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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG developed by Red Candle Games. The game launched globally on April 23, 2016.

Game Features

A Powerful Experience

Welcome to a world full of mystery, where you will be able to experience a sense of excitement and awe through games.

A Vast World to Explore

A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

Fierce Combat Intensified by the Customizing of the You Character

Use light and heavy attacks to combine weaponry and build up your character. Fight against opponents on the battlefield, and change the battlefield itself using various skills to change the course of the battle.

Three-Dimensional Design, Smooth and Intuitive Control

During a battle, you can have an overview of the battlefield using a 3D camera, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with swinging a sword to block attacks.



With the Season Pass in the game, you will receive a variety of in-game contents, which will enable you to experience various game elements.

3 DLC Packages

We will release 3 DLC Packages at a later date.


10% discount of in-game purchases and Special Packages.

Elite Package Items:


・Special Skill

・Special Mastery

・Special Weapon

・Unique Hair Style

・Unique Face Style

・New Armor

・New Weapon

・New Mastery

・New Special Skill


10% discount of in-game purchases and Special Packages

Value Package Items:


・Special Skill

・Special Mastery

・Special Weapon

・Unique Hair Style

・Unique Face Style

・New Armor

・New Weapon

・New Mastery

・New Special Skill


5% discount of in-game purchases and Special Packages

Vanity Package Items:


・Special Skill

・Special Mastery

・Special Weapon

・Unique Hair Style

・Unique Face Style


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • 8 classes, 32 jobs, 198 spells, 220 skills and skills
  • Multiple worlds, with many leveling up activities to be achieved
  • A rich, different story told through fragmented elements
  • Play through the story with others and strengthen your bonds with those around you
  • A gargantuan world full of exciting challenges
  • If you have trouble finding in-game items, check out our product information page.

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    „Wow, it was really fun. I was fully hooked on the story and even the combat was an added bonus to make this game really good.”
    „GREAT GAME, PROMISES TO BE GOOD. I will continue to try more games from this game.”

    Haru Wong, Official „Night of the Wild Hunt” Illustration Comission


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    • Fighting Style.
    A martial arts game where attacks flow easily by combining your Battle Skills. Equip skill combinations that maximize the chances of a successful attack. Equip new techniques that have been mastered in the past to increase the number of skill combinations. Select and equip Battle Skills to maximize your Melee and Ranged Attacks. Battle Skills can be improved by using items and their effects. Additionally, the Battle Skills of party members can be combined.

    • Class.
    Classes are the foundation of a character in the Lands Between. Define your class, and take the the role of a powerful and unique character in the Lands Between!

    • Collectable.
    A deep and diverse world full of expectations. Collect the items that you can obtain, while gradually increasing your Battle Skill levels. Treasure hunting, a crucial method to maximize the combat potential of your character, is a favorite game pastime.

    • Customize.
    Customize your appearance with the items that you have obtained and equipment to make your character stand out. You can also directly equip pieces of equipment, thereby further enhancing your character’s look.

    A Change of Roster:


    Game Review:

    The long-awaited Elden Ring has finally come! The game that filled players with the pure joy of RPG has finally been released. The game’s title, Rise Tarnished, was a way of saying that the sharpness of the blade needed to be restored to the ego of the player, but the number of players was limited when development started. With a new vision and a fresh development team, Rise Tarnished has finally come. The Tarnished Blade has already been sharpened, and now it has become an even better weapon than before. The battle has been entered into the fight of a fierce warship, but you are in command of the entire battle. The graphics, maps, and a ton of contents are amazing, but the game can be cleared quickly in the event that you encounter a “trial.” It is difficult to play and use the system at the same time, and it is easier to struggle with the game while thinking that something is wrong with the interface. Nevertheless, the last level is so good that it is not easy to catch it in the first place. As always, it is the best game to play when you are away from other games.

    The rise of Tarnished Blade has been a long process. It


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Welcome to Tarnished, the new fantasy action RPG!
    The Characters’ Paths:
    * Become a Dragon or a Human!
    As a student of the arts, there are three ways to take on your adventure, Human, Dragon, and Elden.
    * Ascend Your Mount to Realms of Power
    Your mount is the key to becoming powerful.
    * Become a Warrior and Battle in the Forged Lands!
    Ready, aim, shoot! Become a powerful Warrior and battle with fierce opponents in various situations.
    War Magic
    To unlock powerful War Magic, increase your own Battle Vigor to MAX at Daily Training Battles.
    * Craft Magic Into Reality
    As an adventurer who lives for adventure, you create a variety of magic using extraordinary things on the three Planes.
    * Confront Your High Might
    Fight with Legendary Lords and become a threat against the forces of the Burner!
    The Elven Tower
    To reveal the secrets of the world, travel to multiple different sites using the Elven Tower.
    * Realms of Power: Where you can truly be an adventurer!
    Elven Tower
    In addition to the limitless world of Tarnished, the town of Het is waiting for you.
    Tarnished Online is the IDOLMM:
    Get it now!!!

    System Requirements:


    Software Requirements: WINE 2.4, Windows 7 (SP1 or later), DirectX 8.1
    Processor: Intel Pentium 3200 32-bit Windows™ XP/Vista/7 / – Pentium
    Processor 3.0 GHz – 4.0 GHz cores, Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 – Windows
    Processor 2.0 GHz – 3.0 GHz cores, Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 – Windows
    Processor 1.2 GHz – 2.0 GHz cores, Windows® 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 – Windows
    Processor 1.0 GHz – 1.6 GHz cores, Windows® 95, Windows NT, Windows Server


    Device Requirements: iOS 5.0.


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    Follow the steps below to download ELDEN RING game and install it!

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    Click on the folder „Elden Ring Game” and press the F2 key for opening a properties window.

    Go to „Update/Patch” tab.

    Click on the „Install game update” and follow the instructions below.

    Download and Install game update:

    1. Click „Select all files” then “Install update”.

    2. Click “Install”.

    3. Wait until the game is updated completely. After it is successfully updated, click „Exit” to exit the program.

    If you have any queries or questions in regards to the above instructions, feel free to ask in the below given comments section.

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • You need to below options for update:

    1. Enable my apps
    2. Start up later after hiting ok
    3. optin automatic update
    4. keep always update

    open main page.
    Go to buy applications and tap

  • Completing all the steps will result in a crack for the game.

    After a successful installation you should be able to launch the game from your start menu.

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    Scoundrel’s life is hectic. He travels from tavern to tavern and from quest to quest. He shoulders the responsibility of his crew and the burden of stealth and danger around him. Though he leads his scum band, he remains in control of them. Though he follows his own path, other adventurers



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    – Recommended:
    2 GB RAM (Must support hardware T&L)
    2 GB of video memory
    DirectX 11 graphics card (AMD HD7000 or higher or NVIDIA 9800 or higher)
    Intel Core i5 2500K or better


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