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Just Death is my first open-world crime game concept. It is set in the world of Regulus City, as it was late 1970’s/early 1980’s San Francisco. The game is my personal endeavor to bring back the darker, edgier fun of 80’s style action/action/adventure games. Just Death has two main areas of innovation: 1) The exploration of procedural generation, and 2) the open-city/Open-world dimension. Each new “generation” or “run” of the city will be unique. It is my attempt to create a “dynamic” nature that cannot be done in a traditional adventure game. One of the most exciting features of Just Death is that you will be doing “low-level” criminal activities. You will be “jerking” cars off the street, “pistol blasting” people, or “public lynching” a perp. I have done a lot of research on the subject, and I have the methods and systems to realistically simulate (through physics) low-level criminal activity. Due to the planned procedural nature of the city, I can provide almost unlimited replayability, the look and feel of the game will evolve as I learn more about what type of game I want to make, and take what I learn with me. Other features include:
In-game Print, Add, and Delete (self-documenting) stats, Full Steam achievements, Leveling/XP system based on your choices, Randomized loot of game objects. No NPCs, and No experience points.

Update December 2014
Just Death is now on Steam Early Access.


It’s an FPS.


Would S.T.A.L.K.E.R. work?
It’s an open-world first-person-shooter. It’s well-written, it’s very polished, and it’s free.
It could be used as-is.


Here’s the trailer for Trauma:

You play a detective. You work for the CIA or CIA-like organisation. You investigate traumas of any kind, from bomb blast to car crash to gunshot wound. All the in-game graphics are realistic, even though they might look a bit dated (not in a fashionable way). The protagonist


Features Key:

  • Interactive Novel
  • 12 Settings
  • Challenging levels in four zones
  • Move and reset obstacles for a quick challenge
  • Real world friends keeps players motivated and entertained on play

Locked Fears Navigation

  • Easy Steps
  • Edges of screen
  • Auto move
  • Speaker
  • Voice Command
  • Full Game size
  • Game time


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News Reacts is a 2D game with 3D interactive environment.
It’s like a megabit game.
News Reacts is developed and created by Kaili Games.
All text and voice in the game are in Chinese with English subtitles.
Kaili Games is a small independent group of 3d game developers.
Kaili Games will make interesting 2d/3d games about different games and knowledge and entertainment.
News Reacts is our first game and the first Chinese action/first person shooter game ever.
The style is based on American modern action video games.
News Reacts is the first game in the world with continuous open world game setting.
The setting is kept the same, the city changes.
The environment is now widely described as a megabit city, with nearly a million of living things in it.
So far, the game has no missions, but news pieces randomly pop up.
In order to interact with these news pieces and the environment the players must eat, shop, sleep or buy lunch.
The player has to run, jump, step, shoot, collect, look, talk, etc.
News Reacts will be updated on a monthly basis.
Buy from
News Reacts

OsloForum & Fora

Oslo has long been a place of international and domestic exchange. OsloForum was launched in 1946 and opened the doors of the city to visitors and researchers. Since then, the concept of fora has spread over the world….

Oslo has long been a place of international and domestic exchange. OsloForum was launched in 1946 and opened the doors of the city to visitors and researchers. Since then, the concept of fora has spread over the world. Fora are free-access, non-profit sites for the exchange of ideas. They often promote dialogue and debate. The OsloForum has some of the most popular fora in Scandinavia:
Oslo International Fora:


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Unleash the Beast
Experience a new kind of PvP combat with a balance of group and solo play – with three modes of play to suit your style.
Endless Shores
Walk the sands of five islands and discover over 300 new dungeons, including five new Mythic Campaign worlds. There’s enough action to fill a thousand lifetimes.
Delve into New Storylines
Discover a new story of good and evil in Tyria with unique new heroes and villains, and four new factions to choose from. Join seven new races, including the fierce Charr, in an epic tale that will take you to the ends of Tyria and beyond.
Choose Your Hero
Guild Wars is an open world game that gives players complete freedom to choose their own hero and experience the epic story as they wish.
Game “Guild Wars® Game of the Year Edition” Features:

The award-winning fantasy online roleplaying game Guild Wars is now available on the PC platform. Enthralling battles, a fully open world, and rich character customization are just some of the reasons to play this game and our Game of the Year Edition is yours to experience.


For a limited time, purchase the Guild Wars Game of the Year Edition and make history by getting a completely free Guild Wars game. This is a limited offer and will come to an end. Take advantage of this incredible offer now!


Guild Wars is a browser-based game that offers players the convenience of not having to download and install software. You can play the game anytime you want from any computer at home, school, or work.


Guild Wars 2 has been designed to run well on all types of screens, from smartphones and tablets to big-screen televisions. You can play the game from almost any Internet-connected device!

Guild Wars Game of the Year Edition Overview

Game of the Year Edition Features


Guild Wars Game of the Year Edition Features


Guild Wars is an open world game that gives players complete freedom to choose their own hero and experience the epic story as they wish. In Tyria, where the nations are threatened by ancient evil, you are called to battle with your guild to free the land. Explore the sands of five islands and discover over


What’s new:

    ’s Live Info is updated 2 times/day with the kiba’s server time. Patch is released ~1 time a month.


    After launching the game, please go to the menu in the “Wake Up!” mode, then press F3 or click on the button.

    X.76 (August 17, 2016):

    No changes on patch

    X.75 (June 08, 2016):

    1. Received various reports of problems at 0300 [GMT] on June 04, 06, 08, and 22, 2016.

    We have continued checking the game and the answers to the questions from players. Please do not pick up power items before verifying the contents of the game.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    2. We are going to know more about the denizens of the Septant class than you have.

    3. Included in the game will be costumes that allow you to discern racial characteristics, and the use of special parts that come with them will be also very effective.

    4. We will correct various grammatical errors and memory errors, and clarify terms and meanings for you.

    5. The developers will be adding new methods for use by two people at the same time.

    X.74 (April 30, 2016):

    The amount of gold you can exchange at the Exchange Booth has been increased.

    If you speak with the red-haired man, he may sell you an item that can give you 7 times more gold in addition to Kiba’s Shoes.

    The cost of Forest Rylain’s Half-Price Permanent Coupons will increase.

    X.73 (February 18, 2016):

    Please be more careful when you exchange the gold at the Exchange Booth.

    If you exchange 1,000 gold, the reward will be 1,000 gold in addition to the items you exchange.

    In this game, there is an exchange limit for gold.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    X.72 (February 02, 2016):

    We will correct the issue with the error message when attempting to exchange the gold at the Exchange Booth.

    [Even as this was being posted, we saw the message “The gold limit for exchange has been exceeded” appear on the screen and the game was already ending.]

    X.71 (January 19, 2016):


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    Lord of Djinn is a 2D shooting game available on PC.
    The game is played on 3 stages.
    Red Player and Blue Player are players who fight each other. They are allied with each other to prevent djinn of their own color from appearing on the screen.
    Coins are dropped by defeated djinn and can be collected for use in skillful shots or the power-up Burst.
    Each of the 5 characters has a unique shot and burst types.
    Meter is gained by defeating enemies and destroying djinn of the same color.
    When too many djinn of the same color are present, the score bar will start to descend.
    When the bar is at the bottom, burst shot become normal shot and fire accordingly. When the bar is at the top, burst shot becomes its highest power and it blows the enemy away.
    Players can play locally online with up to 4 players.
    Players can play the game in single player mode by using one of the two opponents’ game saved and played online to compete against.
    System Requirements:
    OS: Windows 7/Vista/8/10
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or later
    Memory: 2 GB
    Graphics: 4 GB of available system memory, NVIDIA GeForce 9400 or ATI Radeon HD 2400 or higher
    Hard Disk Space: 2.5 GB
    Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
    Controller: Gamepad compatible
    Internet Connection: Broadband Internet connection.
    All the characters and all in-game weapons are in Japanese


    Lord of Djinn

    Golden Pilots

    Going under the radar, that’s how they’re done.

    You expect a stone’s throw of what you’re getting.

    This is a review of Lord of Djinn’s actual title, Rui-Mao. It has no stars to be awarded, it has no words of thanks, no real description, and no poster like the old pictures of the alien commanders from the half-remembered Blood Grunt in Star Trek: The Next Generation. We still, however, like playing the game, so let’s go right in.

    Lord of Djinn Rui-Mao

    Post-game story

    After losing the game, two strangers are stranded in a desert area between the two colors. To enter the tunnel, they need special masks to enter, and even if you have them, if you don’t have enough jinn power in you to


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