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An action RPG where you play an Elden Lord (ED)
as you create your own character and develop it.

Equip both weapons and armor to freely style your character and unleash the power of your skills!


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    Elden Ring License Key Free Download [Mac/Win]

    Vivi_MC: “People who have played before a fantasy MMO such as Dream Lost should know how massive the world feels. Each area is full of other characters doing their own things and you can find yourself completely immersed in the game. Characters you run into in New Eden, other players and towns will react to the fact that you are an Elden Lord. I hope that the character creation makes the game more personal and easy to understand”

    Goffe: “The visuals are pretty well done; when fighting enemies it seems to be more realistic than those seen in games from the western region. It really enhances the idea that you are challenging an enemy that has been around since times long ago. This is not something that should be automatically expected but it was a pleasant surprise, and I’m sure players of the western region will feel better about themselves.”

    Rdargus: “It’s a great action RPG. The graphics are very nice and the theme and characters are all very interesting. I’m playing it on a Mac and it’s great that you have some cross-platform stuff, since I am capable of this game on PC and mobile, but not Mac.”

    Inosime: “I like the general gameplay. You can’t deny that the game has a story to it but the story doesn’t get in the way of enjoying the gameplay.”

    Li-Sessia: “You can create a character that suits your play style, customize your weapons and armor, and walk around the open field freely. If you feel the game getting a little dull, just simply bring something with you such as a powerful sword or something that makes you feel relaxed. If the story doesn’t keep you excited, you can simply skip it.”

    Demoniccraft: “I found that I didn’t feel attached to the characters after a while, though the story is still compelling.”

    Janhvi: “I love how the battles feel like you’re actually fighting for your life and that you are developing a relationship with the land after being away from it for a while. I’d also love to know more about Elden and the other races that live in the Lands Between.”

    BIOIN-RS: “Initially, there is a feeling


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    Learn to play and learn

    Raising Spirit: Equipping and Navigation

    Learn and enhance your equipment such as your items or levels.

    Learn and improve yourself or your skills.

    Learn your enemies’ weakness and uncover it.

    Battle Strategy

    Battle Strategy

    Battle Strategy



    The more you fight, the more you grow.

    Learn and enhance your equipment

    Learn and enhance your skills

    Learn your enemies’ weakness and uncover it

    Battle Strategy

    Four of Swords: Up to four players can battle at once, and new skills are unlocked by fighting stronger monsters.

    Fallen Spirits: As you advance in levels, a number of Fallen Spirits rise from the depths of your dungeons.




    Put a smile on your face with a variety of skins, appearances, and equipment.

    Put a smile on your face with a variety of skins, appearances, and equipment.

    Attack Potency

    Hit Power: Increase the hit power of your weapon.

    Increase the hit power of your weapon.

    Critical Rate: Increase your critical rate.

    Increase your critical rate.

    Special Attack Potency

    Special Attack Potency: Increase your special attack power.

    Increase your special attack power.

    Increase your special attack power.

    Movement Potency

    Movement: Increase your movement speed.

    Increase your movement speed.

    Increase your movement speed.

    Block Rate: Increase your block rate.

    Increase your block rate.

    Increase your block rate.

    Weapon Aptitude

    Weapon Aptitude: Increase your attack speed of weapons to shoot faster.

    Increase your attack speed of weapons to shoot faster.

    Increase your attack speed of weapons to shoot faster.

    Enhancement Potency

    Enhancement Potency: Increase your evasion rate.

    Increase your evasion rate.

    Increase your evasion rate.

    Enhancement Potency

    Enhancement Potency: Increase your attack power.

    Increase your attack power.

    Increase your attack power.

    Enhancement Potency

    Enhancement Potency: Increase your evasion.

    Increase your evasion.

    Increase your evasion.



    What’s new:

    Key Features:

    • A vast world where vast, fierce battles are waiting to unfold
    • Mysterious dungeons
    • A multilayered story that begins with the outbreak of the Fourth World War
    • A legendary, hidden guild
    • Gameplay that focuses on connection between players
    • Forgotten equipment and weapons; a situation where you can find new items while exploring
    • Gradually increase your equipment as you explore the game world and experience an adventure
    • Lv5 equipment with various functions… Can you use it?
    • Class accommodation that allows you to freely choose your play style
    • Possibility to freely customize your appearance
    • A dedicated, full-featured GUI

    Upon completing each battle, you receive experience points in the form of Experience Points (XP) that you can use to enhance certain attributes of your character. The attributes vary from attack, defense, to creating new commands and even resurrecting fallen companions.
    Characters that level up by experience can increase their physical strength, increase their attack power, unlock traits that maximize the use of each type of weapon, and more.
    An increase in Strength and Spirit strength acts as a bonus to battle, but their increase comes at the cost of attributes such as Speed or Jump.

    You can combine some of the weapon types in order to create unique weapons. By equipping a mixture of short and long weapons such as swords, axes, or maces, your attack and defense will be increased.

    Armor is divided into four classes based on the amount of attributes it provides. Class 1 (S) provides increased attributes such as Strength and Jump as well as bonus attack and defense attributes. Class 2 (M) provides the opposite, extra attributes such as Speed or Jump in exchange for Strength and Spirit. Class 3 (S+M) provides bonuses to both Strength and Spirit.

    The increase of attributes will be determined by the increase of class, and the increase of a certain attribute will be limited as the skill level increases. For example, S+M armor only has a maximum of 2, S3 armor


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    System Requirements:

    Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista, Windows 7 (SP1)
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 X2, or better
    RAM: 2 GB
    Hard Disk Space: 4 GB
    DirectX: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    Video: 512 MB Video Memory
    Sound Card: Sound Card with 7.1 or greater, 8-channel sound
    Additional Notes:
    Windows Vista and Windows 7 require at least SP1 installed.
    One computer at a time, please.