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WinRAR version 5.70 beta 13 Portable can you please put the password to disable the startup mpt settings. I want it to load with vista as it did with 7 and it was the default. winrar home page: Copyright RAR Project

It was working fine in 7, but since moving to vista, it is no longer working correctly.
The batch file acts upon a set of archive files located in one of the folders in the current directory. When I run the script, only one of the archives in that directory is handled correctly, so there must be something in that folder that is causing it to not act on the remaining files.
I was thinking about trying to force the script to run in administrator mode, but before I go to that trouble, I was just wondering if there was a way to try and stop the script, run it without administrator rights, and try again?
It is always better to be safe than sorry.
What have I tried?
I tried various solutions to make the script run with administrator rights, including using runas.exe, allowing to run as administrator in the permissions dialog, using this as the script editor, adding the script to the processes list as an administrator, accessing the registry via regedit etc.
The only workaround that worked was to use the CD to navigate to the script folder and then execute it as an administrator. This worked perfectly every time until I changed something with the script and then it got stuck in a loop. It was frustrating as I could never find a solution. I also tried using the Windows administrator process so that it could execute with administrator rights. Again this did not work and no matter what I did I could never get it to execute with administrator rights.
I am guessing that there is a combination of things that must happen for it to run with administrator rights that are missing when it is not. I know that I can change the script to execute with administrator rights by accessing the registry and deleting something that is preventing the script to run with the right permission. But I don’t know where that permission is. I am quite familiar with the registry of course, but I don’t know what to look for in there as it has never been part of my experience before.
Anybody that can help me out or at least point me in the direction that I should be looking for the right registry settings?
Thanks for your time
Some screenshots:
This is what I am trying

Portable Dupli Find

The program would seem to be free and open source. But we can’t install it on our system. I remember it was quite easy to install. When the exe file is opened it prompts for a license. When it’s not installed, you get an error message and a note telling you to try installing it.

Also, from what I understand, they include some costs to their product including distribution, and designing I think. The entire license for the program is $249, though the linux people could probably tell you the cost of distribution, and I can’t give you the details of the licensing costs.

Can anyone remember where they got the license info for the program and what it actually said? Or did they just give up on getting the info on the license from the author and just used whatever they thought it said?

I’m a little unclear on the information you have. If I do everything in the instructions, it still won’t work. I had gotten instructions from the original author, but got the error „Transcation failed. Unable to add file. Perhaps you don’t have sufficient permissions, or network drives are temporarily unavailable.” Tried the reinstalling same errors.

The most helpful thing you can do is go to their forums and post a message asking about the issue, and link back to this topic. That may result in them fixing it.Q:

javascript get text from a string

I have a string like this :

I want to get every variable value on my js file like this :
$(document).ready(function() {
var a=”variable1=123,variable2=321,variable3=123”;
var b=a.split(„,”);
var c=b[0];
var d=b[1];
var e=b[2];

// how to get just value
var f=a[2]=”123″; //f is my expected variable3
var g=a[4]=”321″; //g is my expected variable2

the var f and g are my expected result.
How to do it?
thanks for your help


var a=”variable1=123,variable2=321,variable3=

Portable Dupli Find

Portable Dupli Find Review

Virtual PC is a utility that emulates a complete Windows 7 PC environment on your Windows XP based PC/laptop. You can run all of the Windows 7 features on your Windows XP based PC/laptop by simply installing this utility in your machine. With Virtual PC, you can have an easy and fun experience as if you are having a Windows 7 PC, complete with the Windows 7 user interface and bootloader, and you can access and work on your Windows 7 files and folders without even having a Windows 7 OS installed in your PC.
The easiest way to install Virtual PC is to use the included ISO image from the Virtual PC DVD. Simply load the Virtual PC Installer into your Windows XP based PC/laptop, and then select the Virtual PC ISO that you downloaded from their website. If you are unsure which ISO to select, you can always use the inbuilt „Check ISO” feature to see if the ISO you selected is correct. Once the installation is complete, you can simply unplug the VPC DVD from your machine and close the Virtual PC Installer.
On the day of the release of Windows 7, Microsoft put on the official Virtual PC „recommendation” which is to create a Windows 7 ISO file. This method works a bit like the ISO boot CD. If you have installed the Virtual PC on your machine, go to the Virtual PC boot menu and select Start the Virtual PC and then select the „Boot Windows 7 from Iso” option. You can then follow the instructions when the virtual machine boots.
Now you can download your files and access Windows 7 folders in Windows XP based PC/laptop without Windows 7.
Create a Windows 7 OS in Windows XP based PC/laptop
Boot Windows 7 from Windows XP boot menu
Open the Virtual PC and select the „Start Windows 7” option
There is also a Virtual PC Free version.
Purchase Physical Edition of Windows 7

Virtual PC is a utility that emulates a complete Windows 7 PC environment on your Windows XP based PC/laptop. You can run all of the Windows 7 features on your Windows XP based PC/laptop by simply installing this utility in your machine. With Virtual PC, you can have an easy and fun experience as if you are having a Windows 7 PC, complete with the Windows 7 user interface and bootloader, and you can access and work on your Windows 7 files and folders without even having a Windows 7 OS installed in your PC.

What’s New in the Portable Dupli Find?

Portable Dupli Find is a desktop software tool designed to help you find and remove duplicate lines present in your text files, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents with as little effort as possible.
Simple design
The application is packed in a clean and easy-to-use interface. The intuitive settings make sure that there are no accommodation issues to any type of issues, even beginners.
Basically, all you have to do is select the file that you wish to scan for duplicate text lines, and then proceed with the job. The files can be added using either the built-in browse button or the drag-and-drop feature.
Main functionality
Once the file is imported, its contents are displayed in the upper panel of the program, while duplicates are listed at the bottom.
Portable Dupli Find gives you the possibility to view how many duplicates have been found, to copy them to the clipboard, or to save them to a text file. More than that, you can select the duplicate lines in various ways (e.g. all but first duplicate, all but last duplicate).
Besides making sure that your text files are free of duplicate lines, this software program has the advantage of being portable. It means that it can be easily installed on a USB flash drive or any other compatible portable devices.
Additional features
The utility comes with a wide range of additional features. When working with files that contain a large number of text lines, it can be instructed to reduce memory consumption by automatically disabling some of its options to speed up the duplicate scanner.
You can display duplicates in different colors for an easier identification, as well as hide any large files with numerous text lines (e.g. 30,000). It can also scan multiple files at the same time.
Last few words
To sum it up, Portable Dupli Find proves to be a reliable and useful tool, great for users who want to make sure that their text files are free of duplicate lines.

» DOWNLOAD…PortableDupliFind.Review by E-Junkie:***OVERALL STARRATING**** This program is one of the best duplication detection software. I tested the software on various size of text files, and there is no performance issue at all.
The program is very simple to understand and apply.
After using the software, I found it very easy and fast to work with.

Pros: Easy to understand and apply, fast to work with, easy to use.


System Requirements:

Intel Pentium 4 Core 2 Duo, 1.7 GHz or above
Mac Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6 GHz or above
Memory: 1GB
4GB or more
HDD space: 20GB
Screen Resolution: 1024×768, or greater
Download the full version from
Extract the archive, and run the install script.
System requirements
Mac Intel Core 2 Duo 1.