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Disk Maintainer [32|64bit]

Disk Maintainer software creates virtual files for your CDs or DVDs.
You can use Disk Maintainer software to maintain the disc files when
you move or copy from one media to another.
Disk Maintainer allows you to convert your data, play your media
files and maintain the data structure of your CDs and DVDs. It can
create virtual DVD and CD files from your real discs.

F4U Media Manager is a flexible media management software that makes it
easy for you to play a multimedia collection of discs. You can manage all
of your collection of discs in one place. You can play DVD or CD/DVD
images, cue sheets, cover images, and slide shows.
You can add discs with a simple drag and drop action. (Note: only files
above 700 KB can be added.) You can even create your own playlists or
manage the disc region coding. F4U Media Manager also fully supports
multimedia files and normal image files.

Star Dog Games is a team of programmers, artists, and musicians.
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How to Play
– First, download our game from our site, then install it. You do NOT
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– The game uses Flash for online access

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Disk Maintainer is a software to handle your CDs and DVDs.
Consider a situation like this – you have 50 CDs/DVDs and if you want to find a particular file (say a software). Will you insert each and every Disc into your Drive to search the file. Frustrating isn`t?
So here is the solution – with this software you can virtually add the file
structure of your CDs and DVDs (Note only the file structure it needs only
around 700 KB of disc space) so that you can view the CD/DVD latter as if
it is in the Drive.
■ JDK or JRE 1.5 or greater

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Disk Maintainer is an application which manages your CDs/DVDs. It is very
much like having physical discs in your Drive. In fact you can add any
files to your CD/DVDs in disk maintainer from any folder on your computer.
If you need to add any file to the CD/DVD, simply drag and drop it to the
Disk Maintainer window.
Features of Disk Maintainer:
Add any files to CD/DVDs.
View your Discs/CDs/DVDs in virtual drives.
Set name of CD/DVD discs.
Set properties of CDs/DVDs.
Set properties of virtual drives.
Set properties of optical drives.
Support for IsoMaster software.
Supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1,
Windows 10, Windows 10 B2.
Supports virtual drives.
Supports CD/DVD media of all types.
Supports cases and labels.
Supports Windows PE.
Supports portable media (Zip, EXE, MDF, IMG etc).
Support for DirectX supported up to DirectX version 9.
Supports all optical drives.
Supports all Windows versions.
Easily view contents of disk in virtual drive.
Supports all drives.
Supports up to 12 virtual drives.
Supports any number of discs and any number of virtual drives.
Supports mixed discs (multiples of the same disc added).
Supports mixed virtual drives (multiples of the same virtual drives added).
Supports separate files per disc/virtual drive.
Supports simple drag and drop (optional).
Supports auto-loading and auto-playing (optional).
Supports dragging and dropping multiple files.
Supports randomly selecting a disc.
Supports randomly selecting a virtual drive.
Supports changing the name of the file structure created.
Supports changing the name of the group containing the virtual drives.
Supports sorting options by Name/Size/Date/Type and any combination of
these (can sort names also).
Supports sorting by Name or by Date.
Supports sorting by Size or by Type (Audio/Data/Video).
Supports numbering the files by use of ID tags or name.
Supports copying from CD/DVD to your desktop.
Supports folders on the desktop.
Supports moving from CD/DVD to your desktop.

What’s New In Disk Maintainer?

Disk Maintainer allows you to add files to the places of your CDs/DVDs.
There are many parameters to customize and tweak your wishes. Here are some of them:
■ You can add the relative path of a Disc, which will be mapped
to that Disc, to the list of Places. For example, if you add the disc
image with the name /isolinux/boot/vmlinuz on /dev/hda3, it would
be added under the /dev/hda3/ /isolinux/boot/vmlinuz, this path
can be used to load the image /isolinux/boot/vmlinuz into an
absolute path. (Note: The path will be relative to the path you specify
and the path of the currently opened disc).
■ You can create an image of the current disc, which will be mapped
to the other discs of the same type, under the name of the disc, or
you can allow the user to select which disc is mapped to an image,
which can be used as is.
■ You can specify a file of the same path as a target, which will
immediately map to it.
■ You can map a CD/DVD to a folder or a disk.
■ You can specify a disc to map to the /dev/null; if this is
specified, the specified Disc will not be mapped to any place
■ You can map all the CDs/DVDs by specifying the path as,
e.g. /dev/hda1, and these can be configured to be
automatically mapped to the current path (under some path).
■ You can map the whole filesystem by specifying /dev/hda.
■ You can map each of the directory in the root of a disc to the
drives, or specified drives.
■ You can specify the media type of the currently opened disc
■ You can specify the media type of the discs to be mapped to a
disc image
■ You can add media Types which are not applicable to any disc,
such as Open Firmware
■ You can add a series of media Types, such as CD or CD-R, a
CD or CD-RW, CD-R or a DVD, DVD-R,


System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit versions only)
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit Version 1703
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit Version 1703 Processor: Intel i3 3.5 GHz or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti or better with 2 GB of dedicated video memory
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti or better with 2 GB of dedicated video memory Sound: DirectX 11-compatible sound card with volume control