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UMP! – Usenet Media Player for Windows
UMP! Media Player is a powerful application designed to make it easy and fun to discover, listen and buy music from Usenet, Internet Newsgroups and Usenet Newsreaders.
UMP! is designed to run on most Windows 2000 and up and will work on even the oldest Windows machine you have. UMP! Media Player does not require special Usenet software and can be used with all Usenet Newsreaders and Usenet newsgroups.
UMP! Media Player allows you to select your newsgroups to subscribe to and download news items. They will appear as a series of New-like items that you can browse, play or download.
You can view the titles of the newsgroups you have subscribed to and you can delete them. You can download News Items as a series of ordinary text files (.tar.gz) or in a nice RAR archive (.rar).
News Items are stored on your hard drive and can be viewed using Windows Explorer. You can download the news items as files (.txt,.gz,.bz2) or in a nice RAR archive (.rar).
UMP! Media Player can be used with both Windows Explorer and also a nice „command line” interface.
With UMP! Media Player you can:
– select the categories you want to browse
– filter out the news items you don’t want
– view the items on a map
– view the titles of newsgroups you subscribe to
– automatically download news items (bulk download)
– store them on your hard drive for later viewing and listening
– you can buy the music you listen to and later share it with others
You can also select a theme for your player, use hotkeys and download the entire Usenet index to store it in your hard drive.
UMP! is different from most other Usenet clients in the following ways:
– It requires no special Usenet software
– It supports all Usenet Newsreaders and Usenet newsgroups
– It downloads the entire Usenet Index, but leaves all newsgroups and subgroups intact
– It allows you to select the categories you want to browse and to filter out news items
– You can buy music you listen to using your credit card
– It does NOT rename newsgroups and news items!
If you already have some Usenet Newsreader software, UMP! is a great tool for enjoying Usen 384a16bd22

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– Disable MouseHook Window Message Hook
– Disable Menu Hook
– Disable PlayControl Panel
– Enable Alt + Enter to open a new window
– Enable Ctrl + Alt + Del to open Task Manager
– Enable Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Del to open System Properties
– Enable Ctrl + Alt + Del to open Control Panel
– Disable ContextMenu Hook
– Enable Alt + Enter to open a new window
– Enable Alt + Left Click
– Disable WS_POPUP
– Disable WS_CAPTION
– Disable DoubleClick
– Enable Ctrl + Alt + Del to open Task Manager
– Enable Alt + Left Click to open a new window
– Enable Ctrl + Alt + Left Click
– Enable CTRL + Alt + Shift + Del to open System Properties
– Enable CTRL + Alt + Left Click to open Control Panel
– Enable CTRL + Alt + MouseWheel
– Enable CTRL + Alt + Right Click
– Disable Window Show
– Disable WindowMove
– Disable Minimize
– Disable Maximize
– Disable Close
– Disable Focus
– Disable Active
– Disable WindowSizeChanged
– Disable WindowStyleChanged
– Disable WindowStateChanged
– Disable Iconic
– Disable Help
– Disable Checkered
– Disable Checked
– Disable Radio
– Disable RadioButton
– Disable Sorted
– Disable Repetition
– Disable Selected
– Disable Scaled
– Disable SizeGrip
– Disable SizeGripTransition
– Disable Movable
– Disable Item
– Disable Dockable
– Disable Splitter
– Disable ControlPanelItem
– Disable Dark Style
– Disable Narrow Style
– Enable WebBrowser
– Enable SplitContainer
– Disable Stacked
– Disable Pane
– Enable Header
– Disable HeaderStyle
– Disable Reorder
– Disable HeaderSizes
– Disable TitleSizes
– Disable NotRegistered
– Enable Focus
– Enable FocusChanged
– Enable SelectionChanged
– Enable Scroll
– Enable MultipleContent
– Enable Drop
– Enable Drag
– Enable DND
– Enable VisualStyles
– Enable Dock
– Disable Debugger
– Disable Caption
– Disable Vibrate
– Enable Search
– Enable Hyperlink
– Enable Popup
– Enable MouseHook
– Enable Window
– Disable Status
– Disable Winword
– Disable Clipboard
– Enable ContextMenu
– Disable ContextMenuStrip