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Placing clipboard into a structured folder.
Managing notes through rearranging, inserting, moving and editing the contents of each of the document.
Adding or deleting record from the list, adding files of different types and formatting them.
Making the ready for printing through many useful functions like adding text to the bulleted list, inserting images, inserting date and time, customizing the text and more.
ClipBooker is completely free (only support Windows) and compatible with any version of Windows. So, if you’re looking for a tool that will help you save all of the data from the clipboard to disk, ClipBooker is a viable option.

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ClipBooker Crack + For Windows [Latest 2022]

Managing important documents, memos, events, special purposes or other items can be a challenging task. ClipBooker can help you compose and organize documents and stores them and make them easily searchable.
1. capture info from Clipboard
2. store data in folders
3. organize documents
4. search data
5. easily import documents
6. make backup copies
7. password protect
8. view data in folder
9. view documents in folder
10. convert texts to RTF
11. change/delete items
12. share files
13. easily create event
I am with the author of this app.
A big pleasure to test it.
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With ClipBooker you can easily store and manage the information you copy from clipboard.
I think it is difficult to find an application that can manage documents and etc, at the same time, backup its items to make copies. I think it is the main function of ClipBooker. You can use it for your personal purpose.

ClipBooker is an excellent clipboard manager and organizer that will change the way you work with your documents. Not only can it save text, it also has an extensive export feature, allowing you to export your documents in various file formats including PDF, DOC, HTML, and TXT.

Part of this software’s brilliance is its simplicity. There’s almost nothing to configure or learn about. You can store as many items as you want in „Favorites,” label them with a descriptive name, and arrange them in order of their creation date. ClipBooker also offers a built-in menu bar with five main commands:

– Capture text from the clipboard and add it to the active document.- Create a new document using a template.- Open documents from a folder, or create a new folder for them.- Search through a document to locate a text element.- Export documents in various formats.

ClipBooker is only available for Microsoft Windows and it’s free.

ClipBooker uses about 300 KB of RAM while it is running and it will not use an excessive amount of CPU resources.

ClipBooker is a great clipboard program that we highly recommend to anyone who copies lots of stuff. On the one hand, you can export and save copies with this application in most of the formats that are available with other software, but at the same time,

ClipBooker Incl Product Key Free PC/Windows

The best text document organizer for Windows. This application is used to collect and archive important text documents. The documents are stored in a structured way that can be accessed from any computer. You can easily manage and organize numerous notes, web pages, bookmarks, lyrics, screen shots, keywords, addresses, and anything else that you copy from your PC or Internet. You can also store these files in a folder, in the „Favorite” section, „Untitled”, „Trash” and so on. In addition, you can even import files in TEXT and RTF formats.
Handy Features:
– Save multiple files in a folder to keep your notes well-organized and organized.
– Customize the text properties including font, size, color and style.
– Add images, hyperlinks, and tables.
– Create various text styles.
– Easily rename multiple notes and files.
– Supports Compose feature to add multiple text notes.
– View notes with an image viewer.
– Print documents with text size and color parameter.
– Limit and skip reading mode.
– Add notes even to hidden files.
– Back to previous location and exit the current one.
– Use a timeline as a separator between notes.
– Edit notes by scrolling or changing notes manually.
– Install serial number for an automatic scan.
– Rotate pages by page view.
– Add tags for an easy search.
– Auto synchronize notes through Windows or a network.
– Set password protection for your notes.
– Create new folders or delete old folders.
– Browse files by clicking folders.
– Autosave notes at every open and close.
– Drag an item from the panel to the editor.
– Find a note by searching content or title.
– Read and edit files, notes, and words directly.
– Works with Microsoft Edge.
– Email notes by dragging and dropping text to any email address.
– Choose the search criteria to filter notes.
– Control the dictionary mode.
– See the notes and total of words in a note.
– Print a note with a printer with default settings.
– Search Notes in folder.
– Save Notes as HTML.
– Read the number of words and lines in a note.
– Add an alternative images to notes.
– Convert a note to a PDF file.
– Control the paper size, orientation, and paper parameters.
– Compose files in

What’s New In?

The World’s first clipboard organizer for Windows. Hundreds of clipboard items grouped into convenient folders, allowing you to easily find what you are looking for. It is fast, easy, and fun!
Key Features
Add clipboard items to folders: 1, 2, 3,… 8, 9.
Customize Clipboard Items: Main window, folders, fonts, colors, sizes, bold/italic and aligns.
Search clipboard items: Quick Search, Recursive Search, History and File Search.
Copy text: Add text from clipboard or document.
Drag and Drop: Moving from one folder to another or to a text editor.
Stored clipboard items management: Set the sticky, favorite, trash and untitled folders.
Works with Windows: 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8.
Perfect for students, teachers, and professionals in daily use.
Regular price: $14.95, Free version available.
System Requirements:
Pentium processor or AMD dual core with 1 GB RAM or higher (2 GB preferred).
Available for: Windows OS.
License Type: Trial.
Developer Website:

ClipBooker Free + MsgMerge 3.0.0 (9.1)
Description: ClipBooker is a utility that lets you manage the clipboard, find information in a document and convert the clipboard to a database of many files. You can export the clipboard files in several formats, to a database or to an SQLite file. The choice is all yours, and the generated data can be shared with others.
Information found in clipboard can be searched, printed and emailed. Share it with everyone or use it only for your purposes.
ClipBooker is fast and easy to use.
– Add, organize, and combine different text files, documents, and images.
– Free Clipbooker for Windows can combine multiple files into one document.
– Save bookmarks, notes, and annotations in any format from the browser.
– Export files to your database and SQLite.
– You can also search the clipboard in the text files.
– Set properties for the different files.
– Work with multiple windows of MS Word, Excel, Power Point, TextPad, or any other.
– Save data from multiple windows.
– Convert any file or directory into a database.
– Import files from multiple clipboard formats
– Edit existing data with a

System Requirements For ClipBooker:

You may not be able to play on ultra settings on lower spec machines. We recommend you try them on a machine that can play on ultra settings before you report a bug.
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