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The interface of the program is based on a small, four-window window with a simple structure. The bottom part contains useful information, such as the percentage of the used and unused CPU cycles, the physical memory status and the overhead of the used memory.
The section on the left-hand side contains information, such as CPU ID, usage, frequency and memory, whereas the activity window reveals which applications are responsible for the used CPU cycles.
On the right-hand side, the small window displays the timer time (in seconds) of the program. You can set the timer to run with 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100 percent of the set rate.

Setting Options:

You can select the CPU ID (default to Core i7), and also select the usage of virtual memory, if required. For this purpose, you can assign any value 0 through 3, with 0 meaning that a maximum of 0 should be set, and 3 meaning that a maximum of 30 should be set. If you don’t wish to select a particular percentage for your processor, you can specify 0, where you can set the percentage through sliders or through the Use PC ID option.

Using Slow Proc:

Once the program is started, you only have to sit back and wait for the desirable effect to happen. Based on the set up parameters, the timer will start, and you will receive a confirmation window which shows the count of seconds remaining.
If the operating system is getting used up in CPU cycles, the under-utilization window will trigger an alert, where the used and unused CPU cycles will be displayed.
The timer will run until the computer crashes (e.g. Windows crashes) or the countdown expires.

Caveats of Slow Proc:

The program still lacks some details, as follows:

There is no tool to determine how much physical memory is left on the hard disk.

The administrator does not receive a notification if any configuration is changed.

The program does not display system information about the operating system and processor in detail. For example, it does not tell how much memory is committed to video, virtual memory, etc.

On some systems, Slow Proc will not start if the system is not in hibernation mode.


Slow Proc is a very basic tool to help you enhance the performance of your computer system. It does not affect anything that may be connected to the computer (e.g

Slow Proc Crack+ Free Download For Windows

Slow Proc Crack Mac is a Windows application that is ideal for people who want to use their computer without being compromised and are happy to accept that the load of the CPU is greatly increased. There are multiple reasons to use this utility, such as:
* Improving the speed of your PC and the responsiveness of your Internet browser to avoid buffering.
* Avoiding problems with logging on with Windows NT.
* Preventing Windows to hang.
* Minimizing power consumption.
* Minimizing jitter.
* Preventing expensive disk writes, especially if you’re using an online backup service.
Slow Proc Serial Key Overview:
Slow Proc is a small and effective software program that allows you to increase the load of the CPU and to free it, without having to use other tools.

The software is easy to use, has a simple interface, and is extremely fast in both speed and speed
The whole procedure will not take longer than 10 minutes, requiring 3 minutes of your time to use.
It doesn’t take much space on your hard disk, and doesn’t require any installation on the system.
All you have to do is download Slow Proc, and run it. No other steps are necessary.
On the interface, you can select the task you want to increase the load of the CPU for. Furthermore, it contains the other features you need to know.
You have the option to choose the program to be delayed, which will not only reduce the time the CPU is used, but also the power consumption and jitter. Slow Pro is compatible with all Microsoft Windows versions, from Windows XP to Windows 10.
A series of windows is displayed on the program’s interface:
* Information windows, in which you can know more about the program.
* Status windows, in which you can know the status of Slow Pro and which is used CPU and memory
* Tips window, where you have extra information, such as not available yet.
* Preferences windows, from which you can choose the changes you want to apply.
* Reports window, in which you can check if it is running correctly.
* Exception list, in which you can see all the programs with an error message.
* Exception window, in which you can see all the processes with an error message.
* Log window, in which you can keep and remove log files.
The Alloc and Free Values:
Processor Load Value: If the load is applied, this value is displayed on the status window in percentage values

Slow Proc Crack+ With License Code

It is a professional CPU load utility, where the software will limit the load by maxing the cpu even on multi tasking

It can work on any system that has registry permissions or runs with low access to all the important registry items.

It is designed to increase the load of the CPU, not cpu idle time.

The purpose is to increase the load and processor utilization without causing problems with windows and causing it to hang, crash, crash the computer etc.

It has a simple interface where you can edit settings and speed up or slow down the process

It can be run silently, so you will not be notified of things that are happening in your computer.

Memory and I/O usage monitor can be displayed at the top of the interface.

More about Slow proc

It takes advantage of the windows registry to achieve its goal.


There is no installation process. Simply extract the downloaded file and run Slow Proc. If you do not have registry permissions, you can run Slow Prodc.exe with a right click on the file.


Slow Proc has been designed to work on the following operating system:

Windows 2000

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

Run Slow Proc In Silent Mode

Open the registry to check if silent mode is enabled or not.
If it is enabled, you can either remove it via regedit or disable it via the registry.

Open the tab called „HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Policies\System”
You can remove SilentRun from the key called „EnableRemoteControlCtl” or use regedit to remove this key if its not disabled.

Choose the Version of Windows you have and change the value of the string called „SilentMode” to something else.

Windows 8 disable Silent Run

Windows Vista disable Silent Run

Windows XP disable Silent Run

Windows 2000 disable Silent Run

Check the procedure to remove SilentRun in the registry above.

How to use Slow Proc

You can open the About window by Right-Clicking the folder icon on the desktop and then selecting Open.

Select the time settings to modify the sleep and delay time or click Run to run the application without any delay.

There are no additional buttons available.

Run Slow Prodc.exe to

What’s New In Slow Proc?

– Free and used CPU: Display the amount of used and free CPU in percentage.
– Memory status: Display the amount of allocated memory and used memory in percentage.
– System info: View information on system components, e.g. OS version, CPU ID, page file, etc.
– Information: Display the program’s version, copyright and release date.
– Executable file: The location on your computer of the executable file.
– Options: See the program’s settings and whether the app is currently running.
– About: View the app’s source code and Windows version history.
The app is truly one of the best and most original pieces of software. After installing it, you’ll have a great tool to keep your CPU busy.
Now that you’ve run Slow Proc, you’ll probably want to start using it. You don’t have to download any drivers or have any settings to use the app.
Before we get started, make sure to review our guide on the 12 best home network security programs. There, we give our Top Security Picks a special mention, and provide information about our home security pick, AVG Personal firewall.
Here, we’re going to tackle 10 questions about Slow Proc.
1. Is there a trial version of Slow Proc?
Yes, the free version of Slow Pro is fully functional. It includes four settings, and the program is certainly worth a try. But as a recommendation, you could also download the full version for free.
2. How long does the program take to install?
Slow Proc takes less than 30 seconds to install on Windows, and we don’t know of any complications during installation.
3. How can I use the program on a mobile device?
You can download the app to any Windows mobile device or tablet using our link to Apple iTunes, which means that you’ll be able to check out its performance on any mobile platform without needing an active internet connection.
4. How can I edit the settings on Slow Pro?
The settings are pretty simple to navigate and understand. You’ll find them in the About section of the app. There, you can select each setting via an up/down button at the right side of the screen.
5. Is Slow Pro an app for teachers?
It’s the best timer app you’ve ever used. We highly recommend it for educators and students.
6. Can I run Slow Pro when I’m sleeping?
Yes, you can use the app to keep your computer running

System Requirements For Slow Proc:

Player’s Computer:
OS : XP, Vista or Windows 7
: XP, Vista or Windows 7 RAM : 2GB of RAM
: 2GB of RAM Video Card : DirectX 9.0c Compatible DirectX 9.0c or higher
: DirectX 9.0c Compatible DirectX 9.0c or higher CPU : Processor with DX9.0c support
: Processor with DX9.0c support Sound : DirectX9.0c compatible sound card with 5.1 surround sound support
: DirectX9.0c compatible