Battlewake – OST Trainer [Win/Mac] 🤘🏿






* Need almost 1 GB RAM? Make sure you have the FULL version!
* Become famous on the „Guesses of Summer” and „Guesses of Winter” leaderboards!
* Is your game compatible with the Kinect controller? Then enjoy dragging, dropping and reflecting with your feet!
* More than 20 items, including playground, beach, town, ocean, hills, jungle, house, living room, dining room, etc.
* Enjoy a relaxing or exciting beach trip together with your beloved one!
The 4th Day Vacation rental costs ¥198.59 only in a month, and you can enjoy the vacation package at a discount of 30%!
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* People’s CASH can be converted into your own Gold Coins.
* Your donation does not only contribute to developing the game, but also guarantees an outstanding special item!
–Sponsor Price–
¥198.59 / $3.00 / €2.15
¥169.59 / $2.25 / €1.70
–Day OFF Special Price–
¥198.59 / $3.00 / €2.15
¥169.59 / $2.25 / €1.70
Please Note:
1. About sponsor: If you like our game and want to support it, select „Sponsor” on „Contribute” and fill out your contact information.
2. About donation: For the people’s cash donation, we will give you a special item to show our appreciation.
Thank you for your support!
Current Main Features:
★ Online Ranking
★ Photo & Video Collection & Upload
★ Daily Login/Skip
★ Friends Ranking
★ Currency
★ Interactive Map
What’s new:
* v2.1.1
* v2.1.0Q:

SVG stroke color not applied after user interaction

I have a small JS application that dynamically creates SVG icons based on a list of colors provided by the user. This way, the user can make icons on a color palette. The problem is, after the user drags the color, the stroke on the icon is either gone or completely different!

$(document).ready(function() {
var colors = $(’.svg-color’).map(function() {
return $(this).val();


Battlewake – OST Features Key:

  • Easily one of the most beautiful games in online history – the most stunning visuals you’ve ever seen in an online space game
  • A joy to play from the moment you load it to the moment you board your ship
  • A flawless play experience, with no „bingo rooms” or „clubs” – just a wonderful online persistent universe to explore
  • New and exciting gameplay giving you more depth than ever to choose your favourite faction to dominate – where you get to command your favourite version of one of the best space games of all time
  • Featuring a powerful new non-starter player Race-baiting system, Drone System, Tech 1 (3+) Warp Disruptors, The Elite Pirates System and much more
  • An upgraded graphics and technology engine with new Massive Railgun of course
  • Easy, friendly solo play – brings the excellent solo experience you know and love
  • Online features such as Cluster Landings, Faster Than Light travel, Public Bridge, Dropped Ship Tracker and much more
  • Tons of features we have yet to implement
  • What are the Tournament Kits?

    The Player Kits allow players to participate in E-sports tournaments where prizes are earned in the game using E-sport Points, just like they happen in real life.

    This content can also be consumed to promote new content, such as the video below. Thus the benefits may differ. In any case, we will make sure you receive the products that we think you want.


    The Elite Pros – The top player who will play for The Nulli- Nulli, Vigil or The Galaxy, and will also be given an additional Union Atlas item.



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    Bombslinger is an explosive combination of Rogue-like and Bomberman gameplay.
    Become a fugitive and survive in a wild west-esque environment – the Bombslinger series is based on 1967 western movie of the same name starring Clint Eastwood.
    Control the character, find items and fight bosses using the bombs and weapons that you obtain as you traverse your way out of the hostile environment.
    – Rogue-Like elements – Play as a single character with the ability to explore randomly generated levels and find items that will aid you in your quest to find the Gunslinger and kill him.
    – Spaghetti western – Fight hordes of enemies in a wild west-like environment where you can find items and fight bosses.
    – Power-ups – Wield an arsenal of weapons, from the classic Staff of Doom to the Homemade Laser Aim.
    – Battle Modes – Fight in a 4-player battle mode where you will use your wits and strategic combat abilities to survive until you face off against the Gunslinger in a final battle.
    – Doors and Climb – When fighting against an enemy, you can sometimes use a door to your enemy or climb up a building to avoid battle altogether.
    – Utilise the environment – Use strategically placed objects to cause enemies to burst in flames, explode, blow up and fall down, with more hidden secrets to be found on every level.
    – Original soundtrack – A few originals songs that you can find on the soundtrack of the game.
    – Choose your difficulty – Choose from Easy, Normal or Hard for a different challenge every time you play.
    Additional Notes:
    Bombslinger is a hardcore game. If you wish to play in 1-player mode, you must have a friend with you to assist with the death of your character and finishing of missions.
    No achievements/extras are present currently.
    Game Settings:
    High quality stereo music
    All sound effects can be turned off, by using the „mute” button
    In-game artwork can be set to low quality
    Customisable skins and particle effects
    Options to change the game’s resolution to 1024×768 or 1152×864
    Help Menu Option:
    Press and hold Start + Y on Playstation 1
    Press Select + Start on Playstation 2
    Press L and R on Playstation 3
    Press Options on Playstation 4
    Right analogue stick: Move
    Left analogue stick: Fire
    Select: Use
    Control Stick:


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    Explore, solve puzzles and discover the secrets of the Scarlet Deer Inn

    Interact with characters, use items, solve puzzles and exploreScarlet Deer Inn is a beautiful story-driven adventure set in the Middle Ages about facing loss and anxieties, exploring strange places, and meeting unusual characters.In this cinematic exploration platformer set in a vivid Middle Ages world, explore a legendary inn, talk to the villagers and other characters and complete many activities to complete side quests.Explore all the rooms of the inn, learn all the stories and find out the secrets hidden inside them.Progress through the story in several different ways, learn more about the characters, unlock new challenges, meet new foes, open new rooms and solve puzzles to solve the mysteries.Gameplay Features:Explore a medieval fantasy world set in an old, mysterious innPlay an epic story about confronting fears, despair, anxieties, and memories and learn new things about yourself and others.Interact with characters, use items, solve puzzles and exploreScarlet Deer Inn is an intimate cinematic platformer inspired by timeless fairy tales, fairy tale characters and traditional stories.Choose among three unique characters to play as: Story: a shy farm girl who moves with her family into an inn to take care of the place, Day: a dark man that owns the inn, and Night: a girl with many secrets.Gameplay Features:Explore a medieval fantasy world, a blend of an open world exploration platformer and a story-driven adventure set in the Middle Ages.Travel around a big, busy town filled with different areas, events, shops, and rooms to explore.Talk to the locals, solve puzzles and interact with things to complete side quests.Narrative : a story about facing loss and anxieties, exploring strange places, and meeting unusual characters

    If you have a problem with an application you can contact the developers directly at: (SILVER-ARTENGE)

    What’s New:V0.9.1

    More changelog will be available.


    Will I be able to import my old progress from the previous version?This is planned, but I haven’t implemented the feature yet.

    Will my saves be compatible?With our official save/load system, it is only possible to save an entire game, so as long as your save file is installed, you can continue with a game already started.

    Will I be able to play this game in offline mode?No, this is not possible for technical reasons. However


    What’s new:

      RNA simulations of TBA 1 show water in the hydrophobic core of the A-site, with the 2′-hydroxyl group directly spanning the P-site motif and P-site amino acid A92

      About 100 Å apart, the blue and yellow portions of our computer model show the adenine and olivine surface of the hydrophilic RNA (minus) helix of TBA 1. The A-site olivine motif (two highlighted surfaces, A92, A93, and Ω119, together with nearby residues) and a nearby P-site motif are shown in a ball-and-stick model for the most hydrophilic face of the RNA helices (minus)

      In the BA analysis, the water network in the complete simulation shows the tendency for water to preferentially occupy sites along the expanded (minus) helix, with some clustering to occur between P- and A-site motifs (Fig. 1B and C). The average occupancy of the middle sites along the helix is 8.8 water molecules.

      For the hydrophobic site, we identified eight water molecules which are located along the surface of the complete RNA, either in the middle of the helix or between the nearest neighbors along the (minus) helix (Fig. 5). (Please note that sites are identified based on 8 Å rolls of the BA results along the helix, instead of the standard 4 Å.) The hydrophobic site is located in such a manner that the (minus) helix extends towards the P-site in the middle of the site: the 8 Å roll faces are the A-site and the P-site motifs, with the Ω119 carbonyl at the outermost position of the helix.

      Figure 5.

      Water position along the (minus) helix.

      Water orientation is identified by charges along the helix (shown in red: each dot indicates a water molecule, left at odd-numbered timesteps and right at even-numbered timesteps). Arrows indicate water molecules as they are in the time series, with darker colours corresponding to earlier times. Water molecules are presented as spheres of length (middle to the right) through which the arrows do not go.

      In the BH analysis, the middle water occupancy is slightly higher (10.4), with a slightly larger basin of lowest free energy for the middle sites. The BH analysis suggests that the middle


      Free Battlewake – OST

      This is a highly detailed train of the latest generation, with a completely new in-house made engine and the most advanced connectivity options ever for Trainz. It is the fastest, largest and most detailed wagon train. It has a new physics engine that has never been seen before on a train. It is meant to be a short game, it will take only a couple of hours to play.
      System Requirements:
      – Mac or Windows, Mac OS X 10.5 or later
      – 2 GB RAM
      – OpenGL 2.0-compatible graphics card (for MacBooks the graphics card must be MacBook2,1 or later)
      – 2 GB HD space
      – Sound card with minimum 5.1 channel surround sound
      – Bluetooth MIDI hardware or compatible
      – Internet access with the latest version of the Microsoft Windows.NET Framework
      – Trainz Editions 10.0 or higher
      Need to be connected to the internet to be able to use the online Editor!
      This is a highly detailed train of the latest generation, with a completely new in-house made engine and the most advanced connectivity options ever for Trainz.
      It is the fastest, largest and most detailed wagon train. It has a new physics engine that has never been seen before on a train. It is meant to be a short game, it will take only a couple of hours to play.
      Supported platforms:
      – Windows 7
      – Windows 8
      – Windows 10
      – Mac OS X 10.5 or later

      SwiftUI HStack in List not horizontally scrolling together

      I have a List in SwiftUI with a HStack in each List item. The problem is that if one HStack is larger than the frame of the view, the HStack will scroll off the bottom of the page and the other HStack will stay stuck on the bottom of the view.
      Is there a way to make the HStack and List scroll together without adjusting the HStack’s height to fit the view width (aka ignoring the HStack’s height)? The desired result would be for the HStack to scroll with the List and for the List to resize the HStack to fit the full width of the view (by autoscaling the HStack).
      Here’s a minimal example:
      struct ListView: View {
      let data: [MyData]
      var body: some View {
      List(data, id: \


      How To Install and Crack Battlewake – OST:

    • Download the setup file from
    • Extract the Death’s Life setup
    • Install the game
    • Run the game

      – Press [START] to configure launch options

      – Press START

    How To Play Death’s Life:

    • Players can play Death’s Life while racing against ghosts from the past, which are only visible on monitors in which the player is standing. To move from one screen to the next, players use the X button. Doing so allows them to race against ghosts of the past from the new monitor’s race.
    • Death’s Life features a post-race mode, in which players compete against each other and against ghosts in eight different races, with three ghost types (Golden, Silver and Bronze)
    • It features an online mode, in which players can compete against each other online (internet)
    • It features a gallery, which features various screenshots of the game.

    Like it?

    // <![CDATA[

    // ]]></script


    System Requirements For Battlewake – OST:

    (Voice) First-person & Third-person Audio
    (Static) Music in All Tracks
    (Static) Subtitle in English
    (Static) Pronunciation in English (Optional)
    (Voice) Subtitles in English & French
    (Both Stereo and 5.1 Surround)
    (Optional) No Changeling, No OpenMP, No Bloom
    (Optional) No Bloom