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It provides a mechanism to enable macros (on off/on/off etc) to be assigned to any of the mouse buttons, similar to KEYTEMPLATE, but also allows 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or more macros to be assigned to any mouse button.
It is possible to configure the number of keyboard keys to be sent to the associated MACRO using the following variables:
KEYTEMPLATE_ADJUSTMENT_LEN: The default length of the dynamic macro text, so that a
KEYTEMPLATE_ADJUSTMENT_MAX_SPEED: The default number of keys to be assigned to the macro.
KEYTEMPLATE_ADJUSTMENT_MAX_BUTTONS: The default number of keys to be assigned to the macro.
KEYMACRO is actually a combination of KEYTEMPLATE and KEYMACRO.

v0.9.1 by csoins (23.02.2007)

Functional description:
To-do / Macros – Similar to KEYTEMPLATE, but has no KEYTEMPLATE_ADJUSTMENT. It is possible to define a lot of macros and have them linked to a
KEYTEMPLATE. To do, you can define the macro, the key assigned to the macro and the subroutine to be called, similar to KEYTEMPLATE.
KEYMACRO allows you to create dynamic macro text using a keyboard macro editor.
You can give the macro the ability to repeat at defined intervals (in milliseconds), to repeat after 1 keystroke (on or off), to repeat after 2 keystrokes, 3 or 4, 6 or 8, 10, 12, 15 or any other number of keystrokes.

Template Macros allow you to capture images or other data in a defined set of values at set time intervals.
The user can configure the macro to repeat the set of values for a number of times or until the user presses a defined key.

v0.9.1 by csoins (23.02.2007)

Functional description:
A Template Macro is a general purpose macro that can be used to capture the same input every x seconds, y times or when the user presses a specific key.

KEYTEMPLATE can be used 384a16bd22

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„KEYMACRO is a program to change the MAC address of your adapter, which allows you to run a network under a different MAC address from the one shown in the Device Manager.”
What can this program do for me?
„KeyMACRO will remove the original MAC address and replace it with one of your choosing.”
How can I use the KeyMACRO program?
„You can use KeyMACRO with any Microsoft Operating System as long as you have administrative rights. The first time that you run the program it will prompt you for your administrative password. After that, you can run KeyMACRO again and again and again.”
What do I need to do before I can start using KeyMACRO?
„Before you can start using KeyMACRO you need to have two things. One is a MAC address that you want to change and another is a Windows Administrative password that will be used in the program. Once you have those two things you can begin.”
„If you do not have a MAC address that you want to change then you can skip this section.”
What can I do with the MAC address?
„KeyMACRO supports three basic uses. The first is to run two computers at the same time on the same network. The second is to create an Internet firewall. The third is to hide the identity of the computer on a network by changing the MAC address. In order to change the MAC address you will need a program such as the KMMICRO program. This will be discussed later in this manual.”
First time installation of KeyMACRO
The first time you run KeyMACRO you will see a Wizard screen that will ask you for two things. The first is a MAC address that you want to use. The second is a Windows password. The window will then ask you to type in the administrative password for that account and press the Next button. After that, you will be taken to the MAC address that you have chosen. It is important to use a MAC address that is different than the one that is used for the local network. If you use the same one, you will not be able to connect to the network.
Accessing and Using KeyMACRO
When you are accessing KeyMACRO for the first time you will see a screen that asks you to input a MAC address. It is important that the MAC address that you input matches the MAC address of your adapter. The MAC address is shown at the bottom of the window. In order to change the MAC address