MapInfo Callbacks Manager ActiveX Crack [Win/Mac] (2022)

microOLAP MapInfo Callbacks Manager is the ready-to-use ActiveX Control solution which allows to implement MapInfo Callbacks.
You can tune your Integrated Mapping application to force MapInfo automatically send information to your client program.
For example, you can set up your program so that whenever a Map window changes, MapInfo will call your client program and send it window ID (Integer) that was changed.
This type of notification, where an event determines MapInfo to call your client program, is known as a Callbacks.
You can organize information interchange between MapInfo and your client program by callbacks in 3 simple steps: place ActiveX Control on a form, bind it with MapInfo and write your own event handlers.
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MapInfo Callbacks Manager ActiveX (2022)

MapInfo Callbacks Manager ActiveX manages MapInfo Callbacks in application.
It is suitable for MapInfo users who want to force MapInfo send information to their client application automatically. It is also very useful for MapInfo plug-in developers to make Plugins to send information to client application. The supported Callback types are Window Refreshed, Map Refreshed and Map Updated. For example, when the map changes, the selected layer changes or other, you can trigger a MapInfo Callback to your client application.

The MapInfo Callbacks Manager ActiveX has the following advantages compared to traditional ways of writing MAPINFO callbacks:
1) It does not require the map or the map record file.
2) It does not require the developer to know any programming language.
3) No COM Server is required.
You can install the MapInfo Callbacks Manager ActiveX in a map application, a program or on a website and manage callbacks according to the needs of your application.

To generate sample code of the MapInfo Callbacks Manager ActiveX, please use code generator,

When you install the MapInfo Callbacks Manager ActiveX, it can generate a sample object code. When you use this code, you can see the result of the following code.
// MapInfo Callbacks Manager ActiveX
// Create a Callbacks Manager object and set the ID for
// your MapInfo application
// Set the ID of your MapInfo application
CallbacksManager lCallbacksManager = new CallbacksManager(„mapInfo”);
int lAppID = lCallbacksManager.Int32;
// Get the current callback info associated with
// the ID passed in
int lCallbacksID = lCallbacksManager.Int32;
int lCallbacksType = lCallbacksManager.Int32;
StringBuilder lCallbacksStr = new StringBuilder();
lCallbacksStr.AppendLine(„=============================== Map Info Callbacks Manager ======== „);
lCallbacksStr.AppendLine(„= Current Callback Information” + „\r

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MapInfo Callbacks Manager ActiveX Torrent Download

MapInfo Callbacks Manager is an ActiveX Control which helps you organize information interchange between MapInfo and your client application.
It lets you organize information interchange between MapInfo and your client application by callbacks.
It implements 2 of the most important MapInfo Callback methods: SendMapInfoNotification and OnMapInfoNotification.
It provides an easy, yet powerful IDE for generating and configuring callbacks.
You can see a demonstration of MapInfo Callbacks Manager on Tutorials.
MapInfo Callbacks Manager ActiveX Main features:
1. Uno-compatible ActiveX Control for MapInfo 8.x, 9.0 or 9.5 (The most important features: SendMapInfoNotification and OnMapInfoNotification)
2. Supports MapInfo 8.5
3. XtraMapInfo callback is recommended for use with MapInfo 9.5 (The most important feature: XtraMapInfo)
4. Does not require to install XtraMapInfo DLL
5. Supports callbacks for all callable MapInfo windows (General, Data Fields, Intrinsic and User Defined Features windows)
6. Locks the MapInfo application and does not stop it when you update map (The most important feature: SendMapInfoNotification)
7. Supports MapInfo Debugger
8. Supports sending custom callback of Windows-defined event. User-defined events are possible to intercept (The most important feature: OnMapInfoNotification)
9. Support of XtraMapInfo allows to further control if your callback should be called each time the map window is redrawn or only when MapInfo is in editing mode.
■ 30 days trial
How to Activate and Install MapInfo Callbacks Manager ActiveX:
1. Run the installation package to install the ActiveX Control in your MapInfo installation.
2. Place the ActiveX Control on a form.
3. Add a reference to the MapInfo32.dll.
4. Configure your mapping application to use the control by setting the ControlId of the control in the Mapping Parameter table.
5. Bind the control with MapInfo by specifying the MapInfo_ID of the Callbacks Manager control.
6. Write your own event handlers for any of the 2 callback methods.

If you have a need for advanced usability solutions for MapInfo®, the new IntegrationTools in the free MapInfo 9® software may be the answer

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System Requirements For MapInfo Callbacks Manager ActiveX:

Minimum requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core i3 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 945
Memory: 4GB RAM
HDD: 5GB free space
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband internet connection
Controller: Xbox 360 controller
Additional Notes:
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