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Steel and timber elements design for building support beams and columns.

Well thought-out and well-formed drawings are now available with a brand-new advanced version of the ZX Spectrum CAD program. ZEDOX offers the newest drawing capabilities from one of the leading engineering software companies.

Advanced engineering software for the ZX Spectrum.


People now have more options for their soft goods. From inspiration to cutting and sewing, designers have many options.

This book is intended for people starting to do their own sewing, embellishing designs, and completing projects. It contains information about choosing fabrics, patterns, and sewing. Learn the basics and gain confidence in your abilities.

The book covers basic techniques and stitches in sections. Section one is for the beginning sewist or seamstress who wants to learn to sew. Section two is for the designer who wants to design, print, and style. Sections three and four contain the concepts of cutting patterns, and finishing.

There are also simple techniques to use when embellishing designs, applique, and embellishments.

All the topics in this book are presented in a straightforward, step-by-step format. It’s a great book to reference while you sew.

SECTION ONE: Basic Sewing and Finishing Techniques
This section contains step by step, basic techniques to sew fabrics.

Clothing Construction – learn about the different types of sewing and finishing techniques.

Pattern Making – learn to make a pattern for clothing and how to put it together.

Cutting Patterns – learn to design fabric and paper patterns for clothing.

Assembling and Finishing – get information on how to assemble and finish clothing.

SECTION TWO: How to Create a Fashion Stitch or Embellishment

Designing Fashion Stitches – learn the basic concepts of creating fashion stitches, before moving into stitch techniques for clothing.

Embellishments – learn how to design and create embellishments.

Section Three: Cut Patterns and Sew Basics

Backs and Collars – learn the basics of sewing a back and collar for a blouse or sweater.

Basic Applique – how to applique on a sweater or hoodie, learning the different applique techniques.

Decorative Embellishments – learn to embellish clothes with trims, embroidery

SuperBeam [Win/Mac]


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In this video we will learn How To Design a Backyard Fire Pit. I will show you how to build a backyard fire pit that will last for many, many years. It has been design for use in rugged outdoor conditions, including an ongoing fire hazard. It is a solid design, easy to build and made to withstand changing weather conditions.
This video is a follow up to this guide from built to design a backyard fire pit. If you haven’t checked it out yet please check out this video by clicking the link below:

Ammonium polyphosphate is used to create a non-hazardous fire burning surface at home.
Full tutorial can be found here:

Design and build an entire staircase inside the attic. This attic staircase will be 9’ tall. The attic should not be used for long time living. It should be designed for emergency use. This attic is only temporary and will not survive a storm or hurricane. This is a tutorial for a 3 piece outdoor staircase system. No welding or power tools are required. The stairs are both non slip and rust resistant. Use them in both concrete and wood. The design and build photos and tutorial are for the non slip side.
Read the tutorial for the rust resistant side of the staircase.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to build a 4×4’x6′ shed. This shed will be constructed entirely from 2×6 lumber. This shed will be large enough to fit one ton trampolines and basketball courts. This shed will also be a good size to fit an RV or a small mobile home. The dimensions of this shed are 4’x4’x6′. The shed will be supported by 4 double hanger bracket designed by SSB. You will need some screws, nails, wood glue, and screws for the attachments. You will also need a 2×4 wooden strut for the building of the roof and ceiling. In this video, I will be using my

What’s New In?

◾A super beam design tool that enables you to design every element of your support columns, beams or posts
◾Beam and Column design
◾Added value for the engineering field:
◾Including statically calculated beam properties, such as shear strength
◾Adjustable beam dimensions
◾Additional beam properties, such as stress relief ratio
◾Providing a complete project analysis and detailed report
◾Specialised beam and column design features
If you have any question about SuperBeam for Windows, please leave a comment below. We try our best to answer all questions.
Important notice! For immediate download, please click here to go to the End Users License Agreement before you download.

Tensions Design is an easy-to-use tool for structural design and analysis of structures.
This tool is based on finite element methods, a numerical calculation method that allows the calculation of a structural design and analysis. This provides support for all types of structural elements, such as beams, columns, struts, girder, and cantilever.
Tensions Design is especially suitable for designing and analysing bridges, but it can also be used to design other types of structures, such as beams and columns, girders, and trusses.
However, the main advantage of this application is that it allows designing a variety of structures, such as girder bridges, wooden bridges, and other supporting structures. This can be done with just a single click.
The main features of this application include the following:
◾Determining the parameters and properties of the following types of structures:
◾Bridge structures
◾Columns and beams
◾Plywood structures
◾Tube elements
◾Vessel structures
◾Pipes and ducts
◾Irregular structures
◾Rib structures
◾Nodal structures
◾Airtight structures
◾Plywood structures
◾Cable structures
By using this application, a designer can easily make a variety of calculations, such as obtaining the required stiffness or capacity. The application also enables designers to analyse the load of a structure and determine the design parameters, load capacity, and failure modes. This analysis can be done with just a single click.
Tensions Design Features:
◾Beams, columns

System Requirements:

Supported OS:
Mac OS X 10.5 – 10.8
Windows XP – 10
Windows XP SP3
How To:
Move to the right-most panel and click on the Add-on.
Drag and drop BookVault onto the panel.
Hover over the BookVault and click to add it to the menu.
BookVault is available for free for the Mac version of Firefox and the Windows version of Firefox