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All key commands in the **FRITZ!Box Manager Keyboard Macro** dialog can be combined with any of the following commands:
– **Cut**
– **Copy**
– **Paste**
– **Move**
– **Select**
– **Execute**
[List item]
– The list is organized by category (category order is random).
[List item]
The list shows the keyboard shortcuts that are available.
Clicking on a command allows you to enter the full list of keyboard shortcuts in **FRITZ!Box Manager**.
This opens the **Keyboard shortcuts** tab.
[List item]
You can combine the keyboard shortcuts with any of the **MediaPortal** commands.
By default, the macro is also enabled when you enter the FRITZ!Box Manager.
[List item]
With the **Custom…** button, you can create a new macro from scratch.
You can use the **Basic** option to select a keyword from the keyboard shortcut list.
You can use the **Special** option to select a command or special key sequence.
**For example:** `Ctrl+Shift+R` is selected when you press the „**Windows Key**” and the „**” button on the „**MediaPortal**” keyboard.
[List item]
You can enter any information in the **Name** field.
**For example:** „**System**”, „**MediaPortal**”, „**AVM**”, „**MediaPortal+Closing**”, „**Custom Key**”.
[List item]
The function or keyword that you want to execute will be listed in the **Command** field.
The commands can be anything:
– **Cut**
– **Copy**
– **Paste**
– **Move**
– **Select**
– **Execute**
[List item]
– The list is organized by category (category order is random).
[List item]
**For example:** „**Cut**”, „**Copy**”, „**Paste**”, „**Move**”, „**Select**”, „**Execute**”.
[List item]
**For example:** „**MediaPortal**”, „**AVM**”, „**MediaPortal+Closing**”, „**Close**”, „**Logoff**”.
[List item]
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The Case of the Missing Savings

How much money have you missed out on due to lack of proper planning?

If your financial situation is not what it could be, chances are you have been carrying a big hole in your pockets for quite some time now.

At first, you may have been content with the fact that your income is sufficient to cover your expenses, so the gap between the two was just a small bit of wastage.

As time has passed, however, you have found yourself spending more on things like food, utility bills, rent, utilities, transportation, and other daily necessities.

You may even have procrastinated with planning for your future and even cut your savings and investments.

And now, you find that the gap between your income and expenses is widening.

It may be time to start thinking about planning. And, a savings plan may just be the best way to do so.

What Is Savings?

For those who have no clue as to what savings are, they are simply money saved from your daily income or even monthly income.

You may have a lot of money coming in each week or a set amount each month.

But, you may still not be saving any of it.

How Do You Save?

There are three main ways you can save money for your future:

By setting a goal.

By creating a plan for your savings.

By working smarter.

You may know what you want to accomplish with your savings.

Maybe, you want to set aside money for a down payment on a house or you are looking to take a big trip with your spouse.

Whatever your goal is, you will need to consider all the possible expenses you will incur throughout the course of your saving.

In addition, you will need to work out a realistic plan on how much you will need to save to accomplish your goals.

Once you have set your goal, you will need to assess whether you are actually on track to accomplish it.

If you