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Journey to the Center of the Earth is a difficult game because of the complexity of the puzzles. When a game is so complex there’s very little learning curve and the puzzles can be solved by luck as well as by brainpower. Things can get very irritating when you feel you’re on the right track only to find you’re missing something small and you’re left with a „this puzzle is impossible” kind of feeling.
This game is only playable with a joystick, the keyboard does not function. If you’re uncomfortable with using the joystick to control your character there are other controls you can use that can be found in the easy mode. Controls:
Shoot left or right – Move Jumper up or down
Jump left or right – Move Jumper left or right
Move Jumper up – Tumble Jumper up
Jump Jumper – Jump
Jumper shooting left – Shoot Jumper left
Jump Jumper – Jump
Jumper shooting right – Shoot Jumper right

The smart thing to do is the turn the difficulty level way down and play the game with the music on. I find it easier to pay attention to what is happening in the game because of the music. It’s incredibly relaxing.

Crazy Mole, Crazy Mole 2 and Crazy Mole 3 are the very first games I played when I got my first console. The idea of the game was very simple – dig for treasure, collect ore, start a new building, and manage the stock pile. Needless to say, Crazy Mole 3 had a bigger population than any other game.

The game’s excellent AI was great – it could add a new building and it would start digging the hole at the exact location required for the new structure. It would also move the resources into a stockpile or into the hole for the building. When the building was finished the resources from the stockpile would then start to be moved into the hole for the next structure. So if you had a stockpile of ore, you could raise the population by building a new structure, use the stockpile of ore to build more structures, and still have resources lying around when you needed them.

Numerous controls were included in the game – the jump, shield, jump left/right, jump down, and jump up. You also had a bar at the bottom of the screen which you could fill to allow you to climb walls and dig down into underground tunnels. The thing was that you had to balance building new structures against digging enough to fill the bar.

This was the


Hirilun Features Key:

  • Turn-based strategy role playing game
  • 2 complete campaigns
  • Epic battles
  • Real time combat system
  • Detailed item and treasure systems
  • 16 historical classes
  • 3 minute storyline
  • Excellent graphics
  • High quality RPG music
  • A whole world around you
  • Lifelike PC-World (world map)
  • 10 different difficulty levels
  • 8

    I like the game, and I like what I see on the website. However, I bought it 2 weeks ago and have made just one play session from the Steam version – so I would have this fixed some how. It’s not good enough not being able to battle and actually manage your character, and at the same time let you explore a world (after the tutorial). That these issues have been officially resolved would be very pleasing, but I’m not holding my breath on that happening as the forums feature a wonderful „are you kidding me where’d you get that from?” water cooler chat. -_-

    Thank you for your answer, but we should know that I was another bug, which did not assert the condition of the combat (once, two times, etc) ) as the Register Game mode, with an exception of the first battle which has a plenty of exceptions.

    I can understand why you think I was kidding, as nobody mentions and nobody who made these a bug. I felt that he is kidding on, as not setting condition, which I and one more person, I had it, and not locked forever on their account, is a bug on my side!

    In addition, do not understand what’s your problem with the idendity of the character. It’s your ID from the Steam client where you play, not the Web, neither game with your computing device, so unless you want to make the game in another one player, only, it should not give your problem.

    Everything is to understand that basically you don’t have in your game what you want, and that is main reason why this bug occurs.

    As a corrective measure do not count victory as you complete the combat,


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    The universe is collapsing, the stars grow cold, and the time is running out, as your civilization is pushed to the brink.
    Gather your forces, for a final battle against the greatest threat mankind has ever known. Skellig Island. The centre of the universe. The only source of hope.
    Create your own army, upgrade your units, and command them in battle with groundbreaking RPG mechanics.
    Together, you and your men must take on the enemy.
    Play as one of 15 distinct races, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
    Choose from over 100 different units, equip them with deadly weapons, and lead your men into battle.
    Build powerful structures to house your growing population.
    Unlock immense bonuses, from special abilities to increased training speed, for your entire empire.
    Take advantage of the Sandbox mode, for intense single-player combat.
    Are you ready for the ultimate race to save mankind?
    The end of all things is near, and you are mankind’s only hope.
    YOU are the savior.


    Requires an Android 1.5 or later device!


    CARDS: you may be contacted with an Offer or when you play a Game.

    CHARGE: you can charge in the bathroom, at home, at work, on the bus, or almost anywhere.

    INFORMATION: this app periodically gathers information about how it’s being used, as well as how long it’s been in use.

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    CURRENCIES: you can use real currencies in games and you can exchange them for other currencies.

    CHAT: you can send chat messages to other players and they can chat with you.

    FEEDBACK: users can offer feedback and leave reviews.

    REVIEWS: you may be contacted about reviews.



    Email us at [email protected] with any questions or problems.


    + Now you can use this app more easily by turning on the „Warm Robe” button.

    + New items have been added.

    + Your country now has a game rating system.

    + Other bug fixes and improvements.

    + This update changes between „Free” and „Pro” in your country.



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    The Golden Grin Casino Heist is a Contract mission to hijack the Golden Grin casino. You and your team are armed with a wide array of weapons and items to aid you in your mission. The heist is filled with multiple heists like this one.
    We have to make all the heists in the PAYDAY 2 universe not suck! The mission is a short, fun contract mission. In this contract you can’t kill civilians, bad guys or the law and you can’t make mistakes in the story. We also changed some things to make sure the mission is a tiny bit easier so you guys don’t need too much time to do it.
    The better you do, the more money you get. The better you do it, the more loot you get. „The more loot you get, the better stuff you can buy”.
    You can steal bags, get money and equipment or get away with the money and no-one will know. You can get into the building and survive and shoot all the guards or you can break into the casino and wait for all of them to be distracted before you start fighting. You can start over again if you want.
    You only have one life and you can’t stop the clock. You have one life and that’s it. You can try to get away with it and just run but if you die, you lose it.
    You can’t be seen in the game and you can’t get caught for your actions. You can walk around the whole casino and they won’t see you.
    There is only one objective in this contract. Nothing more, nothing less. The objective is to make the heist. That’s it.
    You have to kill all the bandits, the casino employees and the guards of the casino. You can do so with weapons, melee attacks, grenades, baits and traps or you can use melee weapons with deadly silence effects.
    All the items you find in the mission are useful. All the weapons and non-lethal weapons are useful. The Bait is useful and the Mines are also useful.
    Shoot everything, kill everyone, do anything you want. Do it cool, do it calmly, do it quickly. If you want to focus on taking out the targets, you can run around with stealth.
    Before you start, you have two options. You can start with stealth or you can go in guns blazing.
    There are three main security at the golden Grin casino. You have to deal with each one of them.


    What’s new in Hirilun:

    This software provides a name generator to create a unique number of rooms to fill. Most of them feel like „Canvas,” but some are more complex. Those you can not simply write into the game file.

    Here is a list of every instrument that can play any music in the game. You don’t have the best performance, but you can change the settings, including sound for your creation.

    Music File format – Common File Types:

    Music instrument by default saves a file name 48×48 (48 lines 144 columns), but you can choose any, even more x48 with is usually music in the game. The name file is created in the folder. If you want a new place, just give a name to the file and save. So you can use a variety of instruments at the same time in the same game file.

    When you save the file, the system automatically creates an audio tag and an image tag. The label appears below (warning, here, you don’t need a support name, you automatically install on the local, before computer starts)

    The tag of the song that you want to place in the map. And with it, you can add an image in the music tag.

    In the x48 file format, you can use images up to 4cm wide.

    The keyboard send all characters to the music maker, called „random” name. Just press the „V” key, and it will make all characters readable from the spectrum.

    Save the current file name in the character you want to use for the next, saving the current version of the game in the folder „save my games here”

    If you have a music player, „loops” and „stop” are automatically created in the folder music files.

    Is there a way we can hear what our music looks like to begin with? Like, now, I make a MIDI file, with Timidity if that’s what I use. Can I visualize what my song will sound like over a track of music in Timidity?

    Hi Roseboom! I have no idea about using timidity to test a song. But I think you can use it to the midi file to edit. You can go to the folder where is the Midi file and to the song to choose if you want to play solo or wenever. Then:

    Hi this sounds like a neat idea. I couldn’t find a way to add code into the mid


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    The world can be your game, and at Hitbox, it’s your sandbox.
    You can create entire cities, sell a million items, and drive your fans wild.
    Start out with just a mobile kiosk, and acquire a grocery, a pharmacy, a boutique, a pet shop, a cinema, and more.
    Build your town into an empire, mixing and matching shops to create the ultimate experience.
    It all starts with a kiosk.
    Design your building and then select between several decks to fill it with different kinds of shops, some for instance being filled with a giant kiosk and a grocery for your customers to order groceries or a pharmacy where customers can buy medicine or a vet where their pets get treated.
    You can also build a themed center, such as a movie theater, a bowling alley, and the like. And don’t forget to make your center look great: there’s a lot of details to show off.
    In addition to designing and building your center, you can choose between day and night modes.
    Day mode simulates the day and night cycle and includes two days (8 hours) of simulation, plus 24 different hours.
    Time of day also affects different aspects of your center: it starts with peak hours, then evening, etc.
    You can also control how each floor behaves at night time, and customize its lighting, air quality and floor temperature (hot or cold).
    Night time also affects your customers’ mood.
    You can control them, for example, by setting them to a light sleep or fully awake.
    If customers are fully awake, the level of light will also affect their mood.
    It’s also a good idea to deal with them if your customers are sleeping.
    Customers can be faster or slower to find their way.
    Set up the way you want, then create your own customized shops.
    Set up your staff too, and hire the best workers for each type of shop.
    Each one of your workers is modeled realistically, with their own skills, characteristics, and skills.
    Customize their appearance and behavior before being hired.
    Some staff might be pranksters, while others will be welcoming, efficient, altruistic or compassionate.
    And remember to put them to good use by making sure their skills suit their jobs.
    Your job is to manage your staff, and the more efficient they are the more your profits will be.


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