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KeyMacro enables you to build your own search engines by entering simple keywords and phrases. It has the ability to index the content of any database, including Microsoft Access.
To put the information in the database in the best possible order, KeyMacro can also be used to create a file that automatically sorts the information into the categories that you specify.
KeyMacro is not limited to databases. You can create a file that sorts the content of your e-mail box or the contents of any text document.
KeyMacro can be used by the following audiences:
1. Marketers who are looking to produce their own white papers or brochures.
2. Small businesses that are looking for a system to build a database of customers or potential customers.
3. Researchers who are interested in locating specific information quickly and efficiently.
When you have finished making a document, the report can be turned into a PDF or HTML document that can be distributed to others.
KEYMACRO Keywords:
Keywords are the words that are used to describe the content of a document or database. The keywords are separated by commas and are separated from each other by white space. For example, in the database „Alys” of the keyword „Kep”, the keyword „Kep” would be the „first” keyword, „Alys” would be the „second” keyword, and the keyword „Kep” would be the „third” keyword.
KeyMacro also has some text recognition abilities that can be used to identify letters, numbers, and symbols and assign them to categories. For example, a name could be assigned a „first name”, an email address could be assigned a „last name” and an address would be assigned a „street”. If all of the letters, numbers, and symbols in a word are assigned a category, it is called a „phrase”. For example, „save” could be assigned a „save” category, and „save” might be assigned to a „first name” category. The software could then locate the entire word „save” in the database and list it under the category „first name”.
KeyMacro can also be used to index information from any database, including Microsoft Access. To do this, go to the File menu and click on the New Link button. Type in the database or keyword that you want to index in the „Name” field, then click on the New Keyword button to enter the words that you want to index. 384a16bd22

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Add multiple files to the same target folder without overwriting them.
Creates ZIP files and (X)BZ2 compressed files.
Compress EXE, DOC, DLL, JPG, PNG, and MP3.
Compresses many formats.
Compression quality:
High: reduce file size by up to 50%.
Low: reduce file size by up to 90%.
Compressed file size:
High: up to 100%.
Low: up to 80%.
RAR – Windows compression.
UNRAR – Unrar compression.
WinRAR – WinRAR compression.
7-Zip – 7-Zip compression.
Difference between HitPaw Compressor and WinRAR:
HitPaw Compressor is standalone application.
WinRAR application needs to be installed.
How to install WinRAR:

Highly intuitive GUI
The main window is neatly organized and straightforward, as you can simply drag and drop the pictures and the clips you want to process onto the main window.
You can also use the dedicated 'Add files’ button to load JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG images, along with MP4, WMV, AVI, MKV, FLV, and MOV videos.
Supports several target formats
Once you specify the destination folder, you only need to select the output quality (low or high), and the file format, and you are done.
When dealing with graphic files, HitPaw Compressor can export them to JPEG or it can maintain their original format. If you want to compress one or more videos, you can save them as MP4, WebM or their initial source format.
Another aspect worth noting is that you can compare the processed images in a side-by-side manner, so as to assess that there are no visible quality faults. Unfortunately, the only way to check the quality of your compressed videos is to open them using the default associated app, since HitPaw Compressor does not pack a built-in player.
To wrap it up
All in all, HitPaw Compressor can prove a handy utility when you want to cram as many files onto a portable device or a certain hard drive, and you want to reduce their size without too much hassle. No technical knowledge is required, so even those with very little PC skills can still make the