file / data / query to save the settings under the file menu. (see above) The user can change the value of all the settings in the settings sub-menu. In case of changes you have to click on the save button. In addition, the program has the following keyboard shortcuts for shortening the test time: F1, F2, F3, F4, F6, F5. The program can’t be run on Intel / NVIDIA graphics cards and will use an alternative mode (bittorrent) to get the files. Some compatible software (Linux) / operating systems may need a different display driver. If you have problems with the default display driver, you need to use the custom driver, which is usually available in the hardware devices (settings menu or via menu button). The program is able to work with many different languages. You will find an overview on the language support menu. You are able to configure the program to use more than one display monitor 2f7fe94e24

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– OS: Microsoft Windows 10 or newer – CPU: Intel Dual-Core 2.0GHz or better – RAM: 4GB or more – Resolution: 1024×768 or higher – Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible, two-channel stereo output required – Network Card: Broadband Internet connection – DirectX: DirectX 9.0 or later – Internet Connection: – Minimum Internet connection speed: Adequate and stable Internet connection with a minimum speed of 128 kbps is required –